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CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Ministry of Interior General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.

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1 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Ministry of Interior General Inspectorate of Romanian Police

2 1.Călăraşi County 2.Ministry of Interior-Central and Local Organization 3.Police Inspectorate Călăraşi County-Organization 4.Organizational Structure 5.Main Tasks 6.Mission goals 7.Public Order Police Department 8.Criminal Investigation Department 9.Fraud Investigation Department 10.Firearms, explosive and toxic substances Department 11.Road Police Department 12.Forensic Department 13.Interventions and special actions Department 14.Crime Research and Prevention Compartment 15.Preventive Campaigns 16. Human Resources Department- Staff training 17.Inter-agency Cooperation 18.Contacts CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Contents

3 Călăraşi County 1 Town with over 73 077 people 4 Cities with less than 30.000 people 50 Communes 160 Villages Republic of Moldova Ucraine Hungary Serbia Ucraine Bulgaria DANUBE BLACK SEA Bucuresti Residential Town: Călăraşi Country: Romania Calarasi County County surface 5.088 km 2 312 697 inhabitants: - 38,5%- urban area; - 61,5%- rural area.

4 Ministry of Interior Minister Secretary of state Head of Public Order and Safety Department Romanian Police General Inspectorate of Romanian Police Romanian Border Police General Inspectorate of Romanian Border Police Romanian Gendarmerie General I nspectorate of Romanian Gendarmerie Romanian Immigration Office Central Level Local Level Călăraşi County Police Inspectorate Călăraşi County Gendarmerie Inspectorate Călăraşi County Immigration Office Organization Călăraşi Border Police Territorial Department

5 Organization Călăraşi Municipality Police 3 Rural Police Units Olteniţa Municipality Police 2 Rural Police Units Budeşti City Police 1 Rural Police Unit Fundulea City Police 1 Rural Police Unit Lehliu - Gară City Police 1 Rural Police Unit Călăraşi County Police Inspectorate

6 Cabinet Department/ Dispatch and Emergency Calls 112 Human Resources Department Legal Department Finances and Accounting Department Internal Control Criminal Records, Statistics and Operative Records Department Logistics Department Interventions and Special Actions Department Deputy Of The Chief Constable And Chief Of Public Order and Safety Police Deputy Of The Chief Constable And Chief Of Crime Investigation Units Public Order PoliceCrime Investigation Police Support structures Public Order Police Department Road Police Department Crime Research and Prevention Compartment Criminal Investigation Department Fraud Investigation Department Firearms, Explosives and Toxic Substances Department Center for Detention and Temporary Arrest Chief Constable Forensic Department IT&C Department Psychology Călăraşi Municipality Police Olteniţa Municipality Police Budeşti CityPolice Fundulea City Police Lehliu- Gară City Police 8 Rural Police Units CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Territorial Unit for Intelligence Analysis Security Structure 2 Independent Communal Police Stations

7 protects life, body integrity and liberties, public and private property, the other legitimate rights and interests of the citizens and of the state; gathers, collects, processes, stores, analyses and exploits intelligence to discover, prevent and fight against delinquency and other illegal actions; according to the jurisdiction, carries out activities for establishing criminal acts and investigations concerning these matters; uses procedures and technical scientific means in crime scene investigation and examines the evidences and the material means of evidence, through its accredited laboratories and specialists, forensic surveys, technical-scientific fact finding, disposed according to the law; coordinates, guides and controls activities concerning road traffic; cooperates with police forces from other countries or international organisations in order to prevent and fight against crime across borders. Main Tasks it exerts the control, according to the law, to the ownership, port and use of weapons and ammunition, explosives and hazardous substances and how the transactions are carried out with weapons, ammunition and explosives and weapons, as well as on the run of repair workshop and the polygons shooting; co-operates with national and international organizations and bodies, foreign police structures in the field of migration, refugees, child rights protection, human rights, etc. ; performs studies and researches on the dynamics of crime in the area of competence and propose measures to prevent it; collaborates with educational institutions and NGOs to prepare the population on the anti-criminal issue; organizes and runs activities in order to prevent and reveal the offences against life, bodily integrity, freedom and dignity of the person, against public or private property;

8 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE MISSION GOALS Guaranteeing the county police inspectorate personnel appointments foresight in organizational chart according to regulations of General Inspectorate of Romanian Police and Ministry of Interior; Coordinating the improvement of all police staff performance by promoting a modern and efficient management; Organizing professional and physical training for all police staff, acting for improving the discipline stat of fact, guaranteeing the continuous units reaction and mobilization; Supporting and controlling police activities within urban or rural police sub-units; Continuous analyzing of criminal rate, cases and trends and take the appropriate measures for increasing preventing activities, revealing and combating crimes; Guaranteeing financial and material resources according to the budget and the necessarys police missions ammunition and logistics; Guaranteeing the legal framework to inform citizens about the main police activities and interests;

9 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Public Order Police Department The public order police department is responsible for fulfilling the duties that are assigned to the police in order to maintain the public peace and order, to guide and control the guarding systems and to coordinate the rural regional centers and the police stations, which are within the area of competence. Main tasks: to coordinate, guide, support and control the activities of getting to know the population, ensuring the public order and fighting street crime, as well as the observance of the rules of social co-inhabitation on the territory of rural and urban localities; to guide, support and control the village police stations, for carrying out their tasks; to assess the street crime phenomenon periodically, and, function of the conclusions reached, establishing the actions and measures to be taken; to organize and guide the way in which it should be carried out the protection of the transports of valuable goods and money and it establishes the measures to be taken by the police authorities for public order; to fulfil, guide, support and control the activity concerning the enforcement of the warrants to capture and arrest; to organize, guide and control the activity of teaching, training and using the dogs in specific police activities.

10 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Criminal Investigation Department Its g gg general objective is the increase of the operational and institutional capacity in preventing and countering violence and protecting the patrimony. The Criminal Investigation department has the following sectorial objectives: preventing and countering criminality in its simple and qualified forms; preventing and countering juvenile delinquency; protecting the national cultural patrimony; preventing and countering crimes which harm life, integrity and the health of individuals; protecting the private and public patrimony; preventing and countering crimes committed by Romanian citizens abroad. It accomplishes collaboration activities with similar structures from other countries, for countering international criminality. Under the coordination of the prosecutors, it carries out crime scene investigation activities, informative-operative, it gives support and guidance and verifies the complex files in order to identify the authors in the cases of first degree murders.

11 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Fraud Investigation Department Its the specialized unit that is acting according to the law to combat economic offences, having as main objective crime countering and prevention in the financial – economic field under the management and control of the designated prosecutors, according to the provisions of the law. The structure is: acting directly or together with another government institution to protect the citizens against corruption or smuggling and preserve public or private property; coordinating custom fraud prevention activities; analyzing economic crimes rate and developing prevention measures according to it;

12 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Firearms, Explosives and Toxic Substances Department Main goals: Preventing and combating illegal hunting and/or fishing; Enforcing the law regarding the import, handling, holding and selling the hand-made explosive mixtures; Targeting, identifying and charging the illegal holders of weapons and ammunition; Enforcing the law regarding the explosive substances;

13 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Road Police Department The structure is responsible for fulfilling the duties that are assigned to the police with respect to the traffic safety on public roads. Its main goals are: to organize, fulfill, guide and control the activity of the subordinate traffic units for the fulfillment of their tasks, it works together with the local specialty bodies to establish and take measures which ensure the improvement of the road safety level; to investigate the traffic accidents with known or unknown authors with a view to solving them and to prevent and fight against infringement of traffic rules; to organize and carry out actions within the competence area, ensuring that the traffic norms are observed by the traffic members and the road accidents are prevented; to take measures for informing and educating the persons involved in traffic, using the newspapers, radios, thematic movies, printed materials and of other means;

14 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Forensic Department It carries out the following tasks: the technical and scientific investigation of the crime scene in case of crime or other events that, according to the law, have to be solved by police; based on the ordinances or justified resolutions, it carries out technical and scientific examinations, as chemical, physical, biological, ballistic and dactyloscopycal in order to find out the truth in the criminal cases; it organizes, updates and develops identification activities in forensic collections and its data bases, in order to identify criminals, objects, unknown substances and means used for crimes or to identify traces as crime results;

15 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Interventions and Special Actions Department It exercises its duties according to the laws in force regarding life, corporal integrity and individuals liberties protection. Its main duty is the intervention through specific methods and proceedings for catching very dangerous criminals or armed with firearms, freeing hostages, fugitives or dangerous armed deserters, kidnapped or sequestered persons.

16 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE CRIME RESEARCH AND PREVENTION COMPARTMENT It has in its competence drawing up programs and projects in partnership, especially for removing the causes and conditions which generate or favor criminality. It performs its activity based on laws, social partnership, respecting individuals rights and equidistance principles in partnership relations and by its activity, it tries to build a contact between the citizen and the police officer. It co-operates with national and international organizations and bodies, foreign police structures in the field of migration, refugees, child rights protection, human rights, etc.

17 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Crime Research and Prevention Compartment OBJECTIVES: Drafting periodical studies, analyses and diagnoses regarding crime dimensions and tendencies; Drafting studies regarding the management perception and promotion of the modern police management; Drafting opinion-polls regarding the populations perception over the community safety degree and the quality of the policing service; Drafting national and regional programs for preventing criminality; Reducing the victimization risk; Optimization the relation police – community, improving the social partnership. MAIN ACTION DIRECTIONS in the field of preventing criminality: 1. Presenting corruption deeds and facts; 2. Preventing trafficking in human beings; 3. Promoting good practices in the relation police – multicultural communities; 4. Preventing the illegal drugs trafficking and consumption; 5. Preventing family violence; 6. Preventing juvenile delinquency.

18 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Crime Research and Prevention Compartment PREVENTIVE CAMPAIGNS I.P.J. Călăraşi, throught the Crime Research and Prevention Compartment, proceeded 2 preventive national programmes, which are: Programme Prevention on juvenile delinquency; Programme Prevention on crimes against patrimony - BE CAUTIOUS! THIEVES ARE NOT SLEEPING - approached on 3 divisions at the local level, as: preventing the thefts from accommodations, animals and birds thefts and the robberies (street crimes); The preventive programmes, realized with the aid of Public Order Police Department aimed both community informative actions regarding self- protection measures and the consequences of embracing an anti-social behaviour and actions intended to dishearten the potential offenders, throught specific police procedures, which had preventive effects (actions, checks, patrolls, etc.) Member in the EuropeanTraffic Police Network Organization, Romanian Police and its territorial Units annually performs preventive actions established in the TIPSOL schedule on : SEATBELT ALCOHOL/DRUGS TRUCK & BUS SPEED

19 CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE Human Resources Department STAFF TRAINING Călăraşi County Police Inspectorate s staff training takes place decentralized, at departments and sub-units level and individual, coordinated by commanders, direct chiefs and by officers responsible of continuous training. Training curriculum consists of topics prepared and submitted by General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, for general training, of themes framed by each Department of GIRP, according to the specific line of work, but also themes prepared to the local level, according to the units needs of preparation. Training is done through individual study, monthly summons, debates, workshops, through training modules organized and carried out by officers and trainers and also through courses organized in educational institutions subordinated to GIRP and Ministry of Interior. Staff specific training on Schengen field started in 2010 and trainers officers activity on this issue took shape as : a training session plead within professional structures summons, attending interdisciplinary workshops between structures or units of the MI, elaborating themes, materials, power-point presentations, case studies, worksheets, tests, thus it could have been created an information center resource on Schengen issues. This specific training was received by operative policemen from the following structures: Criminal Investigation, Fight against organized crime, Fraud Investigation, Road Police, Public Order Police, Firearms, Explosives and Toxis Substances and Cabinet-Dispatch.

20 Ministry of Administration and Interior Territorial Structures Ministry of Justice Territorial Structures Public Ministry Territorial Structures Călăraşi County Police Inspectorate Ministry of Transportation Territorial Structures Romanian Intelligence Service Territorial Structure Ministry of Finances Territorial Structure Inter-agency cooperation

21 Address: Romania, Călăraşi, No 44, Republicii Avenue Telephone number: +40 242 313 981, +40 242 312 131, +40 242 312 132 Fax number: +40 242 313 976 E-mail address: Chief Constable: Attorney police chief superintendent COSTACHE Ionel Contact person: International Relations Department police inspector STAN Mihaela Adriana Telephone number: +40 242 306 101, +40 724722749 E-mail: CĂLĂRAŞI COUNTY POLICE INSPECTORATE

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