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Formal and Plural Commands

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1 Formal and Plural Commands
Form affirmative formal commands by substituting the -o of the present-tense yo form of a verb with an -e for -ar verbs, or with an -a for -er and -ir verbs.

2 Infinitive Yo Form Stem Sing. Formal Command Plural Commands Hablar
Hablo Habl- Hable Ud. Hablen Uds. Comer Como Com- Coma Ud. Coman Uds. Escribir Escribo Escrib- Escriba Ud. Escriban Uds. Cerrar Cierro Cierr- Cierre Ud. Cierren Uds. Volver Vuelvo Vuelv- Vuelva Ud. Vuelvan Uds. Seguir Sigo Sig- Siga Ud. Sigan Uds.

3 Irregular Formal and Plural Commands
Attach object and reflexive pronouns to the end of affirmative formal commands. A written accent mark may be required in order to maintain the original stress of the verb.

4 Infinitive Ud. Command Uds. Command Dar Dé ud. Den uds. Estar Esté Ud. Estén Uds. Ir Vaya Ud. Vayan Uds. Saber Sepa Ud. Sepan Uds. Ser Sea Ud. Sean Uds.

5 Suggesting what to do: nosotros commands
Using a nosotros command allows you to suggest that others do some activity with you and is equivalent to saying “lets (do something)” in English. Form the nosotros command by substituting the -o of the present tense yo form of a verb with emos for most -ar verbs, or -amos for most -er and -ir verbs.

6 Infinitive Yo Form Nosotros Command Hablar Hablo Hablemos Comer Como Comamos Escribir Escribo Escribamos Cerrar (ie) Cierro Cerremos Volver (ie) Vuelvo Volvamos Divertir (ie,i) Divierto divirtamos

7 Talking about whom and what you know: conocer and saber
Both verbs are irregular in the present tense. Use saber to talk about facts that someone may or may not know. Use conocer to discuss whether someone is familiar with (or acquainted with) people places or things.

8 Saber Conocer Sé Sabes Sabe Sabemos Sabéis Saben Conozco Conoces
Conocemos Conocéis Conocen

9 Telling someone what not to do: negative commands
The formation of a negative Ud. Or Uds. Command or a negative nosotros/ as command is the same as for an affirmative command, but with no before the verb. The negative nosotros/ as command for ir is one exception.

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