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EMTA Bilbao, abril 2007 BARIK PROJECT. FINANTIAL SCOPETRANSPORT SCOPE BBVA (Sermepa) BBK (Ceca) 4 Underground Staions Moyua – Areeta Sopelana - Barakaldo.

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Presentation on theme: "EMTA Bilbao, abril 2007 BARIK PROJECT. FINANTIAL SCOPETRANSPORT SCOPE BBVA (Sermepa) BBK (Ceca) 4 Underground Staions Moyua – Areeta Sopelana - Barakaldo."— Presentation transcript:

1 EMTA Bilbao, abril 2007 BARIK PROJECT

2 FINANTIAL SCOPETRANSPORT SCOPE BBVA (Sermepa) BBK (Ceca) 4 Underground Staions Moyua – Areeta Sopelana - Barakaldo 2 Bus Lines – 11 Buses Intercity Transport 1 Bus Lines – 5 Buses Urban Transport 2 Tramway Stops Euskalduna - Arriaga CTB – Metro Bilbao DFB–Bizkaibus (CAV) Ayuntamiento Bilbao Bilbobus (TCSA) EuskoTrenbideak, S.A EuskoTran 14 attended terminal 150 ATM CTB

3 BARIK PILOT PROJECT DUAL INTERFACE SMARTCARD: BARIK PROJECT PILOT SCENE: 4 Underground stations. 3 Buslines: intercity and citylines (16 buses). 2 Tramway stops. TEST GROUP: 700 people TOP UP NETWORK: ATM, Attended terminals and at the tickets machines in the underground stations. DURATION: 8 months

4 GUIDELINES OF BARIK PROJECT One common card valid for the entire public transport network. Progressive implementation of the system: new tickets and other functionalities. Independent, universal system, fully owned and controlled by CTB producing swift flexible solutions in adaptation to the changing needs of transport.

5 THE BARIK CARD Common card for all transport modes. Mifare Desfire 4K. Fully contactless. Valid for 4 years. Reusable. Types of card: - Anonymous - To travel anonymously. (Register) - Valid for transferable tickets – Multi-person. - Photocard - Compulsory accreditation when identification Named card entittles for certain rates (young people, elderly people, large families, etc.). - 1 nominative card 1 person. Non- transferable.

6 BARIK CARD Common mapping for all Barik cards. Barik core application: transport. Gradual incorporation of tickets: - Common stored value tickets. - Common season tickets. - Others operator tickets. Photocards can store two active tickets: season ticket+stored value ticket. It can also store a reserve season ticket.

7 HOW TO GET A BARIK? The conmutter pays for the Barik card. Point of sales: Anonymous. Transport system, ticket office, MEATS, booths, kiosks, newsagents,... Photocard. Transport system. The point of sale activates the Barik card.

8 HOW TO BUY TICKETS ON BARIK? Where to buy? - Transport network: Automatic Ticket Machine at stations, at station tickets office, booths,... - Retail outlet network: Kiosks, newsagents,... - Others: Internet, auto top up, mobile (on validation). Each card profile only allows to buy the tickets which match with it. Tickets: - Stored value (pay as you go): variable top up. - Season tickets: - Combination of modes and zones variable price. - Can be bought in advance. - Reserve season ticket may be stored as well.

9 HOW TO VALIDATE WITH BARIK? When two tickets are stored at the same time on a photocard: - the validator chooses first, stored value and after season ticket. - the system must assure that the right ticket is selected and the correct fare is deducted several rules and measures make it possible. Depending on the means of transport : - diferent schemes - check-in - check-out, on board, on tram platform,... - diferent fare policy - flat fare and variable fare...

10 OTHER FEATURES OF THE BARIK SYSTEM Checking points. – Provide information and receipt, about balance, last trips, season tickets,... – Sensorial help for disabled conmutters. SAGB (Barik Management and Administrative System). The system`s brain. Security: – SAM modules and security platform.

11 Función Sistema Administración y Gestión Barik - SAGB GESTION TARJETAS BILBOBUSBIZKAIBUSOtros Autobuses Incluye Lanzadera Basauri METRO BILBAOEUSKOTRENEUSKOTRAN Ferrocarriles FEVE Cable Puente ColganteFunicular ArtxandaFunicular Larreineta Ascensor La SalveAscensor EreagaAscensor Mallona FABRICANTE 1 FABRICANTE 2 Fabricantes Tarjetas RED VENTA EXTERNARED TRANSPORTEOACs No PersonalizadaPersonalizada Red de Distribución Atención al Cliente OACs Procesos -> Procedimientos Fabricación Distribución (NP) Distribución (P) Carga/Recarga Validación Consulta Intervención Atención al Cliente Gestión Incidencias Funcionales Principales Tarjeta BARIK Sistemas Centrales - Centro Compensación Sistemas Centrales - Gestión Tarjetas Funcional Función Funcional Función Funcional Función Funcional Función Funcional Procedim. Gestión Tarjetas Compensación P P P PP P PP P F F INFORMACIONCOMUNICACIONESSEGURIDAD INFORMACIONCOMUNICACIONESSEGURIDAD INFORMACION COMUNICACIONES SEGURIDAD INFORMACION COMUNICACIONES SEGURIDAD Homologación SEGURIDAD MODULOS SAM COMPENSACION PP F ARCHITECTURE OF THE SYSTEM

12 ADAPTATION TO BARIK The introduction of the Barik system means new purchases and lifting of the operating systems, development of processes and procedures to adapt to new technology in all environments and modes of transports. TENDERS - Security platform and SAM modules. - SAGB. - Barik card: 650.000 Barik cards :- Young people: 100.000 - Elderlies and pensioners: 150.000 - General nominative cards: 170.000 - Anonymous: 200.000 - Retail outlets network.

13 Validators Metro Bilbao38 stations385158 AVM Euskotren51 stations14875 AVM Euskotran12 stations620 AVM Feve21 stations5321 AVM Buses and others 507573536 Consoles ADAPTATION TO BARIK Budget: 15M. The weigth of the CTB is absolute in financing. Implementation: End of 2008. TENDERS

14 CONSORCIO DE TRANSPORTES DE BIZKAIA Teléfono: + 34 94 476 61 50 Fax: + 34 94 475 00 21 WEB: BISCAY TRANSPORT CONSORTIUM

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