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Face-to-Face (advantages) Non-verbal communication available Easy to discuss visual materials Others cannot avoid giving clear answer Face-to-Face (disadvantages) More complex, expensive Difficult to postpone, re-direct, give run-around Difficult to say ‘No’ , Kenan BAŞARAN

Telephone (advantages) Briefer, cheaper, simpler and more convenient Easier to say ‘No’ and get others to say ‘Yes’ Easier to take notes Allows younger to appear more authoritative Telephone (disadvantages) Lack of Non-verbal communication Difficult to discuss visual materials and objects May lead to ‘ping-pong’- people only talk to machines Make the tone of your voice higher pitched than normal , Kenan BAŞARAN

4 MAKING A PHONE CALL Greet the person, Good morning / hello
2. Identify yourself and your establishment This is Kenan BAŞARAN from E.M.U. 3. Ask for the person / department you need Can I speak to Aslı hn. From passport department 4. If necessary, confirm you are speaking the right person Hello, is that Aslı Hn? , Kenan BAŞARAN

5 5. Summarize your reason for calling
This is Kenan BAŞARAN from E.M.U. I am calling to find out how to extend my red passport. 6. Listen to the replies and ask questions if necessary. Hmm.. Yes.. How much?... And two pictures? 7. Make brief notes 2 pics, 396TL, TC- ID, 09am to 12, pick up at 2pm 8. Confirm / Repeat the details So, I can come in the morning with 2 pictures and...... 9. Thank the person before ringing off Thank you very much Aslı hn. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye , Kenan BAŞARAN

6 TAKING A PHONE CALL Answer promptly
(without delay, answer within 3rd ringing) 2. Greet the caller, identify yourself & company Good afternoon, This is Aslı Aycan from passport section. 3. Offer help How can I help you? 4. Listen to what the caller says. 5. Ask questions if necessary. 6. Make notes. , Kenan BAŞARAN

7 7. Offer service or tell what you are going to do.
If you come here with 2 pictures,396 tl and red passport in the morning I’ll give you the new... 8.Repeat / Confirm details So, see you tomorrow morning with the documents and.... 9. Give the caller a chance to ask more questions Is there anything else you’d like to know? 10. Thank the person for calling, use his / her name ...right. Thank you for calling Mr. Başaran. See you tomorrow. , Kenan BAŞARAN

8 REMEMBER Answer within three rings Put a smile in your voice
Act as if you were face-to-face Greet the caller pleasantly, make him feel that you are pleased to receive the call. Give the caller your undivided attention. Allow the caller to hang up first. End the call by using the callers name and some phrases like ‘thank you for calling’ Kenan BAŞARAN

9 DOs & DON’Ts of Telephoning
Introduce yourself ‘Sorry, he’s with an important customer ‘ Give your name, the date, time, your name and number when you leave a message Answer the phone as “ who are you ?” When you leave message say when you will be available When taking message, repeat and confirm the information. You can play with a pen while you speak on the phone Close your eyes and lean back while you listen Answer the phone within three rings Kenan BAŞARAN

10 Keep your table tidy with a pen, notepad, directory
If you cannot help, transfer caller to someone who can help Act fast and offer quick fix to the caller’s complaint Ask questions to understand the problem better Say ‘ It’s not my fault, you must talk to ..’ Adjust your voice to the caller Continue talking while you are picking up the phone Say ‘ He can come at any time’ Transfer the call fast and don’t waste time to inform the caller Say “ Hold on a second” if you need to check some information Be serious, do not put a smile in your voice Kenan BAŞARAN

11 Anticipate what is the caller going to say
Act as if you are face-to-face If your boss is not in say ‘ He has not come in yet’ When you have a better idea interrupt the caller. Continue working while you answer the phone Finish the call by saying ‘ No worries honey, see you’ If you don’t know the person the caller asks, say “sorry’ and hang it up. Address the caller by his name Wait for the caller to hang up first. When you transfer a call, don’t make the caller repeat the same things again. Kenan BAŞARAN



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