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Electronic Fare Collection INIT Solutions Overview

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1 Electronic Fare Collection INIT Solutions Overview
© 2010 Copyright INIT Inc - This document contains proprietary information and has to be treated confidentially

2 E-Fare System

3 Back Office MOBILEVario
Administration User Management User Activity Logs Data Partitioned by each agency Customer Relationship Management Create a new customer account/contract View all Transactions Filter with drag-n-drop – Customer card Invalid transactions logged along with any errors Card details – balance, status, pending updates, etc. Contracts – Details

4 Back Office MOBILEVario
Fare/Tariff Management Define Fare (Ticket) types for each agency (some fares may be global) Pass Single Trip, Transfers, etc. Define text and graphics associated with each fare type Define Characteristics: Zone Passenger Class (adult, child, student, etc) Calendar (dates, peak/off peak, etc) Groups

5 The Purchasing & Issuing Solutions
14443 DESFIRE – long term stickers, and cards MIFARE - Ultralight – temporary cards

6 The Purchasing & Issuing Solutions
Account handling Profile Handling family members Define Payment Methods Card handling Register card(s) Load products / Top up cards (via Action list) Autoload function Transaction history Order new cards Report stolen/broken cards 6

7 Mobile and Stationary Systems EVENDpc
Uses Retail Sales Top-up Card Card History Data Purchase Additional Fares Printing Transfers, Tickets and Receipts On the Bus Pay fare via Tap-on/Tap-off, Scan-on/Scan-off Full featured VLU/MDT for CAD/AVL operations Navigation assistance Customer display Easy paper loading Smartcard unit Touch screen E-ticket/2D Barcode unit

8 PROXmobil2 Modular Design Customer Interface ADA Compliance
7” Color Touch Screen Audio ADA Compliance Braille Text-to-speech Payment Media 14443 media Mifare Desfire Open Payments EMV/PCI Branded Cards Purse based Account based Mobile Payments NFC 2D Barcodes

9 Reference Projects

10 Projects in North America
2011 SACOG – Sacramento, California 507 buses 83 Platforms with ADA compliant AFM and Validators 6 County Consortium Top-up and Ticketing Vending at 42 Retail locations and 28 Customer Service Centers Interagency Clearing House E-Ticketing-System using Proximity- Technology 10

11 Projects in the United Kingdom
Trent Barton 2007 Check-in/Check-out for 330 buses ticketing system with RTPI functions “Mango” Prepaid card with recharging via internet maximum caps e.g. for the daily ticket price Check Out via PROXmobil validators 2010 Hertfordshire County Council ITCS/Ticketing with up to 500 buses of different operators EVENDpc offered as RTPI kit alternative Full integration of ticketing in AVLC/RTPI ITSO and 2D Barcode 11 11

12 Projects in the Netherlands
HTM The Hague 2006 ITCS 50 Light Rail Coaches “Ranstad Rail” trams and buses including PIDVisios Data download via GPRS, no WLAN Syntus BV, Doetinchem 2008/ 09 ITCS 300 buses, GSM based system including PIDVisios and link to Chipcard system Private bus operator which participates on bids for new concessions RET Rotterdam 2009 ITCS with 380 trams, buses and service vehicles ( IDmobil, login with a driver card attached to TOUCHit 12 12

13 Projects in Germany DB Stadtverkehr Bayern, Nuremberg
Multi-client architecture region-wide ITCS and ticket management and clearing system(Franconia, East Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Allgäu region) with 3,100 Buses, ca. 37 Remote Workstations EVENDpc ticket printer with on-board computer functionality Integration of on-demand service 2009 VVO and ZVON, Saxony Multi-client architecture large area ITCS ticket management and clearing system (VDV-Core Application) for the Upper Elbe 900 Buses, 55 Dispatcher Workstations EVENDpc with 2D bar code readers 2009 13 13

14 Thank You!

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