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Procurement Card Program Cardholder Training. Purchasing Goods & Services at Colorado Mesa University Purchases of $3,000 or less Use your Pro Card Reallocate.

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1 Procurement Card Program Cardholder Training

2 Purchasing Goods & Services at Colorado Mesa University Purchases of $3,000 or less Use your Pro Card Reallocate on Payment Net Purchases greater than $3,000 Contact purchasing for available options The Pro Card is the preferred method of payment for small dollar purchases. It is cost-effective for the University and provides individuals the ability to purchase directly for their campus departments.

3 Activate Your Card  Use the last 4 digits of your 700 number even though recording will ask for last 4 digits of your social security number. This is an INDIVIDUAL card, not a department card. Do not share card Information.

4 Billing Cycle 16 th of the month through the 15 th of the following month Cardholder limit is refreshed every month on the 16 th

5 Report Lost or Stolen Card Immediately Call 800-344-5696 Contact CMU Purchasing Department Your department is liable for any charges made on a card until it is reported lost or stolen, not to exceed $50.00

6 Maintaining the security and integrity of the ProCard –Please note that US Bank will never e-mail you requesting personal or account information IMMEDIATELY reporting a lost or stolen card –Your department is liable for all charges until card is reported lost or stolen Knowing and following the Code of Ethics published by Colorado Mesa Uniersity Cardholder Responsibilities

7 Making authorized purchases for your department Purchasing allowable goods and services for your department Making sure all purchases are Tax Exempt Making purchases in compliance with the Procurement Card Program Handbook Signing the Cardholder Agreement Cardholder Responsibilities

8 Resolving problems with a merchant Maintaining original source documentation for all purchases Maintaining Procard order log Obtaining Approving Official signature for each billing cycle Turn in all Procard records to next level supervisor upon leaving employment Cardholder Responsibilities

9 Selecting a Merchant Check for State Price Agreement Do they accept Visa? Will they honor our Tax Exempt status

10 DO NOT purchase goods from these types of merchants – transactions will be denied Banks, ATM’s, financial institutions Travel related merchants –Airlines, auto rental, hotel Automotive and transportation merchants –Auto dealers, auto parts store Eating establishments –Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, fast food Selecting a Merchant

11 Excluded Transactions Personal Purchases Contact Accounts Payable Department Will be asked to reimburse CMU immediately Cash or Cash-like Transactions Cash refunds for card purchases Cash refunded for Sales Tax adjustment Gift Cards

12 Excluded Transactions Split Purchases Transaction split into two charges to card to circumvent card limits or purchase order requirements Furniture Per State Statute must be purchased through Colorado Correctional Industries Purchasing can assist with purchase

13 Excluded Transactions Inappropriate Purchases Restaurant meals Travel related expenses Vehicle expenses Allowing others to use your card Reoccurring charges Unauthorized purchases

14 Excluded Transactions Computers & Software Must be pre-authorized by IT Department Flowers & Gifts Violates fiscal policy Take up collection and pay cash for this type of purchase

15 Requires an Official Function Form Keep with Procard Records Food Vendor Purchases

16 Purchase must be Tax Exempt Check for CMU discounts Give your name as it appears on the card Backorders cannot be charged to card until shipped –Cardholder must manage backorders Request itemized documentation –Description of item –Cost of item Placing the Order

17 Give accurate delivery information –Your name needs to be on address label –Delivery address 1260 Kennedy Ave –Billing address 1100 North Ave We do not allow COD deliveries Placing the Order

18 Tracking Orders ProCard Order Log – Each order must be logged – Helps with follow-up on late deliveries, order problems, partial shipments

19 Log Sheet

20 Documentation Requirements Every transaction MUST have valid and complete source documentation from the merchant

21 Documentation Requirements Valid source documentation may be – A receipt and card transaction slips from the vendor – A packing slip from the delivery – Order forms for dues, subscriptions, registrations – An invoice showing credit card payment

22 Documentation Requirements Documentation must include – Vendor identification (name of vendor) – Date of purchase – Description and quantity of each item purchased – Total cost of the order – Per item cost if available from the vendor – Cardholder name or account number

23 Documentation Requirements If original documentation is lost contact merchant directly to provide replacement If merchant did not provide documentation contact them directly to provide it

24 Receive and Inspect Goods Inspect all goods IMMEDIATELY – If there is a problem contact merchant – Keep notes regarding resolution

25 Returns and/or Exchanges Make arrangements with merchant before shipping a return Merchant must credit return to ProCard – Do not allow merchants to refund in check or cash In the case of an exchange merchant must refund original purchase and charge for new transaction Document details including name of person you spoke with and date

26 Disputes Try resolution with merchant directly first Formal disputes – Contact US Bank at 800-344-5696 – Use Access ® Online – Must be filed within 60 days – US Bank will credit account and investigate charge

27 Statement of Account Will be sent to cardholder for any cycle in which there was account activity Cardholder must reconcile statement with order log and source documentation for each billing cycle

28 Approving Official Statement must be reviewed by designated Approving Official Approving Official must sign Order Log Approving Official signature must be obtained by the 15 th of the following month It is the cardholder’s responsibility to get Approving Official signature

29 Cardholder’s responsibility to maintain in an orderly format Maintain for Three Years When Leaving employment or termination records are to be delivered to the next level supervisor Procard Record Management

30 Audit Audits are selected at random If selected for Audit you must provide – ProCard Order Log – Statement of Account – All source documentation

31 Violations and Consequences Failure to provide original documentation – Show what is purchased – Show that it is paid – Authorization for purchase – Receipts must be itemized Personal purchases Split purchases Inappropriate purchases Cash or cash-like transactions

32 Consequences of Misuse Written warning Additional training ProCard revocation Investigation leading to termination and/or criminal prosecution Human error and patterns of chronic abuse will be taken into consideration

33 The following violation types can result in a written warning and/or additional training: Split Purchases Inappropriate Purchases Chronic Lack of Documentation Reimbursed Personal Purchase Non-compliance with Procard Policies Procard will not be revoked if there is no history of chronic violations

34 ProCard will be revoked for the following violation types: Unreimbursed Personal Purchase Cash or Cash-type Transaction Second Offense of any violation is cause to revoke card

35 Reallocating Transactions Transaction reallocation is how Procard transactions are “mapped” into Banner and your budget It is the cardholder’s responsibility to reallocate in a timely manner Transactions can be reallocated as soon as they are posted in Access ® Online

36 Reallocating Transactions You have 5 days following the close of the billing cycle to make sure all transactions for that billing cycle are reallocated. Once the 5 days have passed the transactions become locked and you will not be able to reallocate

37 Thank You! Please sign the cardholder agreement

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