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Sunny day, installing exterior casings on the windows.

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1 Sunny day, installing exterior casings on the windows

2 South side of course, sun on our backs

3 Lots of snow, weve hardly seen the sun

4 Up and down the ladders

5 Behind the brick we removed for the new kitchen window we found a yellow marble in the mortar

6 Drip cap over the top window casing

7 Preparing to build the new kitchen window box

8 Eyebrow windows replace one old window

9 Preparing the dormer for siding

10 East side faces the morning sun

11 At Dashwood Industries to pick up new windows for the kitchen

12 Dump trailer – were going to take apart the old kitchen

13 All of this is coming out

14 Remove the cabinet doors/drawers first

15 Old plaster requires plastic to stop the migration of dust

16 Pluck the upper cabinets

17 Help arrives

18 Pulling down the ceiling tiles and plaster

19 Separate the lath from the plaster

20 This is only part of the removal process

21 Wood goes in the trailer, plaster in the tractor bucket

22 Dust masks required

23 Even Pop gets to help

24 We found this copper tray between the ceiling joists. No drain so its a mystery what it was used for.

25 The copper tray sat on the 2x2 cleats between the joists

26 Plumbers love to cut away joists to fit pipes leaving no strength in the joist. A repair will be required.

27 Supports to level the ceiling joists while changes to the window opening are made

28 The window box is framed in and the new window installed

29 Now we take away the temporary supports

30 Carter finds a new lookout

31 Did you build this for me?

32 New header over the wide opening to the link

33 The lintel has to be big to support a beam when the center wall is removed (on the right)

34 Temporary supporting walls to hold up the ceiling joists while the old partition wall is removed and replaced with a beam

35 A maze of wood

36 Original partition wall removed

37 New built-up beam replaces the wall

38 Remove the temporary support walls

39 Opens everything up for the new kitchen

40 From the link looking into the new kitchen area

41 New awning window installed in the kitchen

42 Ryan cleans up

43 An awning window allows ventilation even on a rainy day

44 Filling in the gaps where the old entrance was

45 Time to trim the inside of the window box

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