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Solar Bus Stop Lighting

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1 Solar Bus Stop Lighting
All Purpose Mfg. Inc. Solar Bus Stop Lighting

2 All Purpose Mfg. Inc. History
All Purpose Mfg. Inc. has been helping Transit Agencies, with there design and fabrication of custom bus shelters, shade structures, solar lighting, benches, and trash receptacles for decades. All Purpose Mfg. Inc. manufactures and designs Bus Shelters to withstand high wind-loads and at the same time considers using high strength steels and alloys, such as ASTM A500 for Steel Rectangle Shapes, ASTM A36 for vertical structural components. APMFG also uses Aluminum and or Steel Perforated sheets for the side and back panels. APMFG uses the best Coatings possible: Hot Dip Galvanizing Powder Coating Roofing Materials: Maxi-Tile, Met-Tile, Atas Tile, Metal Dek, .120, .060, .035 Aluminum 5052, 6 MM Thermoclear Roofing materials are all used in our designs. Solar Lighting: APMFG has been designing and developing leading edge solar lighting solutions. APMFG keeps changing it’s solar designs to keep up with the next generation of Solar Lighting Technology. APMFG also keeps in mind that the end user must have a faster and easier way to install each unit.. APMFG has engineered and designed a 6” x 19 ½” Aluminum Tuff Box that is vandal resistant and very easy to install, which can be modified for different applications. APMFG also educates and informs it’s customers that Solar Lighting can not just fit anywhere, if there are obstructions blocking the sunlight the solar panel will not generate energy, our trained personnel will meet with you and go over the areas to make sure the solar applications will work. APMFG Custom Designs every unit and calibrates the load for each State: APMFG uses a methodology to consult with each Transit or Developer to extract the information it needs to compile all of the information to create detailed preliminary drawings or renderings. All Purpose Mfg. Inc. will then present it’s designs to your staff for evaluation and then the full lifecycle of your bus shelters will then take place.

3 Bus Shelter Solar Lighting
6 x 6 x 20 Tuff Box for most Standard Bus Shelters, and retrofit kits. (Self Contained) Specifications are as follows: depending on your area of the State the Solar Panels will have to be measured against your total sunlight per day per year. Qty 2 high output bright white LED’s One power controller that operates from 9 different light settings. Solar Panel support frame. All wire and connectors Custom Solar Units have been design for our custom shelters.

4 Custom Solar Shelters

5 48000 KWH Per Year Solar Port 48,000-kilowatt hours (KWH) of usable electrical energy per year, generating 30 KW plus. Total of WATT single crystal silicon photovoltaic Solar Rays by Sharp. Series of 5 Sunny Boy 7000US inverters Real-time, web-based, monitoring system that displays the total KWH. Real time Kiosk which is instantaneous KW and KWH, with daily KWH generation, monthly output, actual year-to-date KWH and actual year to date solar insulation. Custom fabricated Carport structure 28’ x 120’ x 10’ high 3,360 square feet roof area.

6 Pole Mount Solar Light Mounts to your existing 2”x 2” uni-strut poles.
One High Output LED One Controller that operates from 9 different light settings. 20 Watt Solar Panel. Custom Aluminum Construction

7 New Custom Security Light Pole
PN with Amber Beacon Solar Bus Stop Light Pole is custom configured for your area of the State. Operation features: From Dusk to Dawn One LED will operate, and when a Bus Patron pushes the Vandal Resistant button the Second LED and Amber Beacon will Illuminate for 5 Minutes. Operating lighting controls: Dusk on for 2 Hours, Dusk on for 4 Hours, Dusk on for 6 Hours, Dusk on for 8 Hours, Dusk on for 10 Hours, 3 Hours on/ off/ on again for 1 Hour, 4 Hours on/ off/ on again for 2 Hour, 6 Hours on/ off/ on again for 2 Hour, Dusk to Dawn. Two High Output White LED’S with One Amber Beacon LED 5 Foot Candles at base, with a 15ft diameter spread 40 to 60 Watt Solar Panel 3 to 5 Day battery backup you specify. All Aluminum Construction 12ft High Surface Mount or In-ground installation application Powder Coat Silver or White Click on Blue Image To Play Video

8 END OF All Purpose Mfg. Inc. Solar Presentation
END OF All Purpose Mfg. Inc. Solar Presentation. Please go to our web site for further information.

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