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Parent 1:1 Laptop Training 2012 Mary Barnette, Angie Cotton, Michael Williams.

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1 Parent 1:1 Laptop Training 2012 Mary Barnette, Angie Cotton, Michael Williams

2 2 1:1 Laptop Initiative The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has initiated a program to equip every secondary student and teacher with a mobile computing device (i.e. laptop computer). In the 2011-2012 school year, ten schools (eight high schools, one middle/high school, and one middle school) have been selected to participate in a pilot program that will provide a laptop computer to every teacher and student.

3 3 1:1 Laptop Initiative The One to One Laptop initiative is being started in DoDEA schools to increase technical and 21 st Century skills; provide more opportunities to increase student engagement across all curriculum areas; and provide teachers and students with additional access to curricular materials and digital information.

4 Laptop Distribution One laptop for each child Sponsor permission allows home use Laptops stay or go with sponsor permission Sleeves clearly marked by color/student name Laptops labeled with students name

5 Student/Parent Responsibilities US Government property Reasonable use and care School use expectations Home use expectations Return at end of school year Re-assigned to student next year

6 Student Responsibilities at School Save work prior to changing locations Close lid and place in sleeve when moving locations Fist rule in classroom Laptops will not be taken to PE If checking out of school, must report to Seminar teacher Appropriate school use only

7 Student Responsibilities at School Ear buds or phonesstudent purchase USB mouse only Do not loan your laptop Never share your username and password Appropriate school use only

8 Student Responsibilities at Home Work away from siblings and pets Save all work on desktop or Gaggle digital locker Do not eat or drink near laptop Charge battery over night (check battery light) Appropriate school use only Charger Bring laptop back to school daily

9 Parent Responsibilities at Home Connect to home network/ISP Add printer if desired Provide suitable place for charging Support no sibling use of laptop Check webpage for detailed instructions Appropriate school use only

10 Laptop Care Opening lid-two hands Power buttonfrozen computer shut-down only Walking with laptop –Closed screen –In sleeve –Close to body to provide reasonable protection Cleaning screen and surface –No liquids or wet cloths –Can use commercial products for laptop screens

11 Laptop Care Placing on desk/tables –No other items –Placed in middle of desk No pens/pencils Shut down before going home Do NOT place items on keyboard (even paper) Do NOT carry with screen up Do NOT eat or drink near laptop

12 Logistics If laptop does not work during school –Student completes trouble shooting checklist –Student fills out trouble shooting sheet –Take sheet and computer to Mr. Williams/Mr. Salango

13 Logistics If laptop does not work at home Student follows school procedure Trouble shooting form and checklist can be filled out at home Student reports to Seminar with laptop Student takes computer and checklist to Mr. Williams/Mr. Salango

14 Logistics Permission forms –Sponsor signs to allow home use –Student signs to have laptop issued for school use Reasonable use and care Laptop is a privilege Privilege can be revoke for inappropriate use/care

15 Logistics Check-in, Check-out cards –End of day procedure –Laptop going home, Green Card in Green Basket –Laptop staying at school, Red Card in Red Basket

16 Laptop Distribution Schedule TonightSponsors sign permission form at designated time/location with ID Thursday and Friday (Mar 29, 30) –Student assigned individual laptop –Morning laptop training –Remove from carts/cubbies –Turn on, log on –ITs address log on issues –Restart –Return to carts/cubbies

17 Laptop Distribution Schedule Tuesday-Friday (April 10-13) –Students remove laptops during Seminar –Morning laptop training –Students carry laptops to all classes except PE and lunch –Afternoon laptop training –Students secure laptops in Seminar –Students place check-out cards in appropriate baskets (no laptops go home)

18 Laptop Distribution Schedule Weekly accountability checks Updates required by Area Office IT will occur in Seminars Beginning Monday (April 16) –Students may begin taking laptops home Monday (End of year turn-in May 7) –All laptops will be returned at end of day to Seminar for summer maintenance and inventory

19 Questions? Text any questions you have to the following number (text rates may apply) The phone number is 37607 Text 69194 to begin your question Space between the number and your question Our account will take the first 40 questions Questions can be written on Treasure Hunt form

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