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News-2-You: The New Platform Adobe Connect February 11, 2014 Marion Dell.

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1 News-2-You: The New Platform Adobe Connect February 11, 2014 Marion Dell

2 UPDATED PLATFORM Effective November 28, 2014 Need to use Google Chrome* – Click on the tricolor circle on your task bar – Type in on the – or Internet Explorer 9 *Recommended by N2Y

3 HOME PAGE Cycles Through a Number of Tutorials available since the Platform of the Newspaper was updated. Short, How-To Videos

4 Home Page Navigation Click on Current Issues to Access the Newspaper Additional features can be accessed two ways (1) Menu on the left side of the page (2) Click on Current Issues and then scroll down the page

5 Current Issues There are always two issues available; – this week and last week Menu Across the Top of the Page gives you the option of which level to read: – Regular, Higher, Simplified, Advanced, Spanish or Text Only – If you do not select a level, it will automatically default to the regular level

6 READ NEWSPAPER This is typically the Smart Board or Projection Version Top Tool Bar – Settings for color, reading speed, highlight color, incentive audio (on/off), Text to Speech, and change orientation of the tool bar – Print you can print the page, the document or pdf for the whole paper select pdf; downloads faster – View Full Screen – for overhead display – Go To: located on the far right of the page. Allows you access a menu of the individual pages of the newspaper. (Not the worksheets)

7 Right Side Tool Bar – Page Back – Page Forward – Pan – reads the selected line you click on – Magnifier – can increase or decrease the size of the font – Fit Width – Fit Height – in order to have the whole page fit on one screen – Speak Page – click at the top to read the entire page

8 Under the Current Issues Communication Board – vocabulary from the current issue is displayed. This is an interactive board, and will speak the information located in the cell. It can also be printed and laminated. Extension Activity- This is what was previously titled Powerpoint. It has additional information and picturs about the current topic.

9 PDF Downloads Click on the box for printable versions of – Newspaper – all levels – communication board – worksheets – extension activity – story book.

10 Build Your Own Newspaper Allows you to create a classroom, customized newspaper Created through an interactive process Includes a top story, information on students and classroom activities Notes home section Can be printed or emailed when finished.

11 Additional Materials: Before Reading Continue to Scroll Down – Lesson Plans – Blank Lesson Plans – Progress Monitoring – provides documentation on how the materials are related to the standards. Has blank sheets for student data collection.

12 Alignment to Common Core Standards Keep scrolling down…. Preschool, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Transition Includes the strands Includes Differentiated Instruction

13 WORK SHEETS Left Tool Bar Weekly worksheets for current and past edition Worksheet level information – Provides specific range of pages for 3 levels of worksheet difficulty. – Always the same pages each week – Print once and keep for reference

14 WORK SHEETS (cont.) Worksheets are content correlated to the newspaper that week. Includes: – Math/Number Concepts – Fine motor – Writing – Vocabulary Acquisition – Word Study Skills – Geography – Cooking – Science Experiment

15 CORE WORKSHEETS These are the same every week, and can be adapted to the materials presented each week. Includes: – Calendars – Word Sort – Webbing – Clock – Maps

16 HOLIDAYS Provides 1-2 pages of information on that particular holiday. Comes in the regular and higher version levels Includes over 40 additional reading resources National, Religious, and Fun Holidays

17 JOEYS LOCKER Interactive Learning games Reinforces the vocabulary from the current newspaper Provides for independent practice on skills

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