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Southern Oregon University Ashland, Oregon, USA

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1 Southern Oregon University Ashland, Oregon, USA

2 Southern Oregon University

3 Hannon Library

4 Academic Excellence

5 Challenging Courses

6 Environmental Education Classroom

7 Madrone Student Apartments

8 Family Housing/Apartments Living Room Bedroom

9 Family Housing/Apartments Bathroom Kitchen

10 SOU Dining Services Your dining experience is more than great food. It is community experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Our team is committed to creating the best possible dining experience. Join us to experience the comfort, convenience, outstanding food and inviting atmosphere designed especially for you.

11 Population: 20,000 Ashland

12 Where Are We?

13 Where is Ashland, Oregon? SOU is a six-hour drive north of San Francisco, and a five-hour drive south of Portland.

14 We have wild beauty close by: mountains, lakes, and rivers.

15 Welcoming and culturally rich Shakespeare Festival Art Galleries Seasonal Celebrations Music & Dance Festivals

16 Ashland, Oregon, USA

17 Mild and varied seasons Average Temperatures Fall: High 66F/18.9 ºC, Low 40F/4.4 ºC Winter: High 49F/9.4 ºC, Low 30F/ -1.1 ºC Spring: High 66F/18.9 ºC, Low 40F/4.4 ºC Summer: High 82F/27.8 ºC, Low 51F/10.6ºC

18 Ashlands Lithia Plaza

19 Cultural Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival Theatre

20 Siskiyou Boulevard

21 The Rogue Valley

22 Nearby Crater Lake

23 Lithia Park

24 Creekside Outdoor Seating

25 Japanese Garden Located in Lithia Park, the Japanese Garden is a popular place to relax, meditate, and study

26 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS We welcome 120 international students from about 23 countries

27 The International Student Association organizes activities and excursions throughout the year for students

28 International Student Show

29 Mexican Dance

30 Saudi Students

31 Taiko Drumming

32 One World

33 We look forward to seeing you…

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