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Lexpro Systems Litigation Written by Attorneys for Attorneys.

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1 Lexpro Systems Litigation Written by Attorneys for Attorneys

2 Main functions of program Opening of files Drafting court documents and letters Debiting fees Send SMS messages to debtors Compiling collection reports Reports can export to MS Exel

3 Main functions of program Diary – what to do, latest action on a file Making file notes – consultations, telephone calls Printing client statements – including accounting transactions and fees Drafting debtors statement – including accounting transactions, fees, expenditures and interest



6 MAIN SCREEN Document/Letters

7 MAIN SCREEN Report/Searches

8 MAIN SCREEN Accounts



11 Opening of a file Imported from Accounting Exported to Accounting Full details of client, first party and second party Identification of fee earner and group or section Complete debtors details

12 Imported from Accounting

13 File details – general details

14 Debtors information Debtors personal info Employers info

15 Court documents More than 250 documents: summonses, notices, pleadings, letters etc. All documents available in Afrikaans and English User can add own documents or amend documents Automatic fee debiting with merge of document

16 Documents menu

17 Merging of documents Information from opening of file can be amended or added to Select document from list Complete details specific to the document Automatic fee debiting Merges to MS Word or Open Office

18 Merging of documents

19 Extra detail for document chosen

20 Merged to Word Processor

21 Diary and report User can filter on account numbers, client names, fee earner to select list

22 Select action on diary A right click on file name brings up action list

23 File notes Type a file note Print the note only when page is full – saves paper Debit a fee – consultation, telephone call

24 Debtors statement Information from opening of file: capital, interest rate, interest date Accounting transactions: payments, disbursements Fees Program loads all information and calculates the statement 12 collection reports which exports to Exel

25 Debtors statement

26 Search for debtors file Search on name of client, name of creditor, name of debtor, case number, ID number, reference number of client etc.

27 Accounting enquiries All transactions on client accounts Non-sensitive information only, business accounts (e.g. salaries) cannot be accessed Immediately available after being posted in Accounting

28 Various options for fee debiting User selects fee description and amount User types own fee description and amount Select VAT inclusive or exclusive Select fee account or fee earner Fees either work in progress or must be sent to Accounting Fees per time unit Fees less allowance

29 Debiting of fees User can type own description and amount User can select fee from lists Lists can be added to or amended by user

30 Various fee reports

31 Transactions can be exported to Accounting

32 Various collection reports All reports can export to MS Exel

33 Help is at hand Free manual provided for the program Readme – latest additions to program Frequently asked questions Support via telephone, fax, e-mail and Internet

34 Contact details Waverley, PretoriaWaverley, Pretoria Tel: 0861 539 776 Werno Gevers | LP Greyling Route 21 Corporate Park, IreneRoute 21 Corporate Park, Irene Tel: (012) 345-4510 Charmaine Schulz | Chris Lubbe Arcadia, PretoriaArcadia, Pretoria Tel: (012) 342-3096 Nicolise du Preez | Carl Holiday Somerset WestSomerset West Tel: (021) 851-0761 Hein Low | Monique Pretorius | Stefan Swanepoel Welgemoed, BellvilleWelgemoed, Bellville Tel: (021) 913-5816 Anneke Schulz Garden Route, MosselbayGarden Route, Mosselbay Tel: (044) 695-0993 Elainne Bouwer Free State & KZN, BethlehemFree State & KZN, Bethlehem Tel: (058) 303-2016 Ronel Schulz

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