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For travel agencies and corporate clients

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1 for travel agencies and corporate clients

2 There are three levels of B2B solutions that Teletrain offers: Holding ticket stock Buying equipment Sales office accreditation To arrange ticket sales you no longer need: Hiring a specialist transportation sales technology Partners access to the System with office and call-centre sales functionality Online sales web-module to set up ticket sale on agents web-site Full System license for consolidators to arrange technological distribution through agencies network 2 1 2 3 Since 2005 Teletrains online technologies give agents instant access to ticket sales when setting up a regular ticketing house is not possible or not affordable.

3 systems architecture 3 Suppliers level GDS level Teletrain technologies Agents level Subagents level Clients BSP …and others Express-3 any XML intake Ticket house А договора Agent Ticket house B Ticket house C Ticket house n Agent

4 4 air tickets 4 After successful authorization user gets online access to a flight data: flight schedules with carrier info, plane type, airports, times of departure, arrival and flight duration; seats available by class; tariffs available and tariff application rules. As a flight and a tariff is chosen user can enter passenger names and book their flight. A ticket will be issued as soon as the user sends his booking for ticketing. Tickets are issued by Teletrain through Amadeus GDS or Sirena (for RF domestic flights). You can print the e-ticket receipt right away from the system. 1. Flight search2. Choose a flight 4. Sets booking Users workplace (computer connected to Inetrnet) 5. E-ticket 3. Confirm tariff PNR is made

5 You must choose a flight in each section (outbound/inbound flight) of the search results list. As you choose a flight in first section system will highlight some flights in second section: those for which the best tariff is applicable in combination with flight, those which cant be combined with chosen flight. 4 amadeus: choosing flight 5

6 Search results are divided in two sections: outbound and inbound flights. In both sections an approximate number of seats in each available class is shown. You can also see number of seats available in each booking class. As soon as you have chosen a combination of flight and service class in each section you can make pricing request for the marked choice. sirena: choosing flight 6

7 System lets you choose the best available tariff for the flight combination from the previous step. For non refundable tariffs a warning is shown. A link to complete tariff application rules is also available. pricing 7

8 A booking is made at GDS «Amadeus» or Sirena. Within a time limit the booking can be sent for ticketing with a single click in the system. As an e-ticket is issued it can be printed from the system or e-mailed to the client. e-ticket 8

9 User chooses a train, enters passenger details and special seat allocation requirements that should be included in railway system ticketing request. Ticketing request goes directly to Express-3 Automated Distribution System, tickets are instantly issued in selected ticket house location and the user can see exact copies on his screen. russian railway tickets 9 After successful authorization user gets online access to a train data: timetables and train routes with days of operation, departure/arrival times for each station; seats and tariffs available with in-coach placement. 1. Train search2. Choose a train3. Choose carriage type 4. Enter passenger details and allocation request Users workplace (computer connected to Inetrnet) 5. Print a voucher with a copy of issued ticket Print a E-ticket Print a voucher

10 Search results show a list of trains with seats available for the requested route and period. Number of seats available for each carriage type is shown in columns. You should choose a train to get to the tariff and seat allocation screen. choosing train 10

11 When the train is chosen you can see available seats allocation in each carriage. Complete tariff calculation for carriage types is shown. Pick up a tariff to proceed to ticketing. choose a carriage type 11

12 To issue tickets you should do the following: enter passenger details; mark carriage and compartment seat allocation requirements; press «Ticket issue button». passengers 12

13 train e-ticket 12 E-ticket with full trip information and price, which you can print or send to the customer e-mail. E-ticket generated by UFS web-system.

14 As soon as ticketing is confirmed you can print a voucher from the system with full pricing details and exact copies of the issued tickets. print a voucher 14

15 System includes an online domestic hotel search service. For available rooms booking is confirmed instantly and you can issue a voucher right away or e-mail it to a client. Hotel photos, short description, address, map, check in/ check out times, facilities list and main location distances are also available. domestic hotels 15

16 The system holds financial accounts for every partner and you can see all transactions on your account online. You can see online all debit/credit operations, get instant sales report, print it or save it as Excel file. Accounting reports (for Russian accounting system), total or for every transaction, are also available online. settlement of accounts 16

17 Those agents who work with Teletrain can apply for retail web-module to be placed on their site. Orders for tickets from their online clients will come directly to their Teletrain account and can be issued with a single click. There are no technical restrictions and only a little support from partner is needed to maintain our web-module on any web-site. All hardware and software is allocated at Teletrain, no support on agent side is needed. retail web-module Switching on a new web-module takes as long as 15 minutes. It is working and serving clients right away. 17

18 B2B transportation ticket sales system for: Agencies. Consolidators. Corporate clients. Internet portals. TELETRAIN Ltd. Address: 115191, Moscow, Serpukhovsky Val, 19 Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 510-15-61 GSA in Germany: KRIS Reisen OHG Address: Koenigswarterstr. 50 D-90762 Fuerth Phone: +4911-75 66 20 contacts 18

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