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FRAMS Fault Reporting and Monitoring System For MPSEB.

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1 FRAMS Fault Reporting and Monitoring System For MPSEB

2 Agenda Current fault tracking and monitoring procedure MPSEB Requirements FRAMS overview, Features, and Description ROI System requirements Company Background Key Benefits Next Steps

3 Current Procedure Manual – workforce required Error prone Vulnerable to manipulation, lack of accountability No alerting mechanisms to ensure rapid response to power faults – repairs initiated by customer call sometimes 24X7 operation difficult Gathering statistics difficult Assessing trends, cost versus returns difficult

4 MPSEB Requirements MPSEB needs a solution that will automate the process of monitoring and tracking faults Online view of power situation High availability Wireless preferred due to greater penetration/quality performance and cost benefit analysis for greater accountability Low cost of ownership Should scale up MPSEB Satisfaction Quality Value Service

5 FRAMS SMS based solution for MPSEB Online view of power situation Fully automated – needs no manual supervision at the substation level System Monitor Better information and alerting mechanism during special events like VIP visits etc Available 24X7, Low cost of ownership Can scale up to service 10000s of substations Exhaustive Reporting and Analysis Secure and tamper proof Automated 24X7 and monitoring Reporting Analysis

6 FRAMS – Overview Central (Head) Server and substation modules

7 FRAMS – Detailed View SMS Substations communicate with Server via SMS

8 FRAMS – Substation Consists of multiplexer, PC and Mobile equipment Substation detects faults and repairs of feeders and informs Head Server via SMS Substation alerts persons responsible in case of faults

9 FRAMS – Head Server Head Server presents real time view, stores statistics, and provides Reporting and Analysis tools Online View Reports

10 ROI Captures statistics which can be used to analyze trends, improve service Targeted repairs and equipment can improve ROI More accurate performance analysis can reward good performers More accurate information will bring in accountability in Substations resulting in better service and low downtimes Low cost of ownership

11 System Requirements Substation –One Pentium III PC with Windows/Linux operating system –One nokia 5110 compatible mobile phone with SIM card Head Server –Hardware One Pentium IV PC One nokia 6310 mobile phone with SIM card –Software Windows 2000 Server/Linux Server Microsoft Excel

12 Company Strengths Global Engineering Centre  Wireless  Payment Gateway  Telecom Mediation  J2EE  J2ME  C#.Net Technology Global Engineering Centre  Ease of ramp-ups  Alliances with local colleges  512 KBPS internet connectivity Resources Global Engineering Centre  Extreme Programming Practices  Adopted Mature SDLC processes  Latest project tools  Reporting/Communication Process Global Engineering Centre  Proven track for European customers  Low cost country advantages  Strong technology focused skills Offshore Levers Process Technology Offshore Resources

13 Summary of Key Benefits for MPSEB State of the art technology solution that provides clear fault monitoring and repairing information on time to facilitate easy improvement of systems and processes and to bring a culture of performance and accountability Quantum jump in efficiency/cost for MPSEB over other boards in India

14 Immediate Steps Develop and install Phase I of the system – One substation and initial Head Server with fault reporting and online view of power situation THANK YOU

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