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Remmon Remote Monitoring Solutions Excell-Benelux Helmkruid 28 3434 CT Nieuwegein Tel: 030-6081763

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1 Remmon Remote Monitoring Solutions Excell-Benelux Helmkruid 28 3434 CT Nieuwegein Tel: 030-6081763

2 Our vision: To be a key global player in the remote control via GSM industry. Excell-Benelux Helmkruid 28 3434 CT Nieuwegein The Netherlands Tel: +31(0)306081763 Dov Avnon – Manager

3 We give our costumer: Long distance remote control at maximum efficiency, with minimum maintenance and operating costs.

4 Our systems We offer a wide range of remote monitoring and control applications and solutions over the cellular network, with various update methods, tailored especially for your needs.

5 Remmon Solutions Cellular Communication Network, Internet Control or Monitor (on site) Mobile phone or computer with GUI Infrastructure Monitor and control your sites, facilities and infrastructure from anywhere in the world!

6 Typical Application: Water supply protection (Homeland security) Requirement: Protection of municipal water supply against tampering.

7 Water well and pools are almost always far away from the urban area. Contamination of water sources could be a result of terror attack, accident or human error. The number of potential casualties in case of contamination is enormous. Water supply protection - continued The state of Israel requires all municipalities to have remote water supply protection system until the end of 2008

8 Water supply protection - configuration Mobile Network Internet Access by PC Access by Mobile phone Web server Water facility

9 Water supply protection – Field unit RCOM Infrastructure: sensors, fence, etc… Control Unit Access by mobile phone or PC

10 Water supply protection Web application Web application: Map module

11 Web application: Unit status Water supply protection Web application

12 Typical Application(2): Road-sign management

13 Typical Application(2): Road-sign management The project was made for the national authority of road-management in Israel. The project includes back-office software and RTU at the signs. Communication is made via GSM network to the remote sign.

14 Typical Application(3): Access Control Requirement: Managing the authorization of entry via electric gate.

15 Allows opening of electric gate at home/ office/ factory by calling the gate from any cellular phone. No charge for the call. The unit will close the call before the session is opened. Up to 10,000 defined users per gate. For every user you can decide which days and which time at the day this person can access the gate. Action can be defined by schedule (e.g. every Sunday at 7:00 the gate will close until Monday 7:00) Logging of access events– up to 1000 records back. Access control - continued

16 PC Software for gate monitoring and management

17 Typical Application(4): Monitor soft starters – the power of maintenance Remote monitorin g of system. Learning the behavior of systems. Critical alerts from the units. Saving maintena nce time and crucial failures. Saving energy consumpt ion by monitorin g the efficienc y of the system. RLOG – Email data logger!

18 Using the GPRS network (SMTP protocol) the RLOG can send some or all of its logged data to your Email box where it can be read from anywhere in the globe RLOG – Email data logger! RLOG - continued

19 Logged data is sent direct to your mail box - no need for external servers! SMS alerts is sent direct from the RLOG to your cellular phone Enable to view current values – using remote modem Excel file – as attachment

20 Water Water Gas Gas Electricity Electricity Fuel/oil Fuel/oil Additional Applications - partial list Milk-flow control in the cowshed Milk-flow control in the cowshed Field controllers Field controllers Agricultural data collection Agricultural data collection Temperature alarm Temperature alarm Agriculture Pumps Pumps Swimming pools Swimming pools Sewage systems Sewage systems Water filtration systems Water filtration systems Water/Environment Access control Access control Electric gates Electric gates Protection of remote storage sites. Protection of remote storage sites. Border control Border control Security Industrial process control Industrial process control Generators Generators Production control Production control Climate control Climate control Industry Server rooms Server rooms Building management Building management Boiler systems Boiler systems Air conditioning Air conditioning Building management Counters /Meters

21 Remmon Remote Monitoring Solutions Thank you

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