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Quote: Were not moving into another blue vinyl sided house!

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1 Quote: Were not moving into another blue vinyl sided house!

2 Weve got to do something with the siding

3 It has potential but do something – hate that gable vent and why does the eavestrough empty out onto the driveway? It will be icy in Winter!

4 Too many things sticking out the side of the house by the driveway and wheres the light over the garage door – and – theres no flowers!

5 Ken - if Im going to work here I need my stuff

6 Ryan pulling the vinyl siding and the gable end vent

7 Someone forgot to cut the hole for the vent!

8 Well start with the garage. New awning window to vent and catch some light, it faces South.

9 Ken cuts the shingles and Ryan installs them – he fits in small spaces

10 The base of the front porch is stained a darker shade than the siding to visually pull it down. Wide white casing around windows and doors.

11 Brought.99 for the photo shoot. Flower bed box below the porch softens this area, theres a lot of concrete.

12 Cedar shingles in the gables. No gable end vent (not needed). Antique light over the garage door.

13 Weve built a box with a door around the electrical meter/piping and the water meter is mounted on the side. Vents are stained to match the siding. Fancy pewter light for the front door with matching street numbers.

14 Flower beds are filling up. The downspout for the front eavestrough now passes under the porch and drains into the front of the south flowerbed.

15 Access hatch under the front porch. Downspouts drain away from the foundation. Cabot Clear Solution applied to the cedar shingles to preserve the colour. White drip cap under the siding sheds water nicely.

16 Base of the deck is stained darker, the railings will have to wait. Piping and exhaust vents stained to match the siding. Wide window casings enlarge small windows (to the eye).

17 Now a door with a window would look nice as a someday replacement. The flowers at the rear were moved out front.

18 As Arnold would say Ill be back. One day well tackle the railings on the deck but theyre adequate for now. Needs a nice touch to them to make it look pretty but that will happen in time. Larry is now a carpenter.

19 Now isnt that a pretty light for over a garage door.

20 Thats a wrap.99 - time to go. Very pleased with the end result - Ken

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