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January February March April May June July.

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2 January

3 February

4 March

5 April

6 May

7 June

8 July

9 August

10 September

11 October

12 November

13 December

14 To Run

15 To Camp

16 Water

17 To scuba dive

18 Hamburger

19 Juice

20 To Read

21 French fries

22 To fish

23 Along the beach

24 Mile

25 Seasons

26 Month

27 Winter

28 spring

29 Summer

30 Fall

31 Its raining

32 Its snowing

33 Its cloudy

34 Its hot

35 Its cool

36 In Spanish- speaking countries, young people and adults enjoy doing a variety of activities in their free time. Dominoes is a popular game and its common to see the game being played on the side of the street or in a plaza. Plazas are great areas to do many activities such as roller skate and to hold festive dances. When its windy the children like to fly kites and when its hot they like to swim.

37 Spending time with a group of friends is an important part to a young teens life. Its common that they meet friends in public places rather then at ones house. In many parts of the tropics, weather reports are very uncommon. There is little weather to do because there is little change in the weather Seasons in the Southern part of South America are opposite to the seasons north of the equator. The summer begins in December while the winter begins in June. They only have two seasons, rainy and dry.


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