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Westminster Town Hall 1770 ● 1835 ● 1889 ● 2011 Continuing a Historical Legacy.

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1 Westminster Town Hall 1770 ● 1835 ● 1889 ● 2011 Continuing a Historical Legacy

2 The History Westminster is Township #1 1770 ▫Original Church & Town Hall 1835 ▫Separation of Church 1889 ▫Current Building-Exact 1796 Footprint 2011 ▫Continuing the Historic Legacy

3 A Decade of Progress 2000-2010 A number of projects completed Minor to Major Highlights Include ▫HVAC/Mechanical Upgrades ▫Floor Insulation (twice) ▫Life safety upgrades ▫Paint Work ▫Restoration Work  Windows, Cupola, Some interior woodwork

4 Progress cont. Numerous Studies Numerous Priorities Numerous Projects

5 Proposed Plans 1.Renovate Existing 1 st Floor Space ▫Historical Approach ▫Complete Renovation 2.Renovate Entire Town Hall ▫Move Historical Society ▫Redefine 2 nd Floor Layout 3.New Building ▫Residents Rejected


7 Certainties 1.Life Safety Concerns 2.ADA Accessible 3.Infrastructure Concerns 4.Existing Space Overcrowded 5.Finishes in Disrepair 6.Energy Inefficient

8 Life Safety Concerns No Rear Exit ▫Fire ▫Threat 2 nd Floor Emergency Stairs Floors

9 ADA Accessibility Handicap Ramp ▫Installed 1980’s ▫Non-compliant ▫Aesthetic Concerns Elevator Bathrooms ▫Floors ▫Fixtures- sink, toilet, hand rails, ect ▫Space

10 Infrastructure Currently draped wired No utilities closet ▫Network ▫Phone Outlet Locations ▫Network ▫Phone ▫Power Lighting

11 Space Limited Closets ▫ex. office supplies File cabinets in common spaces

12 Finishes Exterior ▫Clapboards degrading/rotting ▫Paint peeling ▫Water penetration Interior ▫Wall finishes ▫Drop ceilings ▫Floors

13 Energy Efficiency Walls Un-insulated Ceiling of 1 st floor Building Controls

14 A Decade of Limitations 2000-2010 Limited Budget, issue by issue No agreed upon master plan No formal blueprints, or timeline Potential for Duplicative work Lengthy timeline Costly


16 Town Facilities 1.Post Office 2.Westminster West Meeting House 3.North Westminster Meeting House 4.Town Hall (formerly East Parish) 5.Highway Facility 6.Highway Bulk Storage West 7.Recycling Pad/Facility (future)

17 Holistic Approach Capitol Plan ▫Encompassing all buildings ▫Major equipment Ahead of the curve Depreciation

18 Post Office Structural Concerns ▫Budgeted FY 12 ▫Evaluation/Plans Underway Site Work Minor Paint (soon)

19 Westminster West Meeting House Life Safety Concerns ▫Emergency Exits ▫Emergency Lighting/Signage ▫Fire Bathrooms Parking Pad Settlement Minor carpentry Minor Paint (soon)

20 North Westminster Meeting House Life Safety Concerns ▫Emergency Exits ▫Emergency Lighting/Signage ▫Fire Bathroom No Parking Minor carpentry Minor Paint (soon)

21 Town Highway Facility Space Size Minor carpentry ▫Part Room Insulation Minor Paint (soon)

22 And beyond

23 Now……………… n o t l a t e r Repairs outpacing maintenance Liability Accessibility Bond Markets Grants

24 Moving Forward Complete design/architectural/engineering firm Shovel ready plans Grant opportunities Reduced timeline Potential savings

25 Project Challenges Temporary space ▫North Westminster ▫Portable office space Vault and records access ▫Limited hours Historic building Property boundaries

26 Project Cost $300,000 min. ▫General construction ▫Elevator ▫Bathroom relocation ▫Mechanicals upgrades

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