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Card Verifying and Approvals Office of the Controller.

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1 Card Verifying and Approvals Office of the Controller

2 Navigation Office of the Controller




6 If you are a Card Holder or only have one card to work on, the next page you see is the actual charges in two slides. If you are an Approver or have several card holders, your view will open the next slide. Office of the Controller


8 Identify the Charge

9 Office of the Controller Commodity Payment

10 Office of the Controller Travel Payment

11 Office of the Controller




15 Make sure that your Accounting Details are correct. Then enter in the correct Account number that corresponds to the charge (remember that the Alt Account MUST be erased first).

16 Office of the Controller





21 Receipt / Invoice Requirements Office of the Controller Receipts may be a: cash register receipt fax confirmation E-mail completed Web order form completed mail order form company invoice Cardholder must always: submit all original receipts to their Approver within three (3) days of receipt of items.

22 Receipt / Invoice Requirements Office of the Controller W hen the cardholder submits receipts to their approver, the cardholder is acknowledging the goods or services were received and the charges comply with University policies and procedures. Upon approval of the charges, the approver is certifying they have reviewed the individual charges with the cardholder and that the charges comply with the University policies and procedures. Individual departments are encouraged to establish their own procedures for receipts and invoices in order to ensure effective control over their credit card usage.

23 Responsibilities of an Approver Participating in University training for Approvers and/or Reconcilers. Tracking disputed items to ensure proper credit is received. Approving only charges for which they have a receipt and detailed proof of purchase. Notifying their Cardholder, Cardholders supervisor, Credit Card Solutions Team and/or Internal Audit (as appropriate) of charges that do not appear to be legitimate. Looking for signs of fraud, such as purchases that are sent to a home rather than to the office, items that appear personal in nature and, purchases made on holidays or weekends. Watch for restricted items or inappropriate purchases. Look for split purchases. Reconcile statements monthly and on time! If approval will be delayed, please contact the CCS team to notify them before the last approval day. When a card needs to be cancelled due to a cardholder transferring to another department or termination of employment, the approver should notify the CCS team in an email immediately, prior to any Card Cancellation Form being sent! Office of the Controller

24 NameTitlePhoneEmail Ramon Duenas Associate Controller(305) Sandra Duran Assistant Controller(305) Tracye Eades-Mickle Credit Card Solutions Administrator (305) Martha Betancourt Wong Credit Card Solutions Associate (305) Getchens Plancher Credit Card Solutions Assistant (305) Desislava Angelova Credit Card Solutions Accountant (305) Website: PantherSoft Financials: (305) 348-7200 Travel Department: (305) 348-4041 Credit Card Solutions Contacts

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