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Presented by the SLiCE Office - 491-1682 Student Organization Accountants Michele Frick – 491-0642 Diana Saylor – 491-1653 Contacts PCARD Website

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2 Presented by the SLiCE Office - 491-1682 Student Organization Accountants Michele Frick – 491-0642 Diana Saylor – 491-1653 Contacts PCARD Website Program Administrator – John Swaro 491-7812

3 Purchasing Card Commercial MasterCard Designated from state for small dollar purchases

4 1. How to Obtain a P CARD 2. How to Use a P CARD 3. Special Rules for P CARD Use 4. Violations and Inappropriate Items 5. Corrective Action 6. How to Become a Certified P CARD User

5 Requirements Must be a registered student organization and have a SOFA Account File a Request for Financial Document Form Designate dollar amount Designate vendor Turn in at least 2 business days before desired purchase Treasurer Only designated officer or user Trained Signed Card Holder Agreement Pass P CARD Test Confirm your Student Organization has funds to pay for purchase

6 Select appropriate vendor Accepts MasterCard Allows tax exempt purchases Pick up P CARD from SLiCE office Obtain card with tax exempt card if applicable Sign P CARD out by designated officer Designated officer makes purchase and obtains receipts Return P CARD In appropriate time With appropriate receipts

7 Overnight Use Applicable if: Event is taking place after business hours Event is taking place over the weekend Requirements Must receive special permission from accountant Must return by 9:00am the following day Vendors and Dollar Amount Only purchase from vendor designated on Request Form Only dollar amount on Request Form may be spent

8 Hospitality Use of the P CARD for FOOD The state has only designated 2 Cards to the office Limited Use Possibility of not obtaining the card Prepare before hand Give more than 2 Days notice to insure P CARD

9 A detailed receipt Order form Invoice showing credit card payment Email confirmation A packing slip

10 Contact vendor immediately to provide Unavailable Documentation Form Considered a violation if not corrected

11 Inspect goods promptly Contact merchant immediately with problems Keep detailed notes on problems

12 Personal purchases Cash or cash type Split purchases Inappropriate items Signed contracts Travel Gas Furniture Alcohol Guns or ammunition

13 Reason for corrective action: Use of card for inappropriate item Use of card by non-designated person Card not returned on time Card used for more than designated amount Card used at a non-designated vendor Corrective Action Student Organization will lose privilege of P CARD Violation Warning Form Possible action with state personal in audit

14 Student organization has full liability for all purchases made before card is reported stolen Notify Michele 491-1682 JP Morgan 1-800-316-6056 P CARD Administrator 491-7812

15 Cardholder agreement Acknowledge attendance at training Agree to abide by all terms in Source P CARD Test 10 Question test - must pass with 80% to be certified user Submitted by treasurer

16 PRINT & TURN IN: Agreement P CARD Test Last two slides of presentation

17 17 P CARD TEST Circle the best answer 1) You have been authorized a P-CARD to use at Safeway. May you use the same card during the same check out at Home Depot, as well? A) Yes B) No 2) Is tax included in a P-CARD purchase? A) Yes B) No – you must request a tax-exempt purchase 3) If you spend more than what was authorized on the Request Form with a P-CARD; who is responsible for the difference? A) The credit card gods B) The university C) The SLiCE office D) You are personally liable 4) Whose money is spent by using the P-CARD? A) The universities B) Your Student Organizations C) Your Aunt Sallys D) SLiCEs 5) How many days notice must you give the SLiCE office to use the P CARD? A) None B) One week C) A year D) 2 business days 6) Can you use the P-CARD overnight? A) No B) Yes, with authorized permission C) Yes, you can keep the card as long as you want D) None of the above 7) Which of the following may you use a P-CARD to purchase? A) A gift card B) Flowers C) Soda D) Alcohol 8) Who is authorized to use the P-CARD? A) Any officer of the student organization B) The treasurer C) Any member of the student organization D) More than one of the above 9) What amount of money may you use the P-CARD for? A) Any amount as long as receipt is brought back B) Authorized amount on Request Form C) Less than $500 D) None of the above 10) If you desire to use the P CARD for hospitality; what should you do to insure you can obtain the card? A) Nothing more B) Give more than 2 days notice C) Designate on Request Form D) Both B and C

18 18 Colorado State University is pleased to provide you with the Purchasing Card. The card represents the Universitys trust in you to safeguard and protect its assets. I, ________________________________________, acknowledge receipt of a University Purchasing Card, card number stu org custodial card. As a cardholder, I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. I acknowledge receipt of the Purchasing Card Program Cardholders Handbook and agree to comply with the terms and conditions in it and subsequent revisions. I understand my department is liable to JP Morgan Chase for all charges made by me. I also understand that any unallowable sponsored program charges made by me are the liability of my department. As the holder of the Purchasing Card, I accept responsibility for the protection and proper use of the card as outlined in this Agreement and the Cardholders Handbook. I will protect the card at all times to prevent its unauthorized use. I understand that the use of this card is subject to an audit at any time and that I cannot use this card for personal purchases or the prohibited transactions listed in the Cardholders Handbook. If the Purchasing Card is lost, stolen, or compromised in any manner, I will immediately advise JP Morgan Chase (800.316.6056) for cancellations purposes) and will notify the PCARD Program Administrator. I understand that the card is the property of the University, assigned to me by my Department, and that in the event of willful or negligent default of these obligations, the University shall take any recovery action deemed appropriate and permitted by law. Upon transfer from my Department or termination of employment with the University, I agree to return this card to my department Approver. APPLICANT: _____________________________________________________________ SignatureDate ______________________________________________________________ Print NameCSU ID# ______________________________________________________________ Department Name/Student OrganizationCampus/Cell Phone # ______________________________________________________________ Campus AddressE-Mail Address Original to Program Administrator 1 signed copy to Cardholder 1 signed copy to department Trainer Signature _____________________________________ Date: ____________________________ U:\Acctg.Techs do not remove\PCard Holder Agreement 08 2 Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement

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