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The Oklahoman’s Newspaper in Education Presents:

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1 The Oklahoman’s Newspaper in Education Presents:
From the Pressroom To The Classroom Electronic Edition Newspapers

2 The E-Edition and You – Common Questions
What is an e-Edition? How many licenses should I order? How do I use the e-Edition in my classroom? What if I have limited computer access for my students? How will I find time in an already busy classroom schedule to use the e-Edition and NIE programs? Previously, students could take the newspaper home to read. How will they do that now? How does the e-Edition fit with preparing our students for the 21st Century? Can this still be used with the Archives?

3 What is an E-Edition? An exact replica of the printed edition of The Oklahoman. Digitized pages of the newspaper delivered in a password-protected website. Does not require downloading of a large PDF file.

4 How does the e-Edition fit with preparing our students for the 21st Century?
Students are comfortable with computers to play games, communicate with friends, research and do homework. - e-Edition compliments resources and methods students are already using to get information. Google and Yahoo searches return millions of hits - many from questionable sources. - e-Edition searches only return information published in The Oklahoman – info that has passed editorial review. Articles that are saved, ed or printed have citation information readily available. - Helps students develop good research and citation practices and analysis and critical thinking.

5 How will I find time to use the e-Edition and NIE programs?
Access and use the e-Edition as your schedule allows without missing information, or having newspapers pile up in your classroom. The ease and functionality of the e-Edition may save you more time. It allows you to: - search - highlight - articles - save articles - print and distribute as many copies as necessary NIE educational programs placed online at are: - available to you for the entire school year. - compatible with the materials in your lesson plans as your schedule permits.

6 Previously, students could take the newspaper home to read
Previously, students could take the newspaper home to read. How will they do that now? ing articles allows students to access articles beyond the time period the e-Editions are available. Print out articles for your students and send them home.

7 Signing Up for Your E-Edition
Download the “E-Edition Sign-Up Form” or contact the Newspaper in Education office at (405) or To find the form, go to and click the “Oklahoman E-Editions” link.

8 To log on: Go to
A login and password will be sent to the address you submitted to Newspaper in Education. Free summer access available through August 1st. Username: newspass Password: teacher81

9 Using the E-Edition Click on the corner to turn the pages one by one by one

10 Find the Stories You Want With Ease
Use the “Sections” tab to find the section you want.

11 Find the Stories You Want With Ease (Cont.)
Search for articles under the “Features Tab”

12 Find the Stories You Want With Ease (Cont.)
You can search today’s issue or the past week’s for articles or ads.

13 “My Paper” – Finding Articles of Interest
Type in keywords and click the “Submit” button. You can move from story to story in that day’s paper which contain keywords.

14 Weekly Archive – Access seven days of The Oklahoman
Access a week at a time which allows for easy research.

15 What if I have limited computer access for my students?
Online content can be shared with your students in the classroom via a SMART Board or an overhead or LCD projector, requiring access to only one computer.

16 What if I have limited computer access for my students? (Continued)
Print and distribute copies of articles or print an article to overhead film and share the information with the entire class simultaneously. Articles and materials can also be ed or saved, making the newspaper even more convenient and portable.

17 Printing Articles Click on any article, photo or ad to enlarge it.
Print the article by clicking the “Article” tab or the print or icons. The article will print with newspaper title, date, section and page number.

18 “Quick View” and “Newspaper View”
Under the “View” tab choose Quick View or Newspaper View. Quick View downloads faster and is more “printer-friendly”. Newspaper View shows exactly how the article appears as it is printed in the newspaper.

19 Saving Articles “My Collection” permits you to save articles.
Click on any article and choose “Add to My Collection” under the “Article” tab.

20 How Many Licenses Should I Order?
Teachers should have their own orders, instead of a bulk order for the school. This allows us to maintain accountability to our sponsors and auditors. All editions are sponsored. One login and one password per order. Order licenses to match the maximum number of students that you have in your largest class that would have access. To order, contact NIE at (405) or

21 The Oklahoman Archives
Contains more than 2.2 million pages in over 37,000 issues spanning September 25, 1901, to present. Issues prior to September 2001 converted from microfilm. Recent issues are full-color. Contents of all issues are fully text searchable and reflect the full context and layout of each page. To log on, go to Enter your school state ID nine-digit code.

22 Navigating the Archives
Use the Tab Bar to navigate The Oklahoman Archives. Home Page allows you to select published issues stored in the archive. Search Page - Specify search terms, publications, scope, content, and how you want results sorted. Issue - When you click the Issue tab, the most recently viewed issue appears in the Issue page. Previous Search - Opens the Last Search Results page with the results of a previous search.

23 Navigating the Archives
Home - Select an issue directly from the archive. Select Publication Select Date: In the calendar, dates are highlighted according to the issues available. To access a specific issue, go to the calendar and click the date highlighted in white. Note: Depending on your browser version, you may see an alternative Home Page with a drop menu to select dates instead of the calendar.

24 Navigating the Archives – Searching for Articles
Search Term - In the text box, type the search terms that you are searching for, along with any search modifiers. Select Scope: -Archive Period – you may select any one of the archive periods. By holding the CTRL key, you may select multiple periods. The Default archive period is January 2003 to current issue. -Date Range - set a beginning and ending date for your search. -Entire Archive - set the entire archive of issues to search Select Content All, Articles, Pictures, Ads. The Oklahoman Archives allow you to search picture captions and text in display advertising. Sort Results Select from the drop box how you want the results sorted. For search tips, go to

25 Search Results

26 Archive Results Archive issues look similar to electronic editions with the same capabilities to , print, highlight, enlarge and save.

27 Weblinks & Additional Online Resources
Additional educational programs Electronic Edition Oklahoma State Department of Education Oklahoma State University’s Digital Library Archives

28 Contact Us (405) 475-4046 Newspaper in Education
Sonja Theobald – Sarah Hayes – (405)

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