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Museum Mile : Territory for the edutainment Red team.

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1 Museum Mile : Territory for the edutainment Red team

2 Main concept Four-level event space from the Ordzhonikidze street till Sobornaya square.

3 Mission of the project Creating a geo-cultural picture of the district. Principles integrity Informational content Multitasking performance

4 4 levels of the Museum Mile Air prospect Ordzhonikidze reality Art-embankment Water space


6 Air prospect Its an architectural construction made of beams and blocks. The priority is given to the modern futurist forms. The construction is situated on the Ordzhonikidze street, from Sobornaya square till the Museum for modern architecture.

7 Functions: pedestrian “air street” – historical space mobile expositions on different subjects observation desks zone for leisure activity (recreation)

8 Ordzhonikidze reality Development of the Perm streets: Enlarging the road, adding more parking zones. Green zones. rebuilding and preservation of the historical heritage. Tours around the city

9 Art embankment Railway tunnel with a public space on the roof. Creative platforms: concert halls, workshops. Pedestrian zone Zone for the relaxation

10 Water space Mobile constructions and platforms on the Kama embankment.

11 Hotels and restaurants Saloons Museum of the clean water and eco-education classes


13 The project makes the city territory bigger and will give more opportunities to children and their parents, to tourists and local people. It creates a hetero-cultural image of the Perm district

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