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Online Training Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training 10-2013 P-CARD.

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1 Online Training Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training 10-2013 P-CARD

2 About this Online Training… 1. You may progress through the presentation by using the mouse to click on the RIGHT ARROW button. 2. To EXIT the training at any time, press ESC. 3. Complete information regarding the P-Card program and its associated Forms may be obtained from the Employee Forms section on the BCSD website. If you have any QUESTIONS, please call the Business Office at (217) 483-2416

3 P-Card Online Training Completion of this online training is mandatory for Cardholders, P-Card Coordinators, and Cardholder Supervisors every year before anyone will be allowed to obtain or use a… Procurement Card

4 P-Card Online Training The Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 Procurement Card, also known as P-Card, is a valuable tool for quickly and efficiently purchasing and paying for expenditures.

5 OVERVIEW There are 8 chapters that must be completed. Chapter 1: Definitions & General Information Chapter 2: Using your P-Card Chapter 3: Cardholder Responsibilities Chapter 4: Coordinator & Cardholder Manager Responsibilities (Student Activity/Clubs) Chapter 5: Allowable Purchases & Restrictions Chapter 6: Returns/ Disputes Chapter 7: Documentation Chapter 8: Other Information and Completion Form

6 CHAPTER 1 Definitions & General Information Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training

7 DEFINITIONS What is a P-Card ? A MasterCard credit card issued by Bank of Montreal Who is a Cardholder ? Any individual employee or department who has been issued or uses a P-Card.

8 What are School & Department P-Cards ? P-Cards embossed with the school or department name. Only BCSD employees may use these cards with proper BCSD identification. Who is the Supervising Administrator ? For purposes of the P-Card, this refers to the Principal or Director with budgetary authority. DEFINITIONS

9 Who is a P-Card Administrator ? The employee responsible for overseeing card activity and reviewing transactions. In BCSD this is the CSBO. For more information and forms, go to the BCSD Employee Forms website DEFINITIONS

10 How does the P-Card function? Just like a credit card, but with the limitations of a debit card. Q Qualified purchases are made without the need for a requisition or purchase order. INTRODUCTION

11 What is the statement billing address ? The district office address, 201 W Mulberry, Chatham, IL What is the billing telephone number ? The main phone number of the district, 217-483-2416. (Either or both may be requested by vendors for phone orders) BILLING INFORMATION

12 What is the Billing Cycle ? Set by Bank of Montreal and runs from the 21 st day of one month to the 20 th day of the next month. BILLING INFORMATION

13 CHAPTER 2 Using Your P-Card Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training

14 Per Transaction $$$ Limit - Board Policy 4:55 identifies a maximum limit on any single P-Card purchase to $500. - Purchases above this amount must have Superintendent approval. - Limits are inclusive of all items including sales tax (when applicable), tip, & shipping charges. USING YOUR PCARD Spending Limits

15 Monthly $$$ Limits - Varies from card to card depending on budgeted amounts. - Cannot spend more than the remaining amount encumbered on the P-Card. Spending Limits USING YOUR PCARD

16 Other Limitations - Purchases are subject to approved budget limits - User must know the budget code that will be used BEFORE they make the purchase. - Budget amounts and codes can be obtained from Building/Department Administrator or Department Coordinators Spending Limits USING YOUR PCARD

17 Identify yourself as a BCSD Employee. Confirm the vendor accepts MasterCard. Confirm pricing, availability, and specifications of the order. All packages/packing slips must identify the name of the School or Department embossed on the card. Purchasing Guidelines USING YOUR PCARD

18 Always use a secure web browser. Always obtain itemized receipts. Examples are screen print of orders, email confirmations, and shipping documents. Use vendors that are reputable. Internet Purchases USING YOUR PCARD

19 BCSD Purchases are TAX EXEMPT from sales tax Tax MAY only be applied for meals and lodging while traveling only. All other purchases must be made tax exempt. If tax is applied to a purchase, the user will be responsible for reimbursement to the district. USING YOUR PCARD Sales Tax

20 Cardholder Responsibilities Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 3

21 Cardholder must utilize the lowest price based upon requirements, quality, and availability to obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended. and…. Obtain the Best Value CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES

22 Obtain the Best Value CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES Vary Suppliers (i.e., spread purchases among many suppliers including: small, minority, and women-owned businesses) Ensure that the price is fair and reasonable. Seek minimum 2 to 3 quotes before making purchase to ensure lowest price

23 Protection of Card CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES Cardholder must protect the security of P- Cards and the P-Card numbers at all times. If the card is lost or stolen, immediately call District Office. Cardholder must notify P-Card Administrator ASAP.

24 Limitations CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure the availability of funds in the budget before making purchases.

25 Limitations CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that prohibited items are not procured with the P-Card.

26 Limitations CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES Personal Gains Cardholder must not benefit personally from the purchase. Cardholder must not make P-Card purchases from friends or relatives where cardholder has a financial interest. Cardholder must not accept any gift or gratuity that appears to influence decision making regarding P-Card purchases. Cardholders must NOT use personal reward programs at vendors when making district purchase (e.g. Best Buy Reward Zone)

27 Coordinator & Manager Responsibilities Student Activity/Clubs Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 4

28 Review Cardholder transactions. Reconcile, approve, and retain all P-Card documentation. Custodian of School or Department P-Card(s). P-Card Supervisor Main Duties SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBILITIES

29 P-Cards may be used for authorized purchases by Student Activity/Clubs Same policies and requirements apply to Student Activity/Club purchases as for all other district purchases Purchases are all TAX EXEMPT STUDENT CLUB/ACTIVITY STUDENT ACTIVITY/CLUBS

30 Fund raisers must be approved, and identify the nature of the activity and specifically how the funds will be used Monies shall benefit currently enrolled students No student or employee may be compensated for services. Payment of salaries is strictly prohibited. STUDENT CLUB/ACTIVITY STUDENT ACTIVITY/CLUBS

31 Per board policy 4:90 AP “…No student activities monies shall be used for any expenditure made by a student, teacher, or any other employee that has not received prior written authorization from the class, organization, club/or association. Such authorization will be in the form of a vote of the aforementioned. All expenditures must have supporting receipts.” STUDENT CLUB/ACTIVITY STUDENT ACTIVITY/CLUBS

32 Cash payments are strictly prohibited from any student activity fund account. All purchases made shall be pre-approved by the sponsor and officers of the class, organization, club/or association. Gifts for coaches/sponsors or adult volunteers are PROHIBITED STUDENT CLUB/ACTIVITY STUDENT ACTIVITY/CLUBS

33 Approve Cardholders. Approve billing statements & transaction reports.. Ensure timely adherence to program dates. Supervisor Responsibilities

34 Review daily. Reconcile monthly. Submit reports timely. Pay attention to details. Itemized receipts. No Personal Purchases. Tips to Avoid Violations

35 Allowable & Restricted Purchases Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 5

36 General Supplies Travel (as permitted by the school district travel policies) Dues for Associations for business purposes only Meeting/Conferences/Workshops Allowable Purchases

37 Cash advances Personal purchases Alcohol purchases Donations Prohibited Purchases

38 Any purchase of restricted or prohibited items will result in a P-Card Violation Warning and/or suspension of P-Card privileges. Serious infractions may result in termination and/or criminal prosecution. Violations

39 Returns & Disputes Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 6

40 Request the following from the vendor: An address to ship to. A return authorization number. A credit be issued to the P-Card. Receipts verifying/documenting the return Returns

41 1.Contact supplier and make at least 3 attempts to resolve the problem. You are allowed 30 days from transaction posting to dispute the charge. 2.Document all communications on the monthly statement (or attached to it) including: Dates Persons involved Brief statement of the problem 3.If unable to resolve with the vendor, send the P-Card Dispute Form and documentation to the P-Card Administrator and maintain a copy for your records. Disputes

42 Documentation Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 7

43 Retain all itemized receipts, packing slips, or any other documents you receive for an order. Attach transaction reports and documentation to the monthly billing statement. Keep separate folders for each P-Card. Documentation

44 If NO documentation is received: Make a photocopy of the catalog page or computer screen showing: The items purchased and price Attach the Missing Documentation Form It is the cardholder’s responsibility to get proper itemized receipts for all purchases. Documentation

45 Internet/Telephone Purchases Request a receipt be included with the shipment. Documentation

46 P-Card’s must be reconciled monthly. Reconciled statements due back to District Office the 10 th of each month Documentation

47 Other Information & Completion Form Ball-Chatham CUSD #5 PCard Training CHAPTER 8

48 Renewal Cards are sent directly to the P- Card Administrator: An email is sent to Supervisors once cards are ready to be picked up. Renewals

49 To request any changes to P-Cards (limit changes, name changes, cancellation, etc…) Supervisor must complete a “P-Card Enrollment/Change” Form and submit to the P-Card Administrator. Changes

50 All P-Card transactions are subject to audit. P-Card holder and Supervisor will be contacted about any violation. Disciplinary action may be assessed based upon the type of violation Audit

51 Failure to Review or provide documentation on time Lack of documentation Splitting transactions to circumvent card limits or bidding requirements Inappropriate purchase Personal purchase Items that are charged tax that should be tax exempt Violations

52 30 Days loss of card privileges at 3 rd violation of the current fiscal year 60 Days loss of card privileges at 4 th violation of the current fiscal year Indefinitely loss of card privileges at 5 th violation of the current fiscal year Cardholder Supervisor may apply for reinstatement of privileges in writing to the P- Card Administrator after 75 days. Discipline

53 Congratulations!!!!! 1.Please click here, click hereclick here 2.Print the “P-Card Training” Form, 3.Sign and return the original to Building/Department Supervisor To EXIT this online training, please press ESC. Training Complete

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