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ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED -  2004-2010 ITC Software All rights reserved. ITC Software.

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2 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED -  2004-2010 ITC Software All rights reserved. ITC Software

3 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED from Cape Town to Novosibirsk Our ULTIMA*HIS D2K release 2.0 commenced a year ago in Cape Town, SA. Now deployed under Oracle8 + Developer and Developer Server 6.0 The development of ULTIMA*HIS is a true Web- based international effort: from Malaysia to South Africa to Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, to Mexico and to Russia.

4 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Contents Introduction Review of Issues Major Problems of Health Care Organizations Design Principles of ULTIMA*HIS ULTIMA*HIS Modules Conclusion

5 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Introduction Health care providers are ready for GUI Few current systems cover the core of patient care - EMR - electronic medical records Oracle8 (Oracle8i), D2K release 2.x and other tools are now ready Cost efficiency of HIS is the top priority

6 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Main Issues in Hospitals Demand for higher productivity Rising cost of practice and hospital administration Need for more facilities and equipment Need for advanced diagnostic aids Increased paper work Increased government and professional guidelines

7 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Major Hospital Problems Poor personnel management Poor Organization Dysfunctional medical records

8 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Design Principles Productivity Ease of learning Utilization of medical/hospital user experience

9 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Modules - Sign on ‘About’ Web/intranet model Access for doctors Access for nurses Access for technologists Access for hospital administrators Access to a demo system

10 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Modules - Inpatient Two application groups: Patient Care and Care Support Patient Care: Admissions, Bed Inventory, Wards, Medical Records, Pharmacy Care Support: Clinical Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging, Operating Theatres, Therapies and Patient Services

11 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Outpatient/Clinics Patient Administration covers: Patient Scheduling and Patient Registration Clinical Care consists of: Today’s Work Review (for each physician), Electronic Patient Records and Clinical Coding Schemes (for patient physical examinations)

12 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Accident and Emergency Patient Reception includes: Patient Registration and Triage (priority of treatment) Emergency Care consists of Patient Treatment and Disposition, Coding Schemes and Billing.

13 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Hospital Administration The Hospital Administration menu covers three typical groups of applications: 1) Financials, 2) Human Resources/ Personnel and 3) Procurement. Linkage/interface with all currently installed applications is ready: “Hospital Information Integration Made Easy”

14 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Engineering Our Engineering menu consists of Maintenance, Services and Engineering Administration Most of the engineering applications will be ‘outsourced’, i.e., purchased from independent suppliers, such as our PM Grettir, Iceland.

15 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Education/R&D option This is an option for large or academic/teaching hospitals and includes: Medical research activities Nursing training and research International contacts

16 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Mission Mission accomplished: ULTIMA*HIS is a well-designed software, providing power, speed, ease of use, and full complement of features such as windows, graphics, voice and video that enhances the working environment for health care providers as well as for hospital administrators at a reasonable price.

17 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED Progress Smart health cards are now widely used. Odyssey I opens new horizons for patients: portable, secure and Web-enabled, high quality of patient care based on ambulatory recording.

18 ULTIMA*HIS - WEB ENABLED We have progressed steadily, following the development and maturing of Oracle tools, until we reached the goal: GUI, thin client - fat server and Internet oriented Oracle- based software. ULTIMA*HIS is the next generation of hospital and health information systems.

19 We hope you enjoyed our presentation ! ITC Software Tel.: +1 978 287 4855 We hope you enjoyed our presentation ! ITC Software Tel.: +1 978 287 4855 ITC Software

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