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Basic Telephone Skills Welcome The Grand Opening.

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2 Basic Telephone Skills

3 Welcome The Grand Opening

4 WHY ???? A friendly welcome sets the stage for a positive exchange of information When callers receive a friendly greeting, they are inclined to talk more openly.

5 What it does for your Customers This is emphatically reassuring and puts the customer at ease Tells him/her that you care It shows that youre friendly It demonstrates to the customer that you are focusing on them

6 Be Prepared Have a pen and paper handy all the time. Prepare yourself mentally to handle the customer

7 Make Up your Mind Decide to be a better listener. Remember - hearing is only physical, listening is intellectual.

8 Opening Up and Closing In Use open - ended questions to open - up a conversions. Use close - ended questions to close in one area and pin down specific facts or details.

9 And another good technique is _ _ _ Remember - a series of abrupt or disjointed questions can make callers uncomfortable. Use the And ….. technique to gather information without making callers feel theyre being interrogated.

10 Hungry for Answers ? Dig in ! Use probing questions when you want to dig a little deeper to identify the callers need. Remember - If one doesnt work, Use another.

11 Know How to ask someone to wait Ask the customer if he or She is able to wait. Give people a choice of whether ready or not to wait. Some people will not be able to wait,so handle their needs immediately

12 Lead, dont Push When callers are unable to decided,use leading questions to direct them to a decision Remember- the objective is to lead, not to push

13 Take Accurate Messages Take messages word for word When Time permits offer to read the messages back to the customer (Para-phrase) Write date and time on every message/request

14 Avoid Mouth Noises Noises while talking are offensive to others. Avoid eating, drinking etc. when handling a customer.

15 Give the caller your Undivided Attention Dont do other things while handling the customer. Dont ignore the customer. Always give the customer your undivided attention

16 Be Sincere When you say something mean it. Dont pass fake information. Handle customer as if your job depends on it, it usually does. You have an obligation to make a good impression for the company. Be sincere and show conviction.

17 Give Feedback You need to show the customer you are paying attention by using spoken feedback signals. Some good spoken feedback phrases are :Okay, Yes, I understand, Fine and we will do that.

18 Leave a good last Impression Remember the last impression is just as important as the first impression. Use positive phrases in closing a conversation such as Thanks for the visit & have a nice day/evening etc.

19 Remember Its Fun to be Good !

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