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South Davis Student Office aides Welcome !!!!!! We are so glad to meet you!

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2 South Davis Student Office aides Welcome !!!!!! We are so glad to meet you!

3 PHILOSOPLY Consider yourself an employee of the office, doing on the job training, initially, and then performing as a full-fledged worker as you gain experience.

4 You who are accepted as staff members are a special group and are expected to conduct yourself professionally, as you participate in our comprehensive training program.

5 SCHOOL POLICY You must be able to abide by the school rules and attendance policy, setting a good example for the SDJH student body. Truancy, chronic absenteeism, vulgar language, theft or other misbehavior is not allowed and will be grounds for your dismissal from your office aide position. In fact, any use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol will be cause for immediate dismissal upon notification of the first violation

6 Appearance Good grooming habits are necessary, you are representing the schools administration, and you aid the public, the student body, and the staff. SDJH Dress code policy is enforced

7 SOCIAL SKILLS You must be able to learn to deal with everyone in a polite and helpful manner. This is especially true when talking on the telephone, and when relaying messages to the administration and staff members.

8 ( Please and thank you are words that you must learn to use generously!!)

9 You will learn the following social skills, (a) how to follow instructions, (b) how to make a request, (c) how to greet someone, (d) how to engage in conversation, and (e) how to resist peer pressure.

10 OFFICE SKILLS A basic understanding of how to alphabetize is a must. You should also be willing to perform any task that is asked of you by the administration or office staff, and be able to follow their instructions correctly. You must be willing to “stay on task” at all times and not be found “visiting” or wasting time. The following are the main tasks that are required to be completed every day by the student aides:

11 a. Attend promptly to those who come to the front counter b. Answer the telephone, writing down any messages in thorough and correct manner. c. Monitor those checking in & out of school, helping to ensure that those students do it correctly, Mrs. Plowman or Mrs. Page must sign them before the students can take their admits. d. Learn to use the copy machine. Make copies as required. e. Report at the end of the period where you are in the completion of your work. Do not just leave when the bell rings.

12 PHONES – PLEASE answer the phones before 2 rings “South Davis Jr. High School, student speaking, how may I help you?”

13 Administration calls Mr. Nielsen, Mr. Jorgensen, Ms. Smock – pass on to the secretaries-

14 If a caller calls for a teacher - you may take a message. If the caller insists on talking to a teacher, please give the call to Mrs. Page or Mrs. Plowman. Give the message to Mrs. Page to enter in the computer.

15 For Counseling All phone calls will go to Mrs. Nelson 26407

16 - If caller calls for a student you may take a message, we will call them at the bell Put the message over by the microphone. -If caller insists in talking, let Mrs. Page or Mrs. Plowman take the call. We do not want to interrupt students UNLESS an emergency.

17 PHONES FOR SICK STUDENTS Students are not allowed to use the phone unless they have a phone pass to be signed by Mrs. Page or Mrs. Plowman. IF a student is sick, they do not need a pass, Mrs. Page will call for parent/guardian. The reason for this is to cut down on the contamination to the phone you and I use as well as to insure the proper contacts are made in behalf of the student.

18 PHONE CALLS FOR ABSENT STUDENTS A parent/guardian may call 2 days to clear an absence. Please give the call to Mrs. Page to clear.

19 Tips on good telephone manners Be alert and ready to help Be friendly (but not gushy) Avoid these reports “He’s out.” “She’s busy.” “He’s not available.” “She hasn’t come in yet.” “She can’t be reached.” “She can’t be disturbed”

20 First – (express regret if appropriate) “I’m sorry” INSTEAD – TAKE THESE STEPS –

21 Second – (give a report. if you can) “She’s stepped out for a few minutes” “He is talking on another line.” “She’s talking with someone in her office just now.” “I expect Mrs. Plowman in a few minutes.” “She should be back shortly.” “He’s in a meeting until about two.” “He’s conducting a meeting in his office.”

22 Third – (always offer some kind of assistance) “May I help you?”--- may I take a message for her?” “Could he call you back?” “Mrs. Page is handling her calls while she’s on vacation, would you like to talk to her?”

23 ALWAYS put the person on hold. DO NOT cover the phone with your hand and start speaking to someone else.

24 BE HAPPY !!!!!!!


26 Answer the phone with a Smile !

27 Answer the phone By the second ring. Take messages

28 Deliveries – Quietly Quickly Take your name badges

29 Keep the area neat and clean

30 Issue ice packs and bandages

31 If it is quiet You are welcome to read or do homework Please ask Mrs. Page or Mrs. Plowman

32 Enter rolls for substitute teachers

33 Bomb threats Try to get our attention Stay on the line as long as you can While you are on the line – press MORE twice Then press MCID Malicious Call Identity Directory Pay attention to detail

34 Parents, teachers, students We thank you for your help!

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