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Telephone Personality & Phone Ettiquette

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1 Telephone Personality & Phone Ettiquette

2 Always be your best!

3 Phone Ettiquette There are 4 parts to a proper greeting:
Proper greeting of the hour… Company name Your name How may I help you? Good Morning, Academic Advising, This is Tracey, How may I help you?

4 Building Rapport Take notes regarding calls
Write down the callers name Let them know if you can’t hear them Include their name when talking to them Always repeat the message Wear your smile!

5 Wearing a SMILE! Wearing a smile makes you feel happier and will also brighten up the whole room. Smiling will also make you feel more positive and have a feeling of well being.

6 On Hold Techniques Ask them if they could please hold and wait for their answer. Give them an option….Hold or leave a message. If holding, check back with them every 30 – 60 seconds. Don’t leave them wondering. Don’t forget to include their name when thanking them for holding.

7 Call Transferring 2 Types of Transferring
Guided Transfer – Let the caller know who they are being transferred to. Description Transfer – Announcing the call to inform your staff the reason they are calling and their name.

8 Speaking clearly 1. Speak slowly and clearly
2. Enunciate your words and stay away from sounding monotone. 3. Don’t have a lazy tongue. 4. Try some tongue twisters to get you moving in the morning. Sally sells seashells by the seashore Rubber baby buggy bumpers Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers

9 Positive Speech He’s currently out of the office, May I take a message? I’ll be happy to….. I’ll transfer you now…. Thank you for holding Ms. Birr….. One moment please…. Not a problem at all, thank you…..

10 Effective Listening Prepare yourself to listen
Concentrate on what is being said Visualize the speaker Hold your tongue, don’t interrupt Take notes Use summarizing statements Use conversation cues if the caller is getting long winded Listen between the lines Be open minded Practice positive listening habits

11 The ultimate respect you can give someone, is to listen to them.
#1 Rule The ultimate respect you can give someone, is to listen to them.

12 #2 Rule SMILE!!!!

13 SMILE S – Smile increases the receptiveness of those around you.
M – Make the guest feel comfortable I – Information gathering L – Learn the other person’s name E – Eye contact establishes credibility and confidence.

14 Front Desk Ettiquette Stay organized
Keep message for each other in one location Let your co-workers know what needs to be done or where you left off Smile Not a place to be grooming yourself Come to work prepared.


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