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Delivering Protection.  Community expectations - protection, value for money  They expect the police to:  Prevent crime and disorder,  Respond to.

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1 Delivering Protection

2  Community expectations - protection, value for money  They expect the police to:  Prevent crime and disorder,  Respond to their needs, phone, E-mail or face to face as appropriate  Investigate the matter impartially and professionally, bringing offenders to justice

3 Delivering Protection  In 1829 Sir Robert Peel defined policing – “The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder”  Warwickshire Police Vision – led to new Policing Model  Lasting solutions to prevent future potential harm  better for the victim  better for communities  better for the police

4 Foundations for Delivery  A focus on protection: Our Vision. Maximum protection within our available resources. Corporate Performance Framework  Guaranteed local policing: A new delivery model based on neighbourhood policing. Active Citizen participation  The right policing response: Fewer Victims. Protection at all levels. Work in collaboration when it represents best value for our communities

5 Foundations for Delivery  Effective and efficient services: All services and facilities delivered in most effective and efficient way. Removal of duplication and bureaucracy, ensuring similar services are drawn together. Force structure designed on services that we deliver.  A single workforce: Integrated and diverse workforce. Appropriate mix of Officers, Staff and Volunteers with blend of skill and experience.

6 Policing Model Overview

7  Accountability  2 Directorates clarity of command, less managers  Reorganised force to deliver better quality of service – clarity of role  More intrusive ‘real time’ 24/7 management of risk of harm  Neighbourhood Policing solve problems, Patrol teams respond to incidents, CID investigate all crimes

8 Policing Model Overview  Quality of Service  Professional approach to problem solving, incident management and investigation  Greater resilience, more staff on duty 24/7  Increased visibility  ‘One Team’ approach – better able to deal with harms ‘here and now’

9 Effective Protection from Harm 1. Intelligence and Information 2. Prevent – Neighbourhood Policing 3. Respond – Patrol Teams 4. Investigate – Local and Force Investigations Providing Lasting Solutions

10 Intelligence and Information  Enhanced 24/7 intelligence support  better protection through ‘live time’ intelligence  Bespoke Intelligence team  ensuring workforce is tasked and coordinated to provide best protection – Patrol Strategy  Integrated workforce  one team that protects from receipt of call to end of incident

11 Intelligence and Information  Control Room – Calls categorised within the following framework;  Emergency  Priority  By Appointment  Advice and Information

12 Neighbourhood Policing  Neighbourhood Policing, led by dedicated Superintendent  Safer Neighbourhood Teams  Neighbourhood Protection Teams – support SNTs by targeting individuals and locations  Professional Services – prevent crime and disorder and reduce casualties

13 Neighbourhood Policing  33 Safer Neighbourhood Teams – retain current boundaries  Leadership provided by dedicated Chief Inspectors at CSP level  Locally led by Sergeants  Focal point of working in partnership, with agencies and the public  Focus on problem Solving- released capacity  Contain Police Officer Beat Manager, PCSOs, Special Constables, Volunteers and extended police family  Enhanced skills - focus upon increasing community involvement  Contact Points – increased visibility and engagement

14 Incident Resolution  All resources that provide a response to incidents are led by dedicated Superintendent  24/7 Chief Inspectors command Control Room, Custody and newly formed ‘Patrol Teams’ to manage risk and remove duplication of review  Enhanced Appointment Service – Providing ability to deliver right service first time by access to most appropriate resource

15 Incident Resolution  Patrol Teams  Integrate all services with the skills required to resolve calls for service first time  Operate on a force wide basis - better able to manage risk, deployment is not hindered by geographical or departmental boundaries  Provide a consistent professional policing service in the early stages of all emergency and priority incidents  Increased capacity with core role of patrol  Increased resilience - shifts more aligned to meet calls for service

16 Local Investigation  One team investigates all crimes that occur within local neighbourhood  Enhance our successful Victims and Witness Partnership and Protecting Vulnerable People services  Continue to operate our effective Crime Desk

17 Local Investigation  Newly formed ‘Criminal Investigation Department’  Dedicated, trained and experienced staff based at our two Justice Centres  Investigate all crimes and prisoners requiring interview  Work same shifts as the Communications Centre, Custody and Patrol Teams – One Team culture, more able to provide ‘here and now’ investigation services

18 Force Services Force Services – Protect Neighbourhoods  Operations  Major Investigation (crime/road)  Serious and Organised Crime Taskforce  Resources  People  Physical Assets  Corporate  Assurance

19 Summary  Philosophy of continued evolution – provided further opportunities for change  New financial landscape – increased the need for and pace in which change has to be delivered  Reorganised to provide best protection with resources available  Investments to mitigate threat

20 Summary  Uniformed workforce – more time visible in communities to prevent and reduce crime and disorder  Improved professionalism of crime investigation  Delivery of professional services and facilities that enable the delivery of protection

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