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Positive effects of Volcanic Activity

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1 Positive effects of Volcanic Activity
Mt. St. Helens Positive effects of Volcanic Activity

2 North Fork Toutle River - Visitor Attractions 2010
1 Silver Lake Visitor Centre (10 min) 2 7 Wonders Museum 3 Eco Park Resort 4 Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Centre / Grill (30 min) 5 Weyerhaeuser Forest Centre (45 min) 6 Hummocks Trail 7 Johnston Ridge Observatory (90 min) Access by Road … South from Seattle 2 hours (south) down Interstate 5 North from Portland 1 hour (north) up Interstate 5 Leave at Exit 49 at Castle Rock and follow Highway 504. Times to attractions are driving from Exit 49

3 Castle Rock – Exit 49 some motel accommodations … Harry Truman Memorial

4 Silver Lake Visitor Centre
7 days / week all year 9am to 4pm - $3 entry

5 Silver Lake Visitor Centre
Exhibits, movie, models … rangers, gift shop.

6 Silver Lake Visitor Centre and Wetland walk!

7 Blue Heron Inn – Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
“Tourism has helped to revitalise the Toutle Valley after a very bleak period economically in the 1980s. Visitors come all year round from all over the world. Attracted by the National Volcanic Monument of Mt. St. Helens”

8 Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Centre – 7 days a week; 9 to close – hours extend in the summer
Helicopter tours in the summer season give views of the blast zone.

9 Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Centre
Deposits still fill valley floor of Toutle River North Fork. Forestry re-growing on valley sides.

10 From May 29th 2010 Starting at $159 / person Every 30 mins Over 40,000 passengers in 18 years of trading Johnston Ridge Observatory Closed in Winter 280-seat theatre 10,000 square-foot exhibit hall staffed information desk interpretive sales area restrooms, public phones, parking for 350 cars, 50 RV's and 20 buses viewing plaza trailhead access to the Boundary Trail #1 leading east and west interpretive staff will offer a variety of formal talks and guided walks.

11 National Volcanic Monument – Not a National Park – may restrict leisure activities
Cycling Highway 504 … ‘no through road’

12 Further south – Mt. Hood 30 miles SE of Portland (Oregon) Seatosummit lift from Portland city centre - $40/person single

13 Timberline Lodge at 6000’ – half way up Mt. Hood.
Built in 1937 as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal – A Ski Lodge to help develop a new leisure industry

14 All year round visitors to hotel – mainly for skiing

15 But also outdoor pool and hot tub …

16 Mount Hood – over 11000’ (3000m+) – a volcano in the Cascade Range just like Mount St. Helens

17 Constant snow clearance – many day visitors.

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