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Public Transportation Orientation Days at TUT – 31. January 2014 Kerti Sönmez.

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1 Public Transportation Orientation Days at TUT – 31. January 2014 Kerti Sönmez

2 Smartcard Ühiskaart Smartcard Ühiskaart is electronic contactless personalised or nonpersonalised card to verify it´s holder´s travelling rights. Personalised card is only valid with an identity document.

3 Where to buy?

4 Personalising a smartcard Cards can be personalised for just 1 anywhere they are sold, or alternatively for free online ( or in the public service office of Tallinn City Government. A personalised card enables the holder to obtain discounts. The personalised cards can only be used by one person. Tickets purchased for non-personalised cards, on the other hand, are valid for anybody who presents the card.


6 Residents of Tallinn When you are registrated in Estonian Population Register as a resident in the city (with ID card) you can use the public transport in Tallinn for free. For that you need to: purchase the personalised smartcard (linked to your ID card); Personalise your smartcard online (0) at, at the sales points (1) or over the phone, (0) 11 800 (0,74 /min). Note that you still need to validate your personalised smartcard at the start of each journey

7 Tickets for non-residents Your smartcard automatically calculates the cheapest fare for you within 24h. Never more than 3 per day.

8 Prices of Transport Tickets With one smartcard you can purchase up to 5 additional e-tickets. First touch the orange card reader with your smartcard, then choose by using the arrows the number of additional tickets needed and confirm by pushing OK and touch your smartcard once more time. Touch your smartcard on the orange card reader validator again to see number of tickets valid on your smartcard. E-ticket Price 30 days card (non-residents) 23 30 days discount card (non-Talliner)* 8,5 *30 days discount card can be purchased only to personalised smartcard, ISIC card holders

9 Validation How to use the validator When entering the vehicle, validate your e-ticket or right to free travel by holding your smartcard against the validator. You can repeat this process to check that your ticket is valid.

10 Follow the instructions given by the validator Hold your smartcard against the validator Processing the information on your card. Your ticket is activated/ your travel card or discount are valid You do not have the right to travel/you do not have sufficient funds on your card to purchase a ticket

11 Public Transport Traffic Working hours: - Working days from 5 am until 12 am - Saturdays from 6 am until 12 am - Sundays from 7 am until 12 am -These are approximate times as it depends on specific lines - For exact departure times visit -There are no night buses

12 Routes and timetables

13 Trip planner: from stop to stop

14 Trip planner on city map based on stop, address, place name

15 Real time information on public transport: type some characters for suggestions list or select stop/location from map

16 Behaviour rules

17 Contacts 1345

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