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1 Winning Attitude Sanjay Tiwari 19 October, 2012.

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1 1 Winning Attitude Sanjay Tiwari 19 October, 2012

2 2 Flow … 1.Attitude 2.Components of Attitude 3.Winning Attitude 4.Outcome of Winning Attitude 5.Winning Team 6.Winning Attributes 7.Grooming to be a winner 8.Human Resources in general - Strength 9.Human Resources - Gaps 10.System – Barrier 11.Best Practices 12.Organization Culture 13.Transformation

3 3 Attitude An attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event Attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's like or dislike for an item. Attitudes are positive, negative or neutral views of an attitude object": i.e. a person, behavior or event

4 4 Components of Attitude Affective Behavioral Cognitive Emotional or Feeling Segment Intention to Behave in certain way Opinion or Belief segment

5 5 Components of an Attitude Cognitive component : An statement ( a belief): My pay & perks are low : Is that what you call an increment Affective components: Emotional or Feeling reflected in an statement – I am angry over my -low pay, I hate\dislike my Boss Behavioral component : Intention to behave in certain way- I am going to look for another job that pays well

6 6 What is this ? How much do you see of an Iceberg? Only 10 % of the Iceberg is seen above the surface 90% of an iceberg is below sea level Winning impressions are like seeds. You plant them, nurture them…And below the surface they grow and expand…Breaking through the surface often exponentially (Linda Kaplan and Robin Koval The Power of Nice)

7 7 Knowledge and Skills Known to others Unknown to others ATTITUDE 10% 90% Behavior Ethics and Beliefs Motives and Standards Values and Judgments The Iceberg Phenomenon applied to us…

8 8 Winning Attitude A winning attitude is one that exhibits the desire, commitment, determination, discipline, focus, and willingness to better ones self, or to become the best that one can be One can look back at own life and analyze the good and bad times so far ? Think of a particular difficult moment you had, where u had no option but to throw yourself into the uncertain: and you did. Remember how you smiled and took it easy,although it was not. That is Positive or Winning Attitude !!! Winning Attitude is ….. – Non Judgmental – Thinking positive – Being creative – Clear Vision & Planning – Practical Approach – Self Belief – Able to communicate effectively – Decisive

9 9 Outcome – Winning Attitude Increase productivity Fosters teamwork Solves problems Improves quality Makes for congenial atmosphere Breeds loyalty Increases profits Reduces stress Fosters better relationships Helps a person become a contributing member of society Makes for a pleasing personality

10 10 I Did !! I can't I Want to I Might I Think I Can I Will I Can I Think I Might I Dont Know How I Won't I Wish I could 50% 100% 0% Outcome – Positive Attitude

11 11 Winning Team -Combination The right coach The right players Caring attitude The big picture Right position Good preparation Communication Commitment Morale Consistency

12 12 Attributes of a winner Leadership & Managerial skills Communication skills Emotional Capacity Team Work Interpersonal & problem solving skills Knowledge & Experience Other Personal Attributes Initiative, Reliability,Adoptability, Trustworthiness, Self Esteem Creative thinking

13 13 Grooming a winner Proper Induction & Employee Orientation Training & Capability Building Job involvement & Employee Engagement programs Performance Management System Rewards, Recognition & Promotions Knowledge Sharing techniques Involvement in Cross functional Team Coaching,Career Counseling & Positive Feed back Sessions Providing opportunity for Experiential Learning Celebrating Milestones Career & Succession Planning

14 14 PGL OverallIndia PGL - Sri Lanka PGL – USA 20112010 20112010 20112010 20112010 1017 1016766748 112 126 139 142 Overall Satisfaction 4.37 4.35 4.46 4.53 4.36 4.01 3.90 3.74 Leadership Confidence 4.41 4.29 4.52 4.48 4.41 3.87 3.80 3.65 Loyalty 4.42 4.43 4.48 4.66 4.26 4.21 4.30 Macro Culture – 2011 Employee Engagement Initiative Assess the dimensions of employee engagement that consistently drive business outcomes Determine organizational intervention areas where senior management / HR support is required Provide team feedback reports to managers across levels for action planning to improve workplace quality Review process of manager education, team feedback and action planning

15 15 Human Resources – Strength Team players Work Life Balancing Literate Changing and Adopting to environment Emotional & Spiritual Values Trainability & Flexibility Loyalty & Integrity Freindly, easy going and fun loving

16 16 Human Resources – Gaps Migration of Skills Flexible work attitude in overseas employment Lack of Entrepreneurship Excuse Mind set – negativity in Sub continent Affiliation to Family - No Internal migration Preference for public sector employment Avoidance -individual accountability Slow decision making Preference of Relationship over Profession

17 17 System – Barriers Complex & Old labour laws - Long procedures Past Privileges No provision for performance pay Unions Constrains on termination Disconnect to productivity

18 18 Best Practices People Strategy Linked to Business Strategy Effective career progression Aligning compensation and incentives with the success of the organization Emphasis on attitudes and cultural fit in the selection process ( chicken stall, Liquor Manufacturers – teetotaler ) PMS – Transparent KRAs,Balance Score Card Employee Engagement plans & Survey Manufacturing Excellence Program CSR – Part of Budget Best Suggestion /creation awards Earning Sharing Scheme Feedback used as a tool for LMD ( Leadership Management Development ) Respect others and Succeed together - Pepsico India loose-tight properties - autonomy in shop-floor activities plus centralized values Formal employee climate survey

19 19 Organization Culture - Influence It is the collective behavior of humans who are part of an organization and the meanings that the people attach to their actions Culture includes the organization values, visions, norms, working language, systems, symbols, beliefs,practices and habits

20 20 Accountant v\s ….. Micro to Macro Mindset – Beyond Debit & Credit Quantitative Vs Qualitative To be part of Solution Team Member To win, we need to change ourselves first ……

21 21 Never Give Up – Fight,Follow up….

22 22 Ultimately – Winner is THE TEAM We …

23 23 Thank you.

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