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Https:// Tervisepank ® e-solution for primary care Madis Tiik, MD CEO, Estonian Society of Family Doctors 06.04.2006.

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1 Tervisepank ® e-solution for primary care Madis Tiik, MD CEO, Estonian Society of Family Doctors 06.04.2006

2 Estonian primary care Key facts 787 patient lists 1.251.385 insured patients FDs: private entrepreneurs 100% funded by Estonian Health Insurance Fund Total annual budget: ca EUR 40M Monthly IT budget: ca EUR 75 per doctor

3 Computer literacy and use of internet in primary care In 2003 there were 2.369 workers in the primary care units (doctors and nurses) 1920 were using computers daily (81%), from those 1872 were using computers with internet connection (97%) all together 1207 computers, from those 1147 computers with internet connection 1350 doctors work in the primary care units 1242 use computers daily (92%), from those 1237 use computers with internet connection (99%)

4 Digitalization in Estonian primary care 1994 – 1998: First software solutions for FDs Purely structured, mainly text fails 1998: EHIF financial support for FDs Software oriented to the needs of EHIF First FD’s started using digital patient records only Since 2001: All claims’ data sent to EHIF digitally 3 – 4 local software companies Software architecture: only local installations Financial aspect: expensive license fees + monthly service fees

5 Flaws arising from existing architecture Data not available in time-critical situations; Most data exchanged and stored on paper; Medical decisions often based only on data received from patients; Patients tied to their FD: mobile patient loses health record history; Collected data not comparable and exchangeable; Software not corresponding to the requirements of processing delicate personal information; Expensive maintenance and updating of software FDs expected to be IT power-users

6 Key requirements to the new solution Functionality; Customer-friendly interfaces; Easily and independently learnable (ca 20 - 30 min); Central management, updating and archiving; Automatic claiming, reporting and statistics; Low requirements to the hardware; Easily scalable; Compliance with Data Protection Act.

7 Tervisepank – first PPP project in Estonian healthcare Customer: Estonian Society of Family Doctors Development of functionality and logic Financing: local private investors Design and technology: local IT companies Business model: operational lease of software No upfront fees; Everything (maintenance, archiving, updates, growth in functionality) included in fixed monthly price (ca EUR 40 per professional user). Further joint development: Ideas from FDs; Implementation by Tervisepank.

8 Time and costs Business process mapping – 2003; Design & programming, license from Data Protection Agency – 2004; Real-time launch – 29.12.2004; Real-time users – Q3 2005. Direct investments > 300.000 EUR

9 Tervisepank – centralized IT system Modern, web-based solution for primary care, but not limited to that; All users use the resources on same servers; Access through standard web browser and internet connection All encrypted patient data kept in one database; All updates are in force immediately to all system users;

10 Key functionality Fully functional daily work environment driven by doctors’ needs Key functionality: Practice administration and e- registry; Digital health record database; Patient management, disease curing and prevention; Medical decision making support; Documents, certificates etc; Claiming, reporting and statistics; Information exchange with third parties (laboratories, pharmacies etc).

11 Technical highlights Estonian ID card based encryption model Valid ID card Valid ID PIN code Technology: 1.1. MS SQL Server 2000 Highly scalable

12 Key security features Unauthorized users are unable to connect personal data with medical records; FD can delegate his/her access rights to patients’ health records; System administrators do not have access to patients’ medical records; All activities are logged and saved; Approved by DPA

13 Win-win solution for doctors and patients Professional users: Full digital, real time and constantly updating health record database on every patient; Accessible from everywhere, 24/7; More information = better care; Medical decision making support; Extensive savings in time = better care; Automatic reporting; No initial investment required, usage results in significant savings; Only system licensed by DPA. Patients: All medical data in one secure place; Access to personal health records; Access to FD’s e-registry; Chance for alternative diagnosis; FD has more time for patient = better care; Report on persons viewing personal medical data.

14 Tervisepank – a virtual hospital of tomorrow E-consultation; Specialist doctors; Hospitals; Ambulance / emergency care; Laboratories; School healthcare; Drug / genetic research.

15 Thank you ! For further information, please contact: Mr. Loit Linnupõld partner Tervisepank Ph: +372 502 4152 Mr. Madis Tiik CEO Estonian Society of Family Doctors Ph: +372 510 9143

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