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Chandigarh Workshop on Historic Urban Landscape Management December 2007 Brigitte Bariol ( Epures urban planning public agency of Saint-Etienne / Firminy.

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1 Chandigarh Workshop on Historic Urban Landscape Management December 2007 Brigitte Bariol ( Epures urban planning public agency of Saint-Etienne / Firminy urban area ) Le Corbusiers heritage in Firminy urban management

2 -Firminy : Le Corbusiers heritage and urban management -institutions and history - the buildings - urban project and heritage management -Saint-Etienne Métropole : territorial strategy based upon heritage of industry and modernity - heritage strategy in town planning - culture tourism and economic development summary

3 Firminy Le Corbusiers heritage

4 Territory Industrial territory from 19 th and 20 th centuries with a rural hinterland Local Authorities Firminy Community 20,000 inhabitants Saint-Etienne Metropole urban area 400,000 inhabitants Lyon St-Etienne metropolitan area 3,000,000 inhabitants Rhône-Alpes Région 6,000,000 inhabitants Epures, urban planning public agency of the urban area (working with institutional partners on planning and territorial development issues) Firminy and Saint-Etienne Metropole

5 Firminys Localization

6 Firminy is the story of the meeting of two men: Le Corbusier and Eugène Claudius Petit, French Minister of reconstruction and Mayor of Firminy (1953– 1965) Firminys History © FLC

7 The most important Le Corbusiers works collection in Europe Firminys History

8 Civic center : - Cultural Center (Maison de la Culture) - Sports Stadium - Saint-Pierres Church 1 Dwelling Unit (Unité dHabitation ) Edifices for human main functions : living, spirit ad body culture, sacred things Firminy-Vert : 4,000 inhabitants district designed from the Charter of Athens (CIAM) principles by four young town planners Firminys History



11 Le Corbusiers buildings

12 1954 Le Corbusiers project for a Cultural Center 1965 Inauguration of the Cultural Center by Le Corbusier Listed as historical monument The Cultural Center is still used as a concert hall, theater, auditorium, dance and plastic arts space, music school, as well as for exhibits and congresses… 2007 Project to run a section into tourist information spaces The Maison de la Culture (Cultural Center) © FLC

13 1954 Le Corbusiers project for a sports Stadium in front of the Cultural Center 1968 Inauguration of the Stadium The Stadium still operates (4000 seats) The sports Stadium © FLC

14 1961 Le Corbusier started the project for a catholic church 1965 Le Corbusier died 1970s Beginning of the construction The concrete basis is built Financial problems stopped the construction Subscription attempted to fund the church completion 1996 The unachieved church is listed as Historical Monument Saint-Pierre Church © FLC

15 2001 New municipal team elected in Firminy Both Firminy community and Saint-Etienne Metropole urban district decided to lead a development project based upon Le Corbusier heritage 2002Saint-Etienne Metropole financed the churchs completion, supported by the French government, Europe and all local authorities Jose Oubrerie, architect of Le Corbusiers studio was nominated architect Saint-Pierre Church

16 2006 Saint-Pierre churchs inauguration The edifice gathers upper level : the church ground level : permanent exhibit for the Saint- Etienne Modern Art Museum (Le Corbusiers paintings, furniture and buildings models) Saint-Pierre Church

17 1959 Le Corbusiers project for 3 Dwelling Unit at Firminy 1967 The Dwelling Units opening a vertical garden-city of 400 apartments for underprivileged people and a school on the roof 1983 Half of the apartments were vacant and the school was closed. Inhabitants mobilized to preserve the unit 1984 Listed as Historical monument The Dwelling Unit (Unité dHabitation)


19 2003 Project for Dwelling Units renovation a new original program Rental dwellings (60%), current renters can buy their apartments at a low price, some apartments are sold to private investors, hotel rooms are reserved for tourists, the school on the roof is used for exhibits The Dwelling Unit (Unité dHabitation)

20 Firminy Urban Project and Management

21 2003 Local authorities decided to prepare a candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage with help of Roger Aujame, architect who worked with Le Corbusier and UNESCO The main ideas was to recognize and value the architectural heritage of Le Corbusier and Firminy Vert as a living district implementing the Athens Charter ideas The application to UNESCOs List Inscription

22 UNESCOs List Inscription application

23 A french tool for urban heritage preservation : ZPPAUP architectural, urban and landscape heritage protection zone Diagnosis of the original condition of buildings and public spaces based on historical studies Diagnosis of the current condition of buildings and public spaces base on site studies For each building or public space Purposes of action and regulations ( renovations, new constructions, materials, colors, landscaping…) Firminy was one of the few ZPPAUP used to preserve a modern district designed with Charter of Athens principles Firminy Vert Heritage Management Plan

24 ZPPAUP Firminy Vert Heritage Management Plan

25 French tool for city master plan: PLU Local Urban Plan ( Master Plan) Project for sustainable development of the city purposes of action about urban regeneration, urban development, housing, transport and environmental preservation … and also heritage preservation Zoning plan Ground and construction regulations, (density, new construction organization and aspect) The Heritage Protection Zones rules (ZPPAUP) are included in the Master Plan (PLU) Firminy Master Plan


27 Currently Charter of Athens urban design is are criticized in France and many of these districts are now demolished because of social problems Firminys inhabitants are very interested in the life of the district Firminy Vert is a good example of modern movement planning district where life is good. Its a living heritage Firminy Vert District

28 Saint-Etienne Métropole territorial strategy based on industrial and modernity heritage

29 Saint-Etienne Métropole Heritage Management Saint-Etienne urban area : rich industrial and modern heritage of 19 th and 20thcentury factories, housing buildings… A threatened heritage with many abandoned industrial zones and demolished building Territorial development plan for regeneration and new urban developments The occasion to launch an heritage management system - Knowledge (inventories and studies) - Projects of regeneration - Education ( consulting)

30 Localization of exceptional sites, remarkable sites, and sites to monitor Saint-Etienne Métropole Heritage Management

31 Heritage interest Historical interest Architectural interest Landscape interest Urban interest Symbolic interest Usage interest Built-up Condition Durability/Stability Reuse potential Critères dévaluation Heritage knowledge: Marking and description of buildings and sites on a Geographical Information System (GIS) Saint-Etienne Métropole Heritage Management

32 Heritage Knowledge: Cross heritage interest, usage interest and risks of destruction or alteration Alert Project Interest Potential 0 + + Saint-Etienne Métropole Heritage Management

33 Duralex Glass-works Rive de Gier For example: Site offering a high heritage interest and restoration potential, but in bad condition and therefore a demolition risk Saint-Etienne Métropole Heritage Management

34 Economic strategy based upon research in Design and creative technolgies Urban projects on industrial ancient sites reconversion Saint-Etienne Design Center built in ancient munition factory Mining Museum and park built in the ancient mine shaft Saint-Etienne Métropole urban and economic strategy

35 Every year : 100,000 visitors in Firminy Saint-Etienne Metropoles tourism strategy: Firminy an emblematic tourist site The promotion of the urban area as a tourist place based upon modernity, industrial heritage and design - Le Corbusier in Firminy - Museums in Saint-Etienne - Cultural events (design exhibits, urban festival...) Culture and Tourism

36 Lyon / Saint-Etienne metropolitan area : a network of modern heritage : utopias made real Famous 20 th century architects works - Le Corbusiers work at Firminy and La Tourette - Tony Garniers works at Lyon Culture and Tourism

37 Integrated policies of heritage, urban planning, culture and tourism Partnership of all local authorities and the french governement for the project success: Firminy community, Saint-Etienne Metropole district, Rhone Alpes Region conclusion

38 Firminy and Chandigarh Two main Le Corbusier heritages sites in the world Monumental heritage but also living cities who need to both preserve the spirit of the Charter of Athens heritage and to change with social economic and urban evolutions (way of life, housing, sustainable development, …) With unesco s inscription the opportunity of cooperation on the same issues Firminy and Chandigarh

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