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3 March 2006 Session Objectives Understanding federal regulations Learning the HHS Payment Management System Preparing cash management reports

4 Timing and Use of Federal Funds

5 March 2006 Timing of Draws Funds are intended to be available when needed Draws should matched timing of allowable program expenditures Funds can be drawn as needed: Example – Payroll to cover salaries and allocable payroll taxes based on time charged to the Federally- funded program

6 March 2006 Ease of Access Brings Responsibility Document each draw to show compliance with Federal regulations Be Careful Draw additional funds to overcome shortfalls elsewhere in the organization And Most Importantly

7 March 2006

8 Obtaining Funds: A Mouse-Click Away Utilize Department of Health and Human Services Payment Management System to draw funds Web-based access for CNCS grantees to draw funds and submit cash reporting Calculate draw amount based on expenditures that have not yet been funded or are needed immediately following the draw, before requesting funds

9 March 2006 No cost to recipients Enhanced inquiry feature –Account balance –Payment history –Grant transaction history Warehouse feature up to 30 days Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Next work day access to funds Benefiting from: Smartlink

10 March 2006 Utilizing Payment Management System

11 March 2006 User name: Provided by DPM (case sensitive) Password: Set by the users. Must be alpha-numeric (e.g., #GRANTEE1) **** *Initial password provided by DPM Logging in the First Time

12 March 2006 Review for new messages; then click on Click Here for Access to the Payment Management System Youve Got Mail

13 March 2006 Click on: My User Info to: change password or to update user contact information Help From: My User Info

14 March 2006 Click on Payment Click on Request for Payment Enter your Account Number Click on Account 2AA5P Drawing Down Cash

15 March 2006 Enter Payment Due Date  Enter Expected Disbursement Amount Ž Enter Cash on Hand  Enter Payment Request Amount Click on Continue 2AA5P Request for Payment

16 March 2006 2AA5P Example: Request for Payment

17 March 2006 2AA5P Continuing with Request for Payment

18 March 2006 2AA5P Example

19 March 2006 Example: Completed Transaction

20 March 2006

21 Monitoring Expenditure of Funds Report expenditure of the funds drawn each quarter on Form 272 Track expenditures during the life of a project on Form 272 Reflect total expenditures upon closeout Support data in Form 272 within Grantees accounting system

22 March 2006 PSC 272, Federal Cash Transaction Report: Internet access Over 12,000 reports processed each quarter 91.8% Return Rate Benefits to You

23 March 2006 Enter your Payee Identification Number (PIN) Enter your PSC 272 Password Logging on PSC 272

24 March 2006 1234G Select the Payee Account Number you want to work on Form 272: Payee Account

25 March 2006 Select the PSC 272-A Form Selecting the PSC 272-A Form

26 March 2006 Update the cumulative total for each document Updating Total Dollars

27 March 2006 Optional: Identify document as it appears in your accounting system Continuing with PSC 272-A

28 March 2006 Use the PSC 272-G to review inactive grants  Click on the Grant Number if you need to change the Disbursement amount Reviewing for Inactive Grants

29 March 2006 To add grants to the report that are not on the PSC 272-A or PSC 272-G (Click Here) Enter the grant info on the lines provided Adding Grants

30 March 2006 After updating all grants Click on  Click on Refresh/Update Screen Return to Form 272 Completing This Process

31 March 2006 Line 4 equals net disbursements from the PSC 272-A  Enter Cash on Hand End of Period on Line 5 Ž G and G1 account can report excess interest income on Line 7  Scroll down and click on Click Here to Certify this Electronic 272 Entering Net Disbursements

32 March 2006 Read the warning and check your numbers Scroll down and fill in the Certified By and Prepared By Click on Upload this Electronic 272 Read Important Information

33 March 2006 Print the PSC 272 page  Fax the page to your DPM Account Representative Reminder: Print First….Move on Later

34 March 2006 Utilizing the Financial Status Report Utilizing the Financial Status Report (FSR) Form 269 File on a semi-annual basis Report total program costs, including match Reconcile expenditures on this form with quarterly reports to HHS on Form 272 Reports unliquidated obligations

35 March 2006 Reporting FSR Using eGrants Utilizing eGrants: Go to Click on eGrants in the center of the web page Utilize eGrants FSR to report on multi-year awards through their life Have accounting support available for total federal funds expended and total match

36 Opening eGrants

37 Looking for Grants

38 Tracking Using eGrants

39 Reviewing FSR Information

40 More eGrants

41 eGrant Certifications

42 Successful eGrant FSR Submission

43 March 2006 More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went. - Roger Ward Babson, (1875–1967) American financial statistician


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