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PSU Group Airline Travel February 2012. Using the Travel Pcard is a more efficient, cost-effective method to purchase air tickets Department Pcard Account.

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1 PSU Group Airline Travel February 2012

2 Using the Travel Pcard is a more efficient, cost-effective method to purchase air tickets Department Pcard Account Managers will be responsible for the travel confirmation with the airline or travel agency for payment, reviewing, reconciling and documenting travel purchases Included in these instructions: What can the PSU Group Air Pcard be used for Travelers and Pcard Account Manager responsibilities PSU Group Travel Pcard instructions Air Travel; Domestic and Foreign policies (USNH) JPMC Insurance Coverage – Baggage and Accident Travel related dispute form

3 The following authorized travel must be for the benefit of the University System of New Hampshire and its member institutions. Authorized transactions: Air fare only

4 Communicate approved travel needs including itinerary to the Pcard Account Manager in a timely manner. Communicate all changes in travel arrangements to the Pcard Account Manager promptly. Changes made for personal reasons that will incur extra costs are not allowed. If these are processed on the Group Air card – it must be repaid to Plymouth State University Provide all original itemized receipts to the Account Manager upon return from trip. Provide the full business purpose substantiation as required by the University travel policies

5 Complete instruction session with Campus Card Administrator Adhere to the USNH Air Travel Domestic & Foreign Policies (attached) Secure pre-travel approval as required by your department Maintain original documentation including any travel changes Work with the Campus Card Administrator to resolve problems Communicate changes in policy and/or procedures to your travelers Communicate questionable activity to your department head and Campus Card Administrator Comply with all review requests Report lost or stolen cards to the JPMChase immediately Travel Pcards must be kept in a secure place

6 As with any other Pcard transaction, all purchases made with your Travel Pcard must have the 5-Ws clearly indicated on all itemized receipts: Who What When Where Why – a clearly defined business purpose for the trip Accounts Payable will review your Group Air pcard transactions on a regular basis, generally at the same time as your regular Pcard. Please expect your Travel Pcard to be reviewed 4-6 weeks after your first transaction.

7 Travel itineraries must be obtained from travel agency or airline before using the Pcard to authorize tickets or changes in reservations Any changes to original ticket purchase must have a clear business purpose for the change. If traveler changes due to personal reasons – this cost must be repaid to the departments account by the traveler. (attach the repayment receipt to backup). Airline reservations are ticketed by confirmation or reservation numbers We recommend finalizing all tickets and itinerary changes within 12 hours to insure there are no increase in fares or loss of seating Only the authorized cardholder may use the Travel Pcard Report a lost or stolen Pcard immediately to JP Morgan Chase Bank @ 1-800-316-6056. This number is available from within the US, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are outside the US, the number to call is 847-488-3748 (you may call collect). It is highly recommended that you put this contact number (s) in your cell phone – in case the card is lost/stolen.

8 Please use caution when making travel arrangements on the Internet: Ensure that you are on a secure website (https: in the URL or look for the "lock" icon) Double-check to be sure there are no "hidden costs" associated with the purchase Make your travel arrangements carefully - what you click is what you get! Make sure to read the cancellation clause carefully! If the trip is cancelled due to personal reasons – the traveler is obligated to repay the department for the expense. A copy of this receipt would be attached to the itinerary. If the conference is cancelled – the credit will go back into the airlines system for x months – valid only to the person who had the ticket – please apply this credit to another trip during the same fiscal year – or have the traveler repay in full. Print out your itinerary BEFORE CLOSING from the site


10 Call the travel agency or airline to confirm pricing and book ticket: Identify yourself – PSU department, your name, telephone number and fax number Provide the travelers full legal name as on drivers license or passport Request e-ticket or paper ticket and make delivery arrangements for ticket. E-ticket is strongly recommended – you will be charged an additional fee for a paper ticket Provide the PSU Group Air card number, your name & expiration date to finalize payment Provide bank verification address and telephone number if requested: Plymouth State University, 17 High Street – MSC XX - Plymouth, NH 03264 – ph 603-535-XXXX

11 If you have a question or problem with your card, please contact the Campus Card Administrator for assistance: Mary-Ellen Godville, Ext. 5-2252 If you have a question regarding travel procedure or USNH travel policy, please contact Mary-Ellen Godville X 5-2252 To report lost or stolen cards, call JPMorgan Chase Customer Service: (800)316-6056

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