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House type and size Area Neighbours Age, ethnicity Recreational opportunities Local facilities Safety Others………

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2 House type and size Area Neighbours Age, ethnicity Recreational opportunities Local facilities Safety Others………


4 Age Ethnicity Wealth

5 Can you identify where groups might live on this model? Not yet? Well lets see …………..

6 Young graduates flock to the bright lights of the city. Live in apartments / studio flats for one Students live close to universities in rented houses or halls of residence Elderly in sheltered housing or quiet suburbs Young families in suburbs looking for a good school, amenities and recreation Wealthy middle agers live in plush suburbs of the commuter belt

7 Young male migrant moves to CBD for work Lives close to work in small inner city housing Meets up with other migrants from his home country Shared interests / culture / religion / language / values / dress, unites them Their families join them Communities are built up Schools, places of worship, shops cater for the ethnic group

8 I knew I was black everywhere I went

9 Poor areas in the Inner City with run down housing from previous industrial boom A Dead Heart created The jobs went but the poor cant escape as the work was unskilled No funding to improve the areas Areas become hot spots of crime, unemployment, people have no incentives or aspirations to succeed Crime rates scare rich to live in gated communities

10 Can you identify where your groups might live on this model now?

11 Look at how wealth and race divided in Houston and describe what you see… 0&initSS=1.1505.-1.4036 segregation/houston/


13 Segregation by wealth in Houston - Radio Interview 6 mins tml?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=1586945 43&m=158694532 tml?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=1586945 43&m=158694532

14 i7U i7U Racial segregation in Houston

15 ex.php/teaching-modules/segregation- version-2/2-compare-segregation-in- different-cities ex.php/teaching-modules/segregation- version-2/2-compare-segregation-in- different-cities Complete the exercises on the link.

16 Who cares? Whats the problem with segregation? Are some groups not better off apart? Does it affect the City as a whole or not?


18 The multiplier effect is usually progressively positive. Good housing stock……………leads to wealthy residents………………… leads to good schools …………………………leads to healthier happier and well educated children leads to………………………………………….. high end industry being attracted to the area which brings in more people…. which leads to more service industries and shops and schools to cater for them….

19 Using the following as hints, can you create a spiral of decline for a poor area…. crime Poor schools Residents out of work No investment in area Low order low cost shops (dollar tree) Poor role models Low life expectancy Welfare dependent No money to escape the trap Food shops stock poor quality quick fix food No government involvement (people feel lost) Poor exam results Health is poor negative feedback loop leads to less people aspiring to succeed Low quality housing Low aspirations


21 Social Education Community links to jobs / work Access to services Economic Minimum wage / progressive income tax Environmental Play areas / green spaces / Political Housing strategies

22 The Move to Opportunity Scheme (USA) MTO Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, LA, NY Eligibility was from neighbourhoods where 40% were below the poverty line Must have a child under 18 No criminal record Not in debt with rental payments Want to go!

23 Group 1 Received money if they moved to an affluent area Got counseling and help with finding a home Group 2 Received money if the moved No counseling Group 3 No money. Didnt move. No change

24 Largely positive Need to be mapped over the long term Boys and girls improved in the first instance Boys then slipped behind due to their new peer group being too different (academics / wealth / interests) Parents enrolled in adult education and bought cars Managed to find work As step in the right direction???

25 Have you experienced Segregation in a city you have lived in? If so, what have you encountered? Do you know any solutions that have been implemented to reduce the problems created by segregation?

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