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Grammar Chapter 3A.

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1 Grammar Chapter 3A

2 Ud. Uds. Commands (Affirmative)
Examples: Step by step: Infinitive Yo form Stem Ud. Form Uds. Form Hablar Hablo Habl- Hable Hablen Comer Como Com- Coma Coman Escribir Escribo Escrib- Escriba Escriban Cerrar Cierro Cierr- Cierre Cierren Volver Vuelvo Vuelv- Vuelva Vuelvan Seguir Sigo Sig- Siga sigan Conjugate verb to present-tense yo form. Drop the-o at the end of the verb. Replace with –e (in –ar verbs) or –a (for –er and –ir verbs) To make in the Uds. Form add an –N to the end.

3 Irregulars Infinitive Ud. form Uds. Form Dar Dé Den Estar Esté Estén
Vaya Vayan Saber Sepa Sepan Ser Sea sean

4 Nosotros Commands Examples Step by step
Conjugate infinitive to the present tense yo form Drop the –o at the end of the verb Replace –o with –emos for –ar verbs and –amos for –er and –ir verbs * Stem changing verbs do not change in command form Infinitive Yo form Nosotros form Hablar Hablo Hablemos Comer Como Comamos Escribir Escribo Escribamos Cerrar Cierro Cerremos Volver Vuelvo Volvamos

5 Negative Commands To form a negative Ud. ,Uds, or nosotros command you keep the affirmative form and place “no” in front of it. One exception to the rule is the nosotros form of “ir” : Vamos -> No Vayamos

6 Saber and Conocer Used when talking about facts that someone may know.
When talking about if a person it familiar with a person place or thing * Use personal “a” when talking about people


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