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Business Information Management Mrs. Gail Mehno. Did You Know

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1 Business Information Management Mrs. Gail Mehno

2 Did You Know Social Media

3  Be Respectful  Use the Restroom before or after class.  Pass required.  Complete Your OWN Work—No Sharing.  Be on Time and Prepared  No IPods, Cell Phones, etc.  No Food or Drinks in the Room  Printing—Please ask—Always Print Preview

4  Last names starting with A through M…  8 #2 Pencils  1 bottle anti-bacterial hand gel  1 box of Kleenex  Last names starting with N through Z…  5 Blue or Black Pens  1 Package Lysol or Clorox wipes  1 box Kleenex If you need help, please talk to me or write me a note.

5  You MUST abide by these rules or you will lose your computer privileges (Finding make up time is difficult-- BIM must use a computer)  Each assignment MUST be saved to your H:Drive… if it’s not there, you won’t get credit  SAVE FILES WITH THE NAME THAT YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO NAME THEM! (No random naming)  Read…Sign…Return this week with signature

6  No Headphones.  Don’t move or switch parts of the computers.  If you have an emergency and need to leave the room, fill out the pass completely, take it with you, and return with the pass.  Tutoring is after school until 4:05 or by appointment.

7  First Semester  Information Management Basics  Word 2010  Business/Career Unit  Second Semester  Excel 2010  Access 2010  PowerPoint 2010

8  50% comes from Daily Grades and Class Participation  50% comes from Major Grades such as large projects and tests

9  Business Professionals of America (BPA) (Bryan Baker)  MOS Certification  SAM Certiport—registration needed  Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Access 2010  UIL Academics —Competitive events subject related 22 events  Computer Applications, Accounting, Computer Science, etc.


11  Find your mouse and keyboard  Follow the cords to the back of the computer  Notice there are USB ports  Unplug the mouse and keyboard

12  Find your monitor cord  Follow it to the back of the computer  Notice it is the blue flat connector  Loosen the screws and unhook the monitor from the computer.

13  Find the two black power cords behind the monitor and computer.  Make sure they are tightly connected to the computer and monitor, and they are plugged into the surge protector. (A tray where cords are plugged) If the screen does not come up, unplug the monitor cord and WAIT, then replug.  Please note that you share a surge protector with your neighbor; Be careful not to trip it…you will both lose your work.  On that note, remember to always SAVE every few minutes!!!

14  Put it back together!

15 Did You Know Social Media

16  Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to prompt for your login and password.  Enter your student ID # for login and again for your password.  You will be prompted to change your password immediately.  Be sure your password is one you will remember!

17  Is your SAVING grace. Literally.  Go to START and MY COMPUTER. Locate your H Drive which is labeled with your student ID #.  You will save EVERYTHING you do in class on your H Drive. If it is not in your H drive, it is not done.  You may also bring a folder to keep returned papers in. This is not required, but you may want to look back for review purposes for tests.

18  In your H Drive, right click anywhere in the white space.  Choose NEW and then FOLDER.  Type BIM for the folder name.  Now click on your BIM folder, and create a new folder inside titled FIRST NINE WEEKS.  Your work will be expected here. I will give additional instructions when assignments are given.

19  Always save to your H drive folders.  If you forget and save to the C: drive, your information will be gone tomorrow.

20  Journaling  Textbook  Demonstrations  Practice  On-line Previews and Reviews  Tests  Internet Activities  Individual and Group Assignments

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