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Qsolar now offers a revolutionary PV panel manufacturing process without the use of laminators, glass, EVA or TPT!!!

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2 Qsolar now offers a revolutionary PV panel manufacturing process without the use of laminators, glass, EVA or TPT!!!

3 As we believe that nothing is carved in stone, we have changed the entire solar panel manufacturing process, using our proprietary patent pending Spraytek99® and ESS® technology. What is the main problem in conventional solar panel manufacturing? The major bottleneck in any automatic PV manufacturing line is the lamination process; this is why production lines use multiple laminators to achieve the required throughput. The reason is the time it takes to cut and position the EVA sheets for encapsulation of the solar cells as well as the actual lamination process. This leads to significant increase of the total investment and operational cost. Why is Qsolar’s SPRAYTEK99 ® manufacturing process better? At QSOLAR we took a different approach in improving an already established technology using the crystalline silicon cells; but instead of using an expensive laminator to seal the cells, we have adopted a spraying technique we call SPRAYTEK99 ® using a highly protective insulator plastic compound which forms an impenetrable film around the cell protecting it from the weather under any conditions.

4 Design of a conventional glass solar panel
Disadvantages: Requires an expensive flat bed laminator, production expansion is therefore costly. Lamination requires a significant amount of electricity. Solar panel sizes are restricted to the size of the laminator Restricted to conventional materials such as solar glass, which is heavy and breakable.

5 Design of QSOLAR module
Advantages: Manufacturing process is 35% faster Manufacturing does not need a laminator machine, reducing capital expenditure significantly. Major reduction in the use of power during manufacturing Not using Solar Glass, TPT or EVA Qsolar can vary the backsheet! Instead of glass we use an ultra light composites which are 50% lighter in weight and stronger than glass.

6 QSOLAR has developed a new solar wafer manufacturing process " The Crucible Cell " pushing the boundaries of cost effective solar manufacturing to new levels. With the adoption of this advanced patented technology (KRUCIWATT®) enables the company to cut down significantly on polysilicon consumption Conventional wafer manufacturing processes consist of growing large ingots of silicon in furnaces and then cutting them with wire saws into thin wafers. This process results in material losses of up to 50% from the silicon dust produced during cutting. The silicon dust can not be reused as it is no longer pure to the level required for solar wafer manufacturing. KRUCIWATT®, Qsolar’s new Crucible Cell process, eliminates this waste and leads to up to 50% saving in silicon material which in turn results to up to 20% saving on the cost of the finished solar module

7 The new ICYCELLS® design from QSOLAR consists of 3 different cooling systems:
A new UV reflector coating on top of the module that will reflect 99% of the UV so the panel remains cool. A 10mm hollow polymer backsheet with air cooling ducts where air can circulate underneath the cell High quality silver tab ribbons elements Solar panels with the ICYCELLS® design allow air to flow through them. Increased ventilation helps cool down the solar panel and will guarantee peak performance every time

8 ESS – Embedded Solar Solutions
                                                           SPRAYTEK 99® solar manufacturing process opens a wide range of new applications in the solar market. With the ESS ®SPRAYTEK process, solar cells can be This technology allows true integration of solar electricity generation as the solar cells can be encapsulated on materials such as concrete, wood, bricks, tiles and more. ESS – Embedded Solar Solutions

9 The Qsolar Patented Spraytek99 manufacturing process
Substrate Preparation 1st Spraytek Layer String Layup Connection 2nd Spraytek Layer Vacuum Chamber Curing Room 3rd Spraytek Layer Junction Box Testing

10 First Spraytek layer

11 Layup

12 String Connection

13 Second Spraytek Layer

14 Vacuum chamber / Curing room

15 Inside the Curing Room Inside the Curing room

16 Colour Panels Before Curing Finished Product

17 QliteX – Composite Substrate

18 Spraytek99 manufacturing advantages
Higher throughput and light transmissivity Can be manufactured on virtually any substrate Availability of custom colours and flexible panels Can manufacture to virtually any size 10 times the impact strength of tempered glass Framed or Frameless design Up to 70% lighter than conventional glass panels Low carbon footprint Lower costs

19 Product Lines QLX QSS QST QSF

20 QliteX The lightest silicon-cell panel ever
Cooling ducts for superior performance UV reflective layer No exposed metal parts PID-free No EVA, no TPT and no glass 10x the impact strength of glass Available in any colour

21 QSS The world's thinnest framed panel No exposed metal parts PID-free
No EVA, no TPT and no glass 10x the impact strength of glass Available in any colour Lightly flexible, allowing to freely expand and contract extending the module's lifetime up to and even over 25 years. capable of operating in temperatures anywhere between -40°C and 90°C Designed for utility scale

22 QSF QST The most flexible silicon panel ever Bends up to 30°
No EVA, no TPT and no glass PID-free Less than 5mm thick No exposed metal parts QST Semi Transparent Allows light to pass through No EVA, no TPT and no glass PID-free No exposed metal parts

23 Current Applications Roof installations Ground installations
Solar Tiles / Pavement Specialty Vehicles Off Grid Mobile Power Solutions High Heat Desert Ready Applications

24 Rooftop Installation Poland
QliteX Panels Custom 40kw roof installation Colour matched panels for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Significant weight reduction to traditional Glass Panels

25 Rooftop Installation Italy
QliteX Panels 400KW roof installation 14.4 tons lighter than traditional glass panels.

26 Ground Installations Spain
QSS Panels Cost effective solution Lower installation costs

27 Rooftop Installations Spain

28 Rooftop Installations China 80KW & 50KW

29 Ground Installation China 30KW

30 Rooftop Installation 100KW Germany

31 Rooftop Installation 6KW Denmark

32 The Solar Box Low cost solar power for basic needs
Utilized as charging station for smaller electronic devices in remote locations Incorporated USB device terminal Can provide lighting in remote locations 10 – 40 watt applications available

33 Portable solar power pack
AC power on the go! Various sizes available PP20-500 5 LED lamps for 4 hours Small TV for 4 hours Fan for 5 hours Small fridge for 3 hours Any appliance up to 400W PP 5 LED lamps for 15 hours Large TV for 5 hours Normal fridge for 3 hours Small A/C for 1 hour Any appliance up to 900W

34 Heli Portable Solar system
Diesel generator replacement 4KW output AC power 6 KWh of storage capacity Ideal for larger scale needs in remote locations Eliminate lengthy wait times and or costly delivery of fossil fuels in hard to access off grid locations No noise or harmful exhausts associated with traditional gas/diesel generators Can be deployed in Minutes Module can be Charged from its solar panels ,mains power, generator, or wind generator. Rugged construction ideal for field operation. Operating range from -40°C to 90 deg. C

35 Solar powered golf cart
160w ultra light flexible panel Extended drive times up to 14 miles Easy installation Compatible with all 48v carts Eliminate over 1000 lbs of C02 per year Significantly extend the battery lifetime to eliminate costly replacements In typical use, a golf cart battery is discharged to twenty percentage of capacity (80% discharge). In this usage, batteries will need replacement after 520 charge cycles or 1 3/8 years. Use of a Qsolar solar panel reduces depth of discharge to no lower than 30%. In most cases through typical cart use the battery discharge will be in the 30%-50%, equaling a gain of more than double in battery life. In one test case, battery discharge depth was limited to 10% of the battery capacity. Battery lifetime for this battery could be extended to 5000 charge cycles

36 Autonomous Solar Powered Scooter
Powered by a 120W QSF ultra light Panel 2Kg weight Significantly extend the battery lifetime to eliminate costly replacements Operate a daily driver without ever having to gas up or plug in!

37 Specialized Products Solar Pavement / Tiles
40kw 200 meter walking path Used as walkways Can be installed on buildings Custom colours available

38 Specialized projects – Solar Tiles
Solar tiles integrated in building design

39 Specialized Products – QST
Letters or images can be directly inlayed into the panel.

40 Qsolar in the news

41 Summary A new revolutionary Solar panel manufacturing process Significant cost advantage Higher production throughput No size limitations Weight advantage Custom colours available Much higher impact strength than traditional Glass Modules Lower power consumption during production, therefore much greener process UV reflector layer Opening an unlimited number of applications in the solar field


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