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The Telemedicor System The first fully commercialised telemedicine system in the World.

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2 The Telemedicor System The first fully commercialised telemedicine system in the World

3 A unique and innovative care concept, that utilises cutting edge medical diagnosis and medical data management technology. An important upgrade to the quality of service offered by doctors and care givers. Creates a secure, stable and caring environment that shields the patients constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in remote areas, far away from specialised medical treatment. Telemedicor : Allows care givers, doctors and organisations in the health industry to monitor their patients remotely, and intervene actively and efficiently to ensure their rehabilitation. Telemedicor : The Telemedicor System

4 Our Mission To contribute to patient compliance, ensuring a trusty environment between himself and the health care provider.

5 A life saving Technology A Definition The Telemedicor System has been designed to improve the health treatment, monitoring and the lifestyle itself of patients living, working or traveling (by land, sea or air), in urban, rural or even in remote areas, far from specialized medical facilities, all around the globe.

6 The Role of DT Telemedicor Ltd Telemedicor intermediates to allow the collection and transmission of objective medical information to a Virtual Medical Call Centre, optimising the physical or remote presence of a specialist medical doctor wherever it is needed, while, at the same time, it is shielding the patient with real 24 / 7 care. A life saving Technology

7 The System's basic elements Telemedicor Platform (TP) The software, the hardware and the communication technologies that support and unify the whole system. Telemedicor Solutions (TS) The fully integrated telemedicine applications of the Telemedicor System.

8 The Telemedicor Platform Telemedicor Servers - Store and communicate the patients medical files - SQL based - Anti-hacking, tamper-proof data security technology - Operational protocols set by the European Union Telemedicor Guardian ® Software - Fully automated, multi-level medical data access - Modules that satisfy all types of operational needs - Allows many kinds of medical applications (online check ups, knowledge database, exchange of medical information, etc) Communication Infrastructure - Medical files transmission through Internet (TCP/IP) - Data transmission through any sort of means available (telephone lines, GSM, satellites)

9 Telemedicor Guardian ® An intelligent web-based software that controls every aspect of the Telemedicor System: Medical, scientific, financial, security-related, etc. The heart and mind of the Telemedicor Platform, the central focal point that connects every component of the Telemedicor System together. Addressed to doctors and care givers. The recipient and keeper of all the medical data that flow through the Telemedicor Platform. Allows health care service providers to create personalised remote patient monitoring solutions.

10 Axis 1: Monosensors Unique, innovative solutions, that utilise autonomous biomedical sensors to monitor patients with chronic diseases and conditions

11 Axis 1: Monosensors Function The intelligent Telemedicor System uses the Monosensors to monitor the patient and alerts the doctor and the patients care team immediately, if it detects any variation from the parameters which the doctor has set. The doctor and the care giver can now monitor their patients remotely, without having to place their constant attention on them. Instead, an intelligent system shields the patient constantly and efficiently.

12 Axis 1: Monosensors Definition Monosensors are autonomous biomedical sensor device packs that are used in monitoring a patients condition continuously. There are various Monosensor devices, each used to monitor different conditions, such as glucometers, ECG 3-lead, INR and blood pressure monitors, oxymeters, spirometers and intelligent scales to measure patient weight. For the moment, only Monosensor Gluco devices are available. These devices address the large diabetics market (8 -12% of the general European population).

13 Patients Solutions A1: MonoSensors - Diabetes - Hypertension - Heart failure - Obesity Asthma - INR -… - Open System - Compatible with many well known devices - Additional device purchase is not requested. Care Giver TELEMEDICOR Medpartner Analysis TELEMEDICOR PLATFORM TELEMEDICOR TELEMEDICOR Modem Communica tion Servers Guardian® Means Software (GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Breitband) Measurement data – authentic, reliable, timely Data Transmissions - everytime & everywhere Monitoring - 24/7 Information – Immediate and Comprehensive Automated – and / or Manual Communication Diabetes Trainer Clinics Pharmacies

14 Monosensors Gluco Chronic Disease Management: Monitoring Diabetes

15 TELEMEDICOR Methodological Model Initial Compliance Compliance Change (%) HbA1c average change Increase (%) of glucose control; Financial Benefits Using TELEMEDICOR System As per HbA1c distribution (Liatis 2009) Based on the difference of controlled and non- controlled cost

16 The old way to monitor diabetes Until now diabetes monitoring was based on the exchange of paper information. Only 4% of all patients have moved beyond paper logs.* Healthcare professionals spend 9 min every day on average just collecting recent glucose history!* Generally, paper logs are inconsistent and prone to error. * statistics from a recent Diabetes Technology Meeting

17 Dies ist nachfolgend veranschaulicht am Beispiel eines Kindes mit Diabetes : Dritte… Analyse Eltern Artz Apotheke Diabetes Betreuer Kind mit Diabetes Schule Lehrer Telephone & Fax Fax/ Bericht Klinik

18 The Telemedicor way Now, the Telemedicor System changes everything. In a wireless world, diabetes self-management becomes a reality. All that is needed is just a Telemedicor Modem. No PC is required No Internet connection required No buttons to push No menus to navigate No more forgotten phone calls And all the patient data are immediately transmitted to all parties involved automatically.

19 The case of the diabetic child: the Telemedicor way Others Research Parents Klinik Artz (Ggf.Endokrinologe) Pharmacy Diabetes Betreuer Kind mit Diabetes Schule Lehrer

20 Benefits for the Patient The patient becomes more mobile and more independent. The patients assume control of their lives, while at the same time they have the maximum support they can get from their care giver. The patient is supported by the Telemedicor system 24 / 7, as long as they test their glucose levels on a daily basis. Meet Cindy: a sweet, happy, active, 8 year old, Type-1 diabetic child. She has to monitor her glucose levels four times a day and take two insulin shots daily, for the rest of her life. She can now be better protected, and live a better, healthier, more active lifestyle, thanks to the support she gets from the Telemedicor System and her care givers.

21 Benefits for the care giver The care giver is freed from the paperwork that was needed up until now to monitor and assess a patients status. Care givers now have an autonomous, smart, automated system that gives their patients a valuable and revolutionary first line care support that enhances and gives an important added value to their work. The systems auto responses (Alerts) can indeed save many patients lives, especially if time is of essence. Telemedicor Guardian ® monitors the progression of the patients condition and responds according to the attendant physicians orders. Dr. Jones, a paediatrician specialised in diabetic children, can now find a valuable ally in the fight against diabetes in children. His job is enhanced with the adoption of the Telemedicor System, and he can now protect his patients better.

22 Monosensor Gluco Telemedicor system is compatible with the following BGMs: OneTouch Vita, One Touch Vita Advanced, One Touch Easy, One Touch Select from Lifescan, Contour, Contour TS from Bayer, Freestyle Lite and Freestyle FREEDOM Lite from Abbott. All disposables are available in pharmacies and chemists all around the world. The devices can be provided for free in many countries, with the cost of disposables being the only cost burdening the patient (which is covered mostly by health insurance). The device connects to the Telemedicor Monosensor Modem via an easy to attach cable.

23 Conclusions With a unique combination of products and services, Telemedicor provides innovative monitoring solutions that benefit the diabetic patients and their attending doctors in many way. The remote attendance and continuous 24 / 7 monitoring of diabetic patients is now a reality. Telemedicor Guardian ® monitors the patients constantly and automatically and reports immediately for any deviation from the parameters set by the doctor. The doctor can now monitor much larger numbers of patients with much less effort. The doctor is now more confident because a protective shield is raised around their patients. Monosensor Gluco


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