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COSWA Healthcare Private Limited.

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1 COSWA Healthcare Private Limited


3 Mission of the project To improve the relationship between the doctor and the patient by enabling the patient to know the doctors availability through call centre or online, book the token number and save the time and money. To improve the reachability of the doctors for the neighboring villages, small towns and districts. To improve the effectiveness of doctors to take care of the patient even from a small clinic without making the patients to wait in the queue for a long time. To enable the doctors to effectively plan their clinic visits by knowing the online booked patients. To easily locate the specialty doctor even if a patient is out of his own town.

4 How the Process is Simplified?


6 Husband who is working in an important office task, wants to take his wife or children to hospital. If he books the token through online, this will save time, money and reduce hypertension.

7 A housewife taking care of two small children wants to take one child to the clinic, she needs to take both the children. More waiting time in the clinic will give possibilities of attacking the disease to the other child.

8 In case of small clinics, waiting is difficult and more chances of getting the diseases to the person who is accompanying the patient, from chronically ill patients.

9 It is really painful to wait for a long time at the clinic during the time of illness. If the patient is allowed to take rest and taken to the hospital at the right time, surely the patients will get more rest.

10 Healthy society by visiting doctors and avoiding self drugs. The people commonly hesitate to visit doctor due to more waiting time in the clinic and are going to pharmacy and takes self drugs.

11 Potential Threats for the Public

12 Uncertainty of timings to visit doctor makes the patient to get hypertension due to various reasons such as pending official works, pending house hold works, transportation facility to return, managing children in the hospital, improper or difficulty in locating amenities in the hospital, missing of timely food for some patients etc. Lack of space in the Hospitals / Clinics sometimes leads to waiting for more time even without place to sit causes mental agony to the public.

13 Potential Threats for the Public Lack of parking space for the 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers makes the people to face lot of troubles. The recent potential new diseases which can easily transformed through air makes the public more chances of getting the diseases from someone else due to more waiting time. (The recent diseases does not reveal even to that patient himself until all the testing is completed.)

14 Potential Threats for the Public Lack of knowledge of the available specialty doctors for different diseases makes the people to get consultation with neighboring people and sometimes this leads to potential delay and waste of money in curing the diseases.


16 Public Know the availability of doctors through internet, Mobile Internet or call centre. Book token through internet, Mobile Internet or call centre. The COSWA Healthcare Cards can be purchased online or from any medical stores.

17 What we do to facilitate the public? We tie up with leading hospitals in all parts of India so that the people can easily book appointment with any of the available doctors. We maintain call centre with highly trained representatives in medical field, in order to help the public to reach the right doctor at right time.

18 What we do to facilitate the public? We have a expert software development team to enable the people to access the required information very easily from the website directly. We maintain the cluster of servers with high speed Broadband connectivity in order to provide continuous support. We also provide SMS alerts & email alerts on various occasions to keep you informed until you visit the doctor successfully.

19 Feedback Session

20 No technology is perfect and it is a continuous process to improve the technology so that it becomes more user friendly to use by the end users. Hence we welcome your honest feedback and we will surely try to find better solutions based on your feedback. Kindly open your heart and let us know your true feedback.

21 Thanks Thanks for your valuable time sharing with us. Kindly provide your feedback in the feedback form to make us provide you a suitable services accordingly to your actual requirements.

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