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ENHANCING CUSTOMER SERVICE BY TELEPHONE Oral Wise, MBA/MHA Director, Ambulatory Services WakeMed North Healthplex.

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1 ENHANCING CUSTOMER SERVICE BY TELEPHONE Oral Wise, MBA/MHA Director, Ambulatory Services WakeMed North Healthplex

2 OBJECTIVES Understand the importance of excellent telephone skills. Identify 10 basic skills for telephone etiquette. Discuss methods of coping with defensive customers over the telephone. Review correct method for placing callers on hold and transferring a call. Avoid use of forbidden phrases for telephone customers.

3 BENEFITS OF TOP-NOTCH TELEPHONE SKILLS You create calm, comfortable, secure conditions for clients and their loved ones. You help fellow employees maintain their productivity. You contribute to building a positive image of your organization in the community-an image of compassion, caring, and efficiency.

4 MORE BENEFITS You reduce the likelihood of dangerous or expensive mistakes. You make quick responses to needs. You feel pride in your professionalism and ability to handle the variety of telephone interactions routine in complex health care environments.

5 WHY IS CUSTOMER SERVICE SO IMPORTANT? When customers are dissatisfied with service, they tell 20 relatives and friends. When customers are satisfied, they tell only 5. That means you have to satisfy 4 times as many people as you disappoint just to stay even in terms of public image.

6 PUT YOUR ORGANIZATION ON THE LINE First impression of facility is from you. Telephone is a customer service tool and a public relations vehicle. Use first impression to make the right impression.

7 BASIC TELEPHONE TACTICS Greeting-Smile and take a deep breath Tone-Speak clearly and distinctly Im sorry, but…-Avoid saying this Messages-Always write down Transferring Calls-Do not say you have the wrong person Closing-Leave a lasting impression

8 TELEPHONE CRITICAL POINTS Understand callers point of view Let people tell their stories Listen Speak the customers language Say it with respect Make caller feel important Be prepared Be honest with yourself Know how to stop an interaction Close the conversation cordially

9 ANSWERING THE TELEPHONE Answer the call promptly Answer using a pleasant, professional tone of voice Identify your department and yourself Offer to assist the caller Have paper and pen ready Concentrate only on the caller

10 BREAK THE ICE Answer promptly…. Hertford County Public Health Authority. This is Elizabeth. How may I help you? Good afternoon, Louisburg Health Department, Home Health Services. This is Phil. How can I assist you?

11 FORBIDDEN PHRASES You will have to… I do not know… We cant (or dont do that… Hang on a second, Ill be right back… No…

12 PLACING CALLERS ON HOLD Give caller opportunity to communicate before putting them on hold Ask the caller to hold Give caller option to hold or be called back Explain reason for wait Keep hold time to a maximum of 60 seconds Thank caller for holding

13 HOLD THAT LINE… Being put on hold is annoying to callers If you do put a caller on hold, ask for permission Do not lay receiver down to find information due to caller being able to hear background noise Never keep caller on hold more than 60 seconds without checking back with them

14 TRANSFERRING THE CALLER Transfer only when necessary Make sure call is transferred to right person, department, number Wait to see if call gets connected When possible, give the caller name & number of person to whom you are transferring in case of disconnect Tell caller why you are transferring the call

15 HOW TO HANDLE THE ANGRY CALLER Listening to person is most important Let person know you will do everything you can to help correct situation Impress on caller that you care Acknowledge callers anger, but remain calm yourself Give caller your name Take notes on call Dont become defensive or make promises you cannot keep

16 HANDLING TELEPHONE COMPLAINTS Dont interrupt caller Write down important details Repeat the facts to caller Be sympathetic Maintain a pleasant tone Tell caller what you intend to do with complaint Apologize to caller

17 ASSESSMENT FOR HANDLING COMPLAINTS How patiently did I listen to callers complaint? How well did I acknowledge callers point of view? Was I too quick to suggest a possible solution before I heard all of the details? Did I offer helpful suggestions on solving the problem? Did I reach resolution instead of leaving the customer hanging?

18 ASSESSMENT FOR HANDLING COMPLAINTS Did I make sure caller understood what I would do to follow-up on complaint? Did I follow-up as promised, in a timely fashion? Did I sound genuine in my interaction with caller? How could I have been even more effective?

19 YOU ARE THE FIRST IMPRESSION YOUR voice YOUR comments YOUR attitude YOUR ability to handle complaints YOUR ability to leave caller with good first impression YOUR empathy

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