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On the Telephone! On The Telephone. Contents How to wow them on the telephone Answering the Call Good Communication Recording Information When you dont.

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1 On the Telephone! On The Telephone

2 Contents How to wow them on the telephone Answering the Call Good Communication Recording Information When you dont know the answer Answering two lines Angry callers The Last Word On The Telephone

3 First Impressions Every call is a performance and you have a new audience every performance! Increase your energy level by smiling. A happy mood will be translated into your voice. On The Telephone

4 Making A Good Impression Think of the telephone as the office lobby - the first place the customer visits. Have an objective in your mind before you answer the phone, ie I want to help - dont just answer it because its ringing. Speak with enthusiasm, as if speaking to a friend. Use inflection in your voice, lower the pitch. This conveys sincerity and confidentiality. Smiling is the one type of body language which translates well on the phone. On The Telephone

5 Answering the Call Ensure that you dont bang the receiver into anything when picking up the call. Answer the call within as few rings as possible. Speak clearly, identify the centre and yourself. Dont start speaking before you put the receiver to your mouth. On The Telephone

6 Mind Your Manners! Dont grab a ringing phone as it shows impatience and lack of interest in the customer. On The Telephone

7 Mind your Manners! Dont bang down the receiver Dont cut away in the middle of a conversation to ask a colleague a question Try and Stop multi-tasking whilst talking on the telephone. This encourages you to find answers quickly and you dont give the caller 100% attention On The Telephone

8 Mind Your Manners! Try not to make comments about your callers to other staff at reception - sooner or later another customer will hear you! Never, ever, talk about customers in a derogatory manner On The Telephone

9 And While Youre on Stage! Speak clearly, try and use the customers name if you have it Let them hear you smile Provide information, especially numbers, slowly so the customer can write it down Ask if theres anything else you can help with Remember these are real people even though you cant see them On The Telephone

10 Other Voice Tips Vary the tone Emphasise important words Use the dramatic pause - pause after important points. This will stimulate attention and the customer will pay closer attention. On The Telephone

11 Good Communication Does the customer understand what you area saying ? On The Telephone

12 How can I check he understands? Ask questions Use pauses Spell out difficult words Ask him to repeat telephone numbers Dont speak too quickly or use idioms Summarise the information given at end of conversation On The Telephone

13 How do you ensure YOU understand? Concentrate and avoid listening to other conversations at the desk Acknowledge other waiting customers Hold your tongue - dont ASSUME you know what the customer wants or jump to conclusions Dont interrupt. Ask questions and use conversation cues - Yes, I see, I understand. On The Telephone

14 Recording Information (Tourist Enquiry) Date Name & Address Information Required Any other necessary details Ask if they need anything else On The Telephone

15 Recording Information (Message for Colleague) Date and Time Name and Telephone number Details Action required Signature Take responsibility for the message and make sure your colleague gets it! On The Telephone

16 When you dont know the answer… Never say you dont know Be Honest and say I dont know but Ill try and find out Ask if you may put the caller on hold or take his number and promise to ring him back On The Telephone

17 When an absent colleague will know the answer... Always keep the customer informed as regards what you are doing Explain how you are going to find out the information - if necessary, tell the customer when you will ring him back Never use negative langage ie um, er, I havent a clue, thats not my job On The Telephone

18 People are usually patient about waiting for an answer if they know it will be the RIGHT answer On The Telephone

19 Answering Two Calls If you are on a long call and another line/two lines are ringing... On The Telephone

20 If another line rings persistently See if another colleague can answer the call Ask the person you are speaking to if they mind if you answer the other telephone Politely explain to second caller that you are busy with another customer - take their details and promise to ring them back as soon as possible On The Telephone

21 Go Straight back to first caller Apologise for interruption Thank him/her for their patience Continue with enquiry REMEMBER to call back the second customer and apologise for delay On The Telephone

22 Angry Callers On The Telephone

23 The Telephone ASAP technique Acknowledge the persons feelings and apologise - Im sorry that happened Sympathise - I understand how you feel Accept 100% responsibility for the call Prepare to help - Ill try and help - present willing attitude. Listen, jot down information, try not to interrupt. Remain calm On The Telephone

24 Remember the customer isnt angry with you! Dont take their hostility personally On The Telephone

25 Last Words On The Telephone

26 Summarise at the end of the call State what action you are taking Use customers name if you have it Ask if theres anything else you can do Say thank you Say good-bye Try and let the customer hang up first On The Telephone

27 Role Play in pairs No eye contact! (Students face back to back) 1.Take a message from a client (with their personal details and work requests) to pass on to your colleague. 2.Telephone a client to let them know about some delay in their account/order. 3.Telephone a client about their overdue account. 4.Take a call from a potential new client who is enquiring about your services. Include details about their needs and current provider. On The Telephone

28 Role Play – record your conversation Students to use their recording device (laptop / iPhone / iPad / Android) 1.Record a message suitable for your answering machine at work (for your clients). 2.Record a message on a clients answering machine to let them know some information about their query. 3.Record a conversation between you and your client where you need clarification about some details in order for you to complete work for them 4.Record a conversation between you and your client in relation to the clients complaint about a problem with their account or order with you. On The Telephone

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