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Www.its-tel.comCopyright © July 2004 by ITS1. www.its-tel.comCopyright © July 2004 by ITS2.

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1 © July 2004 by ITS1

2 © July 2004 by ITS2

3 © July 2004 by ITS3 Session Overview- VME Pro Introduction of the VME Pro Hardware Description VME Pro Architecture Features & Services Automated Attendant Features Voice Mail Features System Administration Features Unified Messaging SMS Notification

4 © July 2004 by ITS4 VME Pro 4 or 8 analog extension ports Up to 500 mailboxes and 72 hours recording time Unified Messaging SMS Notification

5 © July 2004 by ITS5 Hardware Description 4/8 LinesRS VDC Expansion Module DSP Flash Memory LCD Ethernet Built-in Modem Expansion Module Connector

6 © July 2004 by ITS6 Expansion Modules UM Module 2.4 Port Expansion Module and UM 3.4 port Expansion Module

7 © July 2004 by ITS7 Front View of VME Pro Power Supply Connector LCD Ethernet socket RJ – 45 4 (8) – Analog Extensions RJ –11 Sockets RS-232 socket

8 © July 2004 by ITS8 VME Pro Architecture

9 © July 2004 by ITS9 Automated Attendant Features Multilingual option Varied Opening Greetings: Day, Night, Break, Holiday Offers flexible number of digits from 2 to 6 Automatic Mode/System Schedules Call Transfer: Supervised, Semi-Supervised, Non-Supervised 98 Script Menus Default Transfer to Operator Fax Detection and Routing

10 © July 2004 by ITS10 Automated Attendant Features (Contd) Direct Dialing to Extensions Greeting by Port Answer on First Ring Audio-Text Dial-a-String Multiple Repetitions

11 © July 2004 by ITS11 Voice Mail Features 500 Mailboxes Notification from all Ports (selectable) Up to Maximum 92 Messages per Mailbox Customized Greetings and Language per Mailbox Message Retrieve, Save, Copy, Delete, Forward Date and Time Stamp Skip Forward to Next Message Automatic Message Purge

12 © July 2004 by ITS12 Voice Mail Features (Contd) Password Protection Do Not Disturb Mode Message Delivery (Work Extension, Mobile, Home, ) Message Notification (Pager, Message Waiting LED, Interrupted Dial Tone, SMS, ) Call Recording (depending on PBX type) PMM User Utility – Manage Mailbox

13 © July 2004 by ITS13 System Administration Features Software Download, Flash-Based EPROM Built-in DTMF Line Monitor Port Status Display Built-in Modem for Remote Administration Ethernet Network Connection for TCP/IP Integration with Local Area Network Report Generator: Configurations, Memory Usage, Traffic Reports Programming: PC Programming via VUP, Touch-Tone Phone (DTMF Tones) Security Passwords: System Administrator, Operator Mailbox Owner

14 © July 2004 by ITS14 System Administration Features (Contd) Integration with most existing PBXs: In-Band DTMF Integration capabilities with specific PBXs: Out-Band via RS-232 Serial Port (SMDI) Adjustable Recording Length (1-9 Minutes per Mailbox) 19 inch case rack and wall mounting option Setup Wizard – Quick Setup Guide Disconnect Detection: Current Loop, Busy Tone, Silence Detection, Disconnect Tone, Dial Tone, Disconnect DTMF Signal External Notification Management

15 © July 2004 by ITS15 Unified Messaging Features Client Integration Retrieve Voice Messages Notification with or without Message Attachment

16 © July 2004 by ITS16 SMS Notification SMS text setup (System parameter) SMS Message per mailbox

17 © July 2004 by ITS17 Questions for Integration of the VME Pro with the Local Area Network 1.VME Pro IP address (No DHCP) 2.Subnet mask 3.Gateway IP address 4. server IP address 5.Voice Mail Systems user name in the server 6. addresses local format

18 © July 2004 by ITS18 PBX Type Examples

19 © July 2004 by ITS19 ITS Solution with HiPath HiPath by TypeSizeMax. Conf.ITS Solution* HiPath 3150Small14EAR 4000/5000 HiPath 3250Small16EAR 4000/5000 HiPath 3300Small/Medium44Vocal Jr. / Vocal / Vocal Pro HiPath 3350Small/Medium60Vocal Jr. / Vocal / Vocal Pro HiPath 3500Medium92Vocal / Vocal Pro HiPath 3550Medium/Large164Vocal / VME Pro HiPath 3750Medium/Large384VME Pro

20 © July 2004 by ITS20 Automated Attendant

21 © July 2004 by ITS21 Script Menus – Functional Description (1) 00 Day Night Break Holiday

22 © July 2004 by ITS22 Script Message Operations For each One digit entry during a playback of a Script message or after EOM time-out, the following options are available:

23 © July 2004 by ITS23 Audio Text Script Script 00 Hallo and welcome to the worlds biggest travel agency. For information regarding Turkey, press 1. For Paris, press 2. For NY press 3. Script 01 Turkey Script 02 Paris Script 03 New York In this case, the Auto Attendant is used to give information.

24 © July 2004 by ITS24 WAV file Support

25 © July 2004 by ITS25 WAV File Support (Contd)

26 © July 2004 by ITS26 Voice Mail Up to 500 Mailboxes Different Mailbox Types Mailbox Parameters Users Parameters Menu Advanced Features

27 © July 2004 by ITS27 Mailbox Parameters Personal Greeting Personal Name Password Language Notification Options Forwarding Options

28 © July 2004 by ITS28 How to Setup the Mailbox Parameters? System Administrator using VUP Mailbox Owner using the PMM Mailbox Owner using a Touch-Tone telephone

29 © July 2004 by ITS29 VUP & PMM Mailbox setup via VUP (Adm.) Mailbox setup via PMM (user)

30 © July 2004 by ITS30 Users Parameters Menu

31 © July 2004 by ITS31 How to Setup Notification? System Administrator using VUP Mailbox Owner using the PMM Mailbox Owner using a Touch-Tone telephone

32 © July 2004 by ITS32 Touch Tone Telephone Mailbox Parameters Return to Auto Attendant 29 External Notification Pager Notification Return to Previous Menu 679 Users Main Menu 921 Pager Number Change Mode Play Back Tel. Number Change Mode Play Back 3 Return to Previous Menu

33 © July 2004 by ITS33 Message Notification Types Local Notification External Notification SMS Notification Unified Messaging Notification and Delivery

34 © July 2004 by ITS34 Local Notification Rings (analog phones) Message Light(s) (proprietary stations)

35 © July 2004 by ITS35 External Notification to Telephone/Mobile PBX Public network Prompt 119: You have a new message. To retrieve your message, press 1. Home

36 © July 2004 by ITS36 External Notification to Pager PBX Public network Local provider Note: only automated process 1400Hz confirmation tone

37 © July 2004 by ITS37 SMS Notification to Mobile GSM network Antenna SMS transmitter

38 © July 2004 by ITS38 Unified Messaging Notification and Delivery

39 © July 2004 by ITS39 Basic System Requirements for UM OS - Windows 98, ME, NT4 SP6, 2000, XP Min. Pentium II, 64Mb RAM, Ethernet adapter, Sound Card, 300Mb free hard disk space client with SMTP (e.g. MS Outlook) Windows Media Player (WMP) WAV-file format associated with WMP

40 © July 2004 by ITS40 Network (LAN) Parameters LAN based on TCP/IP protocol server supports SMTP (e.g. MS- Exchange server v.5.5 and higher) Permanent IP address for Voice Mail System Note: If the server is a remote server, the IP address from the gateway linking the LAN with the server, is needed too.

41 © July 2004 by ITS41 UM and Mail Server

42 © July 2004 by ITS42 UM and Mail Server (contd)

43 © July 2004 by ITS43 UM and Mail Server (contd)

44 © July 2004 by ITS44 UM and Mail Server (contd)

45 © July 2004 by ITS45 UM and Mail Server (contd)

46 © July 2004 by ITS46

47 © July 2004 by ITS47 Vocal Pro

48 © July 2004 by ITS48 Vocal Pro Main Features Based on VME Pro, with the following limitations: 48 Mailboxes 2 Ports 18 Hours of Memory Capacity Built-in Unified Messaging SMS Notification

49 © July 2004 by ITS49 Voice Mail Systems Compared ConfigurationVocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro No of Ports Storage Capacity 10 hours5 hours18 hours36-72 hours Number of Mailboxes Built-in Modem No Yes

50 © July 2004 by ITS50 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) Automated Attendants VocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Multilingual Option Up to 3 languages Varied Opening Greetings: Day, Night, Holiday and Break Yes Extension size2-4 Fixed 2-6 Flexible Automatic Mode/ System Schedules No Yes

51 © July 2004 by ITS51 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) Automated Attendants VocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Call Transfer: Supervised, Semi- Supervised, Non- Supervised Yes Number of Script Menus Maximum Length of Opening Greeting 9 Minutes Directory Listing (Dial by Name) Yes

52 © July 2004 by ITS52 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) System Administrator VocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Setup Wizard – Quick Setup Guide Yes Disconnect Detection: Current Loop, Busy Tone, Disconnect Tone, Disconnect DTMF Signal Yes

53 © July 2004 by ITS53 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) Voice MailVocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Notification from Port(s) Port # 2 Any of 2 Ports (programmable) Any of All Ports (programmable) Number of Messages per Mailbox 47 (fixed) 92 (programmable) Maximum Message Length (Programmable) 9 Minutes Customized Greeting and Language per Mailbox Yes

54 © July 2004 by ITS54 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) Voice MailVocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Message Retrieve, Forward, Save, Copy, Delete, and Skip to Next Message Yes Date and Time StampYes Automatic Message Purge Yes Password ProtectionYes Do Not Disturb ModeYes

55 © July 2004 by ITS55 Voice Mail Systems Compared (Contd) Voice MailVocalVocal Jr.Vocal ProVME Pro Message Delivery: Work Extension, Mobile, Home Yes Message Notification: Pager, Message Waiting LED, Interrupt Dial Tone Yes Call Recording (Depends on Capabilities of PBX) Yes Unified MessagingNo Yes fixedYes

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