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S2 World Geography.

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1 S2 World Geography

2 Complete the worksheet as you go.
Tundra ICT Assignment Use this resource to learn more about the Tundra, its location, climate and people. Complete the worksheet as you go. Use the forward arrows to progress and the tabs on the left to change topic. Have fun!!

3 Population density is a measure of how many people live in a place.
If an area has a high population density (lots of people living there) then it is said to be densely populated. If an area has a low population density (very few people living there) then it is said to be sparsely populated.

4 People are not evenly spread throughout the world.
Population density People are not evenly spread throughout the world. Some areas, like the north pole or the Amazon rainforest, have very few people living there and these areas are called the empty lands. These areas are empty for a reason: they may be too hot, too cold, too wet or too mountainous.

5 Population density Other areas, like New York, London and Tokyo, are very busy. These areas are called crowded lands. These areas may be crowded because they have flat land, a good climate, plenty of shops and services, good transport facilities and things to do.

6 The Tundra One sparsely populated area is found in the Arctic Circle. These frozen cold lands are called the tundra. The tundra is covered in ice for most of the year and temperatures range from a freezing -40˚C up to a chilly 5˚C. During the winter there is nearly 24 hours darkness and nearly 24 hours daylight in the summer.

7 Arctic Circle

8 Arctic Circle

9 Location of the Tundra This picture shows the different temperatures of the earth: the middle – the equator - is very warm with the north and south very chilly!! This is because the sun is very close to the equator but is far away from the north and south pole. Tundra

10 So where do we find the Tundra?
Location of The Tundra So where do we find the Tundra? Click here to find out!

11 So where do we find the Tundra?
Location of The Tundra So where do we find the Tundra? Click here to find out! The Tundra is found along the Northern most edges of North America, Europe and Asia.

12 Location of The Tundra N. America Europe Asia

13 Climate of The Tundra The climate of the Tundra is very different to anywhere else on earth. It has a maximum temperature of 10 ºC and a minimum temperature of -20 ºC but it can get as cold as – 40 ºC! Tundra areas are also known as “cold deserts” because they have a very low yearly rainfall: less than 250mm.

14 Climate of The Tundra To measure the climate of an area we use a Climate Graph. A climate graph shows both temperature and rainfall. This makes it easy to compare the temperature with the rainfall.

15 Temperature Only 3 months above 0˚C Lowest temp ˚C

16 Rainfall Lowest rainfall 5 mm Highest Rainfall 20 mm

17 Climate of The Tundra (Climate Graph) Temperature Rainfall

18 Climate of The Tundra J F M A S O N D Temp (C) -22 -25 -15 -8 3 5 -2 -17 -20 Rainfall (MM) 8 7 6 10 11 22 9 This table shows the typical temperature and rainfall for each month in the Tundra. The summer is the warmest and wettest and the winter is the coldest and driest.

19 Snow People You may think that the Tundra is empty apart from snow, ice, wind and the odd animal but you would be mistaken. The Inuit people have survived over thousand of years in the Tundra feeding on caribou (reindeer), seals, whales and fish. Inuit previously lived in igloos but now life for the Inuit is very similar to life in Scotland: they shop in supermarkets (although they still hunt occasionally as food is expensive), they drive in cars (as it’s too cold to walk) and they live in houses like ours (except they’re on stilts so they don’t melt the ice).

20 Caribou House on Stilts Igloo

21 Snow People The Inuit have their own language called Inuktitut. Below is an example of Inuktitut with English letters next to it.

22 Snow People Music and Dance
Drum dancing is a popular form of Inuit music. The singers (usually women) sit in a circle, while the men danced. Singing is also an important part of Inuit culture. Arts and Crafts Inuit created art using the materials they had around them: wood, ivory, skin, bone and antlers. Using these materials, they have carved and decorated everyday objects.

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