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Purchasing Card Program Convenience Check Training Updated February 2012 Purchasing Card Program Convenience Check Training Updated February 2012 Your.

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1 Purchasing Card Program Convenience Check Training Updated February 2012 Purchasing Card Program Convenience Check Training Updated February 2012 Your Logo Here

2 Overview An additional feature of the USNH Purchasing Card program is the Convenience Check component. Convenience Checks compliment the program by providing the Dept Administrative Assistant or other designated employee with check writing capability for small-dollar, low-risk purchases.

3 Features & Benefits The Convenience Check is associated with a Pcard account specifically designated for Convenience Check transactions. Transactions are posted to the Pcard account and are electronically transmitted in the same manner as regular Pcard transactions. The information comes forth in the Daily Pcard Notice using a “CC 101” indicating the number of the check processed as well as the name. Convenience Checks allow purchases and reimbursements for expenditures up to $200.00 per check. The number of transactions daily and monthly limits have been set according to your needs

4 Authorized Purchases Convenience Checks can be used for many business expenditures for which you might have used a Purchase Order, Direct Pay or Petty Cash. Acceptable items include: ▫Advertising (excluding “Help Wanted”) ▫Business meals (use Business Meal Summary form) ▫Conference registration & workshop fees ▫Licenses and fees ▫Local retail purchases ▫Local transportation expenses (day trips only – mileage reimbursement) ▫**On an exception basis: Low dollar refunds-up to $200 – for example: overpayments for program or application fees or for a cancelled event (ticket refund). You would use a revenue source account code(5XXXXX) for these transactions. ▫Membership dues and fees

5 Authorized Purchases (cont’d) ▫Miscellaneous employee and student reimbursements ▫Postage including USPS, FedEx, UPS etc – only if the agent does not accept credit cards ▫Printing & copying services ▫Raffle prizes not exceeding $50.00 (with exception) ▫Room rental fee (one-time) ▫Subscriptions ▫Supplies Purchases from vendors who do not accept credit cards In general, anything that could be paid with your regular Pcard can be paid with a Convenience Check. If you have exceptions on your regular Pcard, these exceptions will apply to your Convenience Check account as well. The Pcard should always be used if the merchant accepts credit cards.

6 Unauthorized Purchases Convenience checks cannot be used for the following: - Overnight travel expenses, either direct expenses or reimbursements - Personal loans, advances or IOUs - Any SERVICES including honoraria & stipends - Employee transition payments (Human Resources) - Hazardous materials or controlled substances - Personal expenses (regardless of intent to reimburse) - Royalties

7 Additional Information PSU will be charged a $1.00 fee for each Convenience Check processed. This transaction fee will be funded with a portion of the money received annually from the credit card rebate. Transactions are downloaded to USNH daily just as any Pcard transaction. Information provided includes transaction date, posting date, merchant name, if legible, with “CC” and the check number preceding it, transaction amount, and Merchant Category code. The checkbook holder is the only person authorized to issue and sign Convenience Checks, and has sole responsibility for safeguarding the checkbook. Convenience Checks and related documents must be kept in a safe or locked file cabinet; all checks must be accounted for at all times.

8 Lost or Stolen Checks If a Convenience Check or Checkbook is lost or stolen, the Convenience Checkbook holder must immediately contact JPMorgan Chase. Bank representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When reporting a lost or stolen checkbook, the cardholder must inform the bank that the call is regarding a Purchasing Card. Since the Convenience Checkbook is linked as if it was a cardholder’s Pcard, the account must be cancelled to prevent checks from clearing. (This does not affect your regular Pcard or Travel Pcard) The number to call is 1-800-316-6056

9 Other Important Information Unlike standard checking accounts, it is NOT possible to stop payment on a single Convenience Check. If you believe that a check has been stolen or is being used inappropriately, the associated Pcard account must be canceled. Therefore, great care should be taken when issuing checks and storing the checkbook. If any check has not been processed through the bank after 60 days the checkbook holders should contact the payee first to see if there is a reason the check has not been cashed. Please contact the Campus Card Administrator and provide the payee name, check amount, and check issue date, as well as a description of the reason for payment.. These checks must be included with the USNH Report of Abandoned Property that is filed annually with the State of NH.

10 Reimbursements Faculty, staff and students who wish to cash their reimbursement check without paying a fee should take it to a branch of Northway Bank (or deposit the check in their own account at another bank) ▫Plymouth ▫West Plymouth ▫Ashland ▫Campton The person cashing a Convenience Check will be required to present both a Plymouth State University ID card and a valid driver’s license or a second form of ID…for no-fee check cashing.

11 Documentation Requirements Convenience Checking accounts must be reconciled on a monthly basis. Convenience Check transactions require the same documentation as any other Pcard purchase. Backup information must include original itemized receipts and must show the 5-Ws for each transaction. You will not receive the cancelled check back from the bank. It is required that you make a copy of any check you issue for your own reference. Accounts will be reviewed on a periodic basis by Accounts Payable generally at the same time as the regular reviews.

12 Documentation (Cont’d) Please remember that if you are issuing a check to reimburse your supervisor, the backup documentation must be signed by the same person who would sign a petty cash slip or travel reimbursement for your supervisor. To reimburse mileage and other day trip expenses, you may use the travel mileage and business expenses areas of the “USNH Personal Reimbursement Form”: 02/Travel-Expense-Voucher-2012-Version.xls

13 Contact Information If you have questions please contact the Campus Card Administrator for assistance Mary-Ellen Godville Ext 2252 Email: JPMorgan Chase Customer Service 1-800-316-6056

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