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SYRACUSE 20/20 Onvest Onondaga County Quality Community Investment Trust Fund December 2008.

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1 SYRACUSE 20/20 Onvest Onondaga County Quality Community Investment Trust Fund December 2008

2 SYRACUSE 20/20 Onvest - public trust fund for: Protecting and creating community assets Replacing shrinking funding sources Establishing local funding to match other available incentives Partnering with other governments, not-for- profit foundations and private investors Promoting sustainable development

3 SYRACUSE 20/20 What is a Quality Community? Certain principles are important: Invest in the center city Create, preserve and redesign neighborhoods Invest in historic villages Protect farm land and beautiful natural environment Ensure economic reuse of existing infrastructure

4 SYRACUSE 20/20 Example of Investing In Center City

5 Hanover Square Downtown Syracuse

6 SYRACUSE 20/20 Examples of Creating, Preserving and Redesigning Neighborhoods

7 Village of Manlius

8 County CD work in Nedrow - Before

9 County CD work in Nedrow - After

10 New Development on former derelict site in Tipperary Hill. Supplemented by Syracuse Neighborhood Initiative Funds no longer available. Tipperary Hill Redesign of Neighborhood

11 SYRACUSE 20/20 Invest in Historic Neighborhoods

12 Village of Marcellus as example of investment in historic villages. Marcellus

13 Village of Baldwinsville- Example of extent of work necessary to convert and renovate buildings to the standard of previous Marcellus slide. Baldwinsville

14 County CD - Baldwinsville Commercial Rehab – Before

15 County CD Baldwinsville Commercial Rehab – After

16 Village of Liverpool

17 SYRACUSE 20/20 Protect Farm Land and Beautiful Natural Environment and Ensure Economic Use of Existing Infrastructure

18 Bussey Road, Town of Onondaga

19 Onondaga Lake

20 SYRACUSE 20/20 What is the role of local government? Establish the rules of development Zoning, land use planning Invest in infrastructure Provide direct investment often in partnership with other governments and private investors

21 Plum Court, Onondaga Creekwalk & OM Edwards Building

22 SYRACUSE 20/20 Why is Onvest needed? Reaching scale and sustainability difficult with existing funding streams Fragmented government structure prevents unified vision Planning efforts completed in isolation of a larger community vision Limited county-wide compliance with 2010 Development Guide

23 SYRACUSE 20/20 What is the relevance of the County 2010 Development Guide? Priorities: Invest in Existing Communities Redevelop Obsolete and Vacant Sites Protect and Maintain Existing Infrastructure Create Urban and Suburban Development Patterns Preserve Transportation Assets Expand Infrastructure for Job Creation

24 SYRACUSE 20/20 How does Onvest meet the need? Offers opportunity to reward compliance with 2010 Development Guide Aligns projects throughout the County with a unified vision and plan Provides a reliable local funding stream for responsible and strategic investment in the community Builds upon successes of SNI at the county level

25 SYRACUSE 20/20 What types of projects would Onvest support? Conversion of buildings Strategic neighborhood housing investments Elimination of outmoded buildings Environmental remediation of property and land Protection, creation and promotion of open space and environmentally sensitive areas Protection of major architectural, historical and cultural institutions and assets

26 SYRACUSE 20/20 Conversion of Buildings

27 Camillus Cutlery Building

28 SYRACUSE 20/20 Strategic Neighborhood Housing Investments

29 Genesee Street

30 SYRACUSE 20/20 Elimination of Outmoded Buildings

31 One of the Camillus Cutlery buildings adjacent to creek showing obvious potential for redeveloment by the water. Camillus Cutlery Building

32 SYRACUSE 20/20 Environmental Remediation of Property and Land

33 Solvay – Former Gas Station

34 SYRACUSE 20/20 Protection, Creation and Promotion of Open Space and Environmentally Sensitive Areas

35 Village of Fayetteville

36 Also in Fayetteville in the same area as previous two slides adjacent to the creek with obvious public open space potential matched to existing urban development. Village of Fayetteville

37 Also in Fayetteville in the same area as previous slide that requires attention. Potential is obvious. Traditional funding mechanisms may prohibit investment of government funds Village of Fayetteville

38 SYRACUSE 20/20 Protection of Major Architectural Landmarks

39 Erie Canal Museum Weigh Lock Building. Significant Historic Building of National Consequence. Major Cultural Asset. Erie Canal Museum

40 SYRACUSE 20/20 Guiding principles of Onvest: Create a diverse governing body Implement ongoing planning processes with focused financial resources Require leveraging of private, not-for-profit and other governmental resources Obtain ongoing input from diverse view points and weigh project merits accordingly Position the County to compete for business investment and to retain talented people

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