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Spatial Inequality.

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1 Spatial Inequality

2 Spatial inequality is…
The distinct geographical divisions between poor and affluent populations

3 Is Australia an egalitarian society?
Equal opportunity?

4 AUSTRALIA – Income Distribution

5 Canada – Income Distribution

6 Argentina – Income Distribution

7 China – Income Distribution

8 What are the spatial patterns in Sydney ?

9 Where in Sydney do they live?


11 What does this map show?

12 What does this map show?

13 What does this map show?

14 The evidence: 10% of the population accounts for 52% of household wealth. Low income families depend on government pensions and allowances for 72% of their income. One in every five people in Australia lives in poverty.

15 Examine the descriptions…
Good morning/afternoon, my name is Hi Su Yu and I live Ultimo-Pyrmont just a few kms from the CBD. I work in a legal firm, I bought my apartment at Jackson’s Landing for $1m last year.

16 My name is Franco Loskillo and I migrated from Calabria in Italy with my parents in the 1960’s. I live and worked in Alexandria near the airport but I lost my job last year when the factory I worked in closed and relocated to the South West of the city on its outskirts.

17 I’m Ivor Crate and my family worked on the wharves at Walsh bay until they closed quite recently. I can’t get a job in the restaurants and businesses there as I only know how to shift stuff on the waterfront. I’d love to live in one of those expensive new apartments in the finger wharf but they are super expensive, I’ve heard that Lachlan Murdoch owns one of them.

18 Hi I’m Ure Sellen and I work in one of the refurbished shipping sheds on the waterfront at Balmain where I run a marketing company. I’ve just bought a nice little terrace up off Darling Street for $1.75 million.

19 G’day I’m Noah Farmer and my family used to work in the sheep and grain warehouses at just behind Darling Harbour. They closed them and now there are these amazing but super expensive apartments. All these Yuppies & DINKS have moved in, they don’t really bother with us. I’ve been unemployed for some time now and I can’t afford the rent here I’m going to have to move out.

20 I’m Lotsa Dow and I live at Killara, it’s a short drive down the highway to my investment business at North Sydney which is nice and close to the advertising agencies. I’m so happy I did a Commerce degree at uni.

21 G’day I’m Mack Senter and I’ve just finish my computer programming degree and was lucky enough to score a job at Geek IT Services at Artarmon, just a short bus trip from the apartment I’ve bought at Neutral Bay for a snip at $

22 Socio-economic status
In Australia, socio-economic status is determined by a persons occupation. AS a result, those with a similar status tend to live in particular suburbs and neighbourhoods.

23 This has led to spatial inequality, which is the division between poor and affluent populations.
In some cases, the poor suburbs are located on the fringes of the city which are often isolated from many services such as transport, health care and legal aid.

24 This is termed locational disadvantage.
This can result in crime, drug use, urban decay and vandalism.

25 Spatial Inequality in Sydney p192
Shade in using only 2 shadings Give each map a title Title : Key Descriptions Wealthy Lower Income Outline the spatial patterns of each Do the same for all 3 maps

26 Causes of Social & Economic Disadvantage
Spatial Inequality - Ghettos ? Causes of Social & Economic Disadvantage Industry – Casualisation – Skills – Government Spending – Large Families – Housing – Family - Characteristics Long term – Pay – Elderly – parents – Disabled - What can be Done ? Incentives – Refrain – Young – Income – Government spending -

27 SMH articles on Spatial Inequality in Sydney & Glebe
Great divide 2008

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