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Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com1. Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com2.

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1 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com1

2 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com2

3 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com3 Voice Mail & Automated AttendantVoice Mail & Automated Attendant 128 mailboxes128 mailboxes 2 – 4 ports2 – 4 ports 10 hours memory capacity10 hours memory capacity Vocal

4 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com4 Voice Mail & Automated AttendantVoice Mail & Automated Attendant 48 mailboxes48 mailboxes 2 ports (fixed configuration)2 ports (fixed configuration) 5 hours memory capacity5 hours memory capacity Vocal Jr.

5 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com5 Voice Mail & Automated AttendantVoice Mail & Automated Attendant 2 – 4 ports2 – 4 ports 8 mailboxes8 mailboxes 3 hours memory capacity3 hours memory capacity 39 script menus (single digit dialing)39 script menus (single digit dialing) EAR 5000

6 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com6 Voice Mail & Automated AttendantVoice Mail & Automated Attendant 2 – 4 ports2 – 4 ports 2 mailboxes2 mailboxes 1 hour memory capacity1 hour memory capacity 39 script menus (single digit dialing)39 script menus (single digit dialing) EAR 4000

7 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com7

8 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com8 The Concept PC Voice mail Features & Applications Software Cost Effective Hardware Performance Cost

9 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com9 2/4 Lines RS VDC EPROM DSP 2 line module connector Flash Memory Hardware Description

10 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com10 2 lines module Plug & Play Module

11 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com11 Automated Attendant Features Multilingual option Varied Opening Greetings Fixed number of digits from 2 to 4 Automatic Mode/System Schedules 39 Script Menus 9 minutes maximum length of opening greeting Fax Detection and Routing Direct Dialing to Extensions Greeting by Port

12 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com12 Voice Mail Features 128 Mailboxes Up to Maximum 47 Messages per Mailbox Customized Greetings and Language per Mailbox Message Retrieve, Save, Copy, Delete, Forward Password Protection Message Notification Do Not Disturb mode Call Recording

13 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com13 System Administration Features Setup Wizard Built-in DTMF Line Monitor Report Generator PC Programming via VUP Security Passwords

14 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com14 System Administration Features (Cont’d) Integration with most existing PBXs In-Band DTMF Out-Band via RS-232 Serial Port (SMDI) Adjustable Recording Length External Notification Management

15 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com15

16 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com16 The Basic Questions for Integration with PBX How do you transfer a call in the PBX? Hook flash time? Can you setup VM extensions in the PBX? What is the disconnect code for internal/external calls? Does the PBX have In-Band DTMF capability?

17 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com17 In-Band DTMF Integration Speech protocol between the PBX and the Voice Mail System PBX sends DTMF information after the VM answers The ports (in the PBX) must be defined as VM ports

18 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com18 In-Band DTMF Main Codes 1.Direct internal call 2.Diverted calls to the voice mail: a.Call forward No-Answer b.Call forward busy c.Call forward all calls (follow me) d.Do not disturb 3.Direct external call 4.Call recording

19 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com19 In-Band & DTMF Signaling T (m/sec) t1 The Vocal answered the call The First DTMF digit has been received The Last DTMF digit has been received Time Out for the first DMTF signal t2 Maximum interval between DMTF signals

20 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com20 DTMF Characters DTMF: 0-9, #, *, A-D Target: indicates the called extension number TT = 2 digits extension TTT = 3 digits extension TTTT = 4 digits extension Ignore + Length: indicates the number of DTMF digits to be ignored e.g. IO5 = Ignore from the next 5 digits Ignore + Separator: Ignore all DTMFs until the signal has been received e.g. J# = Ignore all DTMFs until #

21 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com21 In-Band DTMF Events Up to 20 different events can be analyzed by the Vocal For each event, the following Operations can be performed: Play the Auto Attendant’s Opening Script Call Recording Leave a message Retrieve messages Play a specific Script Message Play the Busy menu Play the No-Answer menu Play the DND menu Disconnect the call

22 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com22 Non-Supervised The Voice Mail System transfers the call without any condition (Blind Transfer) The PBX must have an In-Band DTMF capability

23 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com23 Digital PBX-DDI SLT Extensions PBX CF Busy / No Ans to VM External Lines CF Busy / No Ans to VM

24 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com24 … For Example Incoming call to extension no.200 The extension is in a CF ALL to the VM. The PBX sends the call to the Vocal. The Vocal answers. The PBX sends to the Vocal: *** The Reason Line Number Extension Number

25 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com25 Blind Transfer to No–Answer Extension AUTO ATTENDANT Transfer the call No-Answer Extension PBX: Call Forward No -Answer to VM after xx seconds Vocal Answers In - Band DTMF No-Answer Menu Leave a Message (Personal Greeting) With MBox - Without MBox No - Answer Menu 23 I II III 44 System Prompt 97 I II III 104 Script No#

26 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com26 In Band DTMF Integration-HiCom CodeOperation ***1**TTTTi02Retrieve Message ***1i02TTTTi02Transfer to NA Menu ***3i05TTTTi02Leave a Message ***4i05TTTTi02Transfer to NA Menu ***7i05TTTTi02Transfer to Busy Menu CodeOperation *680*Message Light On #680*Message Light Off Other Parameters

27 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com27 System reorganize This is an automated process that happens every day at 1:00 am. You will see all 4 LEDs lit. You can also perform this process manually (local or remote) with DTMF code. During the day mode this process happened in: A. memory full more then 80% B. if 30 messages where deleted from the last system reorganize.

28 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com28 How does the Flash memory work’s 2 min 20 sec of recorded message The flash memory divides his sectors according to the vocal min setup MAILBOX 2 Min A saved sector for each Mbox. 2 Min Mbox 100 Mbox 101 Mbox 100 Mbox sec Message Mbox 100

29 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com29

30 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com30 What is VUP? Voice Utility Program GUI tool Installation

31 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com31 Communication Connects through RS-232 port Read/Send parameters Line monitor System initialization

32 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com32

33 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com33 Script Menus – Functional Description st Language 2 nd Language 3 rd Language Busy with mailbox Busy without mailbox No answer with Mailbox No answer without mailbox Do Not disturb Post message recording menu 23

34 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com34 Busy, NA and DND Script Messages Reason Busy with Mailbox Busy without Mailbox No-Answer with Mailbox No-Answer without Mailbox Do not Disturb 1st Language System Message Script Message System Message Script Message System Message Script Message 2nd Language 3rd Language Post Message Recording Menu

35 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com35 Script Message Operations For each “One digit entry” during a playback of a Script message or after EOM time-out, the following options are available:

36 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com36 DBN – Dial By Name, (Directory Listing ) This feature is only available in countries where the telephone Touch-Tone pad is as shown below: 1 4 GHI 2 ABC 3 DEF 5 JKL 6 MNO 7 PQRS 8 TUV 9 WXYZ * 0 #

37 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com37 DBN - Activation User Programming: The user has to setup the first three letters of his/her first or last name. Name recording must be done by the mailbox owner!! Programming: Administrator will define first or last name selection. E.g.: D AV I D 3 2 8

38 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com38 Script by Port Port number Port #1 Port #2 Port #3 Port #4 DAYNIGHTBREAK HOLIDAY VM Ext Dept A Dept B PBX Script opening

39 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com39 Voice Mail Up to 128 Mailboxes Different Mailbox Types Mailbox Parameters User’s Parameters Menu

40 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com40 How to Setup the Mailbox Parameters? System Administrator using VUP Mailbox Owner using a Touch-Tone telephone

41 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com41 User’s Parameters Menu

42 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com42 Call Recording PBXVME Mailbox No. 257 When button is pushed, the call is recorded in mailbox No. 257 Internal Station 257 CONDITIONS: Call record button and In-Band DTMF signaling. Public Network

43 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com43 Advanced Features – Further Options after a Personal Greeting PERSONAL GREETING PROMPT NO. 095 TONE Script - 26 Recorded Message Please leave a message after the tone. When finished, press star (*) for further options or simply hang up. * optional Script No. 26 must be recorded and programmed, otherwise prompt No. 154 will be heard. Prompt 095 can be cancelled when the personal greeting is recorded.

44 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com44 EAR 5000 Main Features Automated Attendant 8 Mailboxes 2-4 Ports 3 Hours of Recording Time 39 Script Menus (single digit dialing)

45 Copyright © July 2004 by ITSwww.its-tel.com45 EAR 4000 Main Features Automated Attendant 2 Mailboxes 2-4 Ports 1 Hour of Recording Time 39 Script Menus (single digit dialing)

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