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Work Weekend Projects Projects that need to be done around Lyrecrest.

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1 Work Weekend Projects Projects that need to be done around Lyrecrest

2 Window Cleaning Cleaning all windows on the property, inside and out

3 Renovate the Ramp Possibly tear it downReplace the railing

4 New Plants in the Front Gardens Plant Perennials Moved the liriope across the driveway Never replaced the voids

5 Split the Liriope Plant along the driveway

6 Fasten the Mailbox Down

7 New Plants by the Sign Plant something perennial The current plants died due to a lack of water

8 Lyrecrest North Garden West Side Garden Used to be a porch Plant perennials Eliminate weeds

9 Stain the Back Porch Treat it with a protective stain

10 Replace the rhododendrons by Norths Entrance Only one plant has died The others are doing well

11 Annuals for Pots and Hanging Baskets Pots along the back and front porches Probably something annual Front porch hanging baskets

12 Mortar the Fire Pit The bricks that make up the fire pit never seem to remain stacked the way theyre supposed to. We will pull up the entire fire pit and reconstruct it with mortar.

13 Nature Fights Back

14 Clear Out Old Dog Pen This pen is behind the garage Its filled with debris and needs to be cleared out We will put the bricks from the veggie garden in its place

15 New Shelves for the Garage Replace pallets with shelves Storage shelves in the side room Perhaps shelves like these

16 Plants by Garage Lots of wild plants Plant cosmetic plants instead of the wild plants

17 Plant Bushes Pond side of the cottage Its completely bare and needs a few nice bushes to cover up the foundation and dead space

18 Complete the Path Around the Pond Goes behind the pond Clear our the brush Come in from the North side of the pond

19 Empty the Drain by the Pond This drain is for dredging the pond Not sure if were going to dredge the pond ever again Still want to clear the drainage basin

20 Paint the Pergola This was a big project from last year; building the pergola. A year has passed and the pressure treated chemicals have vented off the wood. The pergola will be treated with a white stain to match the house, as stain will last much longer on pressure treated wood.

21 Finish the Edging It will be raised up like the sun garden. It will have a plastic weed barrier installed along with a rock wall

22 Planting in the Back Garden A few plants will likely be added to the back garden area, but not too many

23 Pull Nails Out of Oak Panels These are from the club room We will likely reuse these for a wainscoat in the renovated room

24 Mulch on Everything We have a giant pile of mulch Likely order some nicer mulch as well

25 Pulling Up Old Fence Posts There used to be a fence separating the two properties There is a post still buried in the ground

26 Garden Behind the Shed This garden has dirt from the bottom of the Ohio River. Right now it is full of bricks and stones. There has been mention of possibly turning into a garden again and utilizing the fertile soil from the river. Some of the brick and stone may be used throughout the property.

27 Have a Party Everything is done! Lyrecrest is beautiful Nothing will ever have to been done again THE END

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